Mama I’m in Love with a Fictional Character: Envy x Reader–I’ll Stand by You

The underground tunnels echo off the thundering footsteps that come from your hurried steps. You do your best to keep the panic from overtaking you as you turn around the corners and winding hallways.

‘After seeing the pure unadulterated rage on Mustang’s face, there’s no way he’ll let that idiot live unless I step in and do something. I just have to find them first.’

You think back to the past events that felt like a millennia ago, when in actuality, only happened a mere ten minutes ago.

“You should see your face!” Envy screamed in delight. His current form much different than the lithe body of a teenager you were used to seeing. But, it wasn’t unfamiliar, and that terrified you.

Currently, Envy was taking the form of none other than Maes Hughes’s wife. Which meant only one thing: Envy was the one who murdered Hughes.

“Oh my god, that expression. It’s so worth it. It gives me chills! You, humans, are so pathetic.” He continued to croon.

‘Good job Envy continue to poke the bear. Like you haven’t done enough damage already.’ You growled inwardly. Gritting your teeth, a mixture of feelings were currently at war within you. On one hand, you were royally pissed and hurt to find how that Envy was the one who took out Hughes. He was a good friend and a loyal comrade. Hell, the two of you fought alongside each other in Ishval along with Mustang and Riza.

But, on the other hand, you owe Envy your life. If it wasn’t for him, you would have been a goner when your ragtag group of you, Ed, Ling, and Envy got sucked into Gluttony back at the forest. When you got your bearings and tried to go off and find the others, you somehow managed to badly twist your ankle making you completely immobile.

If it wasn’t for Envy finding you and “Taking pity on how truly weak and pathetic you looked” as he supposedly claimed, you would have been long dead. You had to bite back a small giggle at the memory. In order for you to get around, he took it upon himself to give you a piggyback ride through that disgusting maze. It was so clear that he had never done anything like that before because he had to constantly shift you around to get a better grip, and he was completely red in the face. He claimed that it was because you were so heavy, but that was the biggest lie if you have ever heard one.

Shortly after that incident and he returned to his teenage-like form, he visited you at times using various excuses to come to see you. You became quite close with the eccentric homunculus since then.

With a small shake of your head, you let out a small puff of air. Now wasn’t the time to be reminiscing. You’ve made up your mind. There was a palm-tree haired idiot whose life you had to save.

“Envy!” You shout out as you made a move to run towards him and Mustang. Instead of taking a step towards them like you initially planned, you found yourself careening face-first onto the cement floor. You let out a groan and push yourself back but, still feel resistance on your feet.

“What the bloody hell?” Looking down you see that the ground had come up and wrapped itself around your feet encasing them fully.

“Sorry (y/n) but, I can’t let you get involved,” Ed said giving you a knowing look.

“I don’t think that’s your decision to make Pipsqueak,” Envy sneers before giving you a nearly imperceptible shake of his head, trying to let you know not to get involved either.

Then he turns to Mustang with a cocky smirk on his face but, his eyes were filled with a loneliness you’ve seen when he rags on human connection and emotion. That look makes your heart sink as the next couple of events unfold. Envy angers Mustang further saying something you couldn’t quite catch and then, all hell breaks loose.

Which brings us right back to the shit storm at hand. Trying to find that dumbass before Mustang completely fries him. You run down another hallway hoping to find some sign of a skirmish. ‘Somewhere, they have to be somewhere.’ Then as you come to a fork in the tunnels you hear a high pitch whine.

“Me, Envy? Jealous of humans? How pathetic.”

‘Found him!’ you thought. And not a moment too soon. You turned left in the fork and saw the whole crew standing around Envy in his small parasitic form. And…he was just about to pull his Philosopher’s Stone out and crush it. Wait. What?!

“Envy don’t you dare!” You shout as you rush towards the group and push Mustang and Riza aside so you could face Envy. Getting down on your knees you snatch up Envy and dangle him by his tail. It pained you to see the sight before you.

Envy looked so distraught and defeated—not at all his confident and snide self. He wasn’t even making any remarks about how him being held like this was utterly demeaning. He just hung there in between your fingers. Limp and lifeless.

“What the hell are you thinking, you absolute moronic, palm tree headed lizard!? You think you can just go ahead and kill yourself after all the pain you’ve caused?” Hot tears start streaming down your face after choking out those words.

“(y/n),” Mustang started but Riza stopped him with a shake of her head. Guess your connection with the Homunculus wasn’t so inconspicuous.

“Well I caused so much pain, so this is a fitting punishment for someone as pathetic as me. I don’t deserve to live.” Envy murmurs.

Letting out a growl, the tears begin to fall harder down your face. “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!” You start yelling. “Can’t you see that’s the coward’s way out? You have to atone for your actions by living! You act so ashamed to be envious of human connections like you don’t have any? You bastard! You have me,” Your voice begins to waver and become quieter. “I care for you Envy. Don’t you realize that?” Your voice barely a whisper now.

Amidst your emotional rant, you dropped Envy onto the floor, and he was looking up at you with wide eyes. He had to admit since that day he helped you when you were both trapped inside of Gluttony he grew quite fond of you. But, he always figured that once Father’s plan grew to fruition, you would see him as the monster he truly was.

But, here you were, blubbering like an idiot and practically proclaiming your love for him. If he was in his human form, he would have teased you to no end about it, just to see you blush. He looks down at the ground and back up at your (e/c) eyes.

He didn’t understand what this new feeling was. Perhaps it was this supposed connection he always longed for? If it was, then maybe this “atonement” you spoke of wouldn’t be so bad. If he had to live this wretched existence, at least he would have you.

You would be quite the entertaining human to be around that he knew for sure. He climbed up onto your knee and gently tapped you with his tail to get your attention. Wiping away the tears with the sleeve of your alchemist uniform, you meet his gaze.

“I’ll atone for what I’ve done. But, only if that means I get to be with you for the rest of my days.”

Letting out a mix of a sigh and a laugh, relief and joy blossoms within you filling you with warmth. You exchange a glance with Ed, Riza, and Mustang individually and then smiled. Lifting to your feet you took Envy with you and placed him onto your shoulder.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, you over-confident lizard,” You chirp.

In return, he responded with a playful nip at your shoulder. As you start making your way out of the tunnels you couldn’t help the smile on your face as you heard Envy faintly whisper to you. “Thank you.”

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