Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character: Bakugo x Reader–My Idiot

A sudden pounding at your dorm door jerks you from your sleep. “Ugh, who is it? And guys, you know I like my beauty sleep, so this had better be important.” You grumble out.

A low growl resonates from behind the door. “It’s me you nerd. Open up.” A certain explosive blonde mutters.

You comb your hand through your hair and try to make yourself as presentable as you could in your pajamas. “I’m coming Bomb-boy, don’t blow up my door. I like this one.” You mutter back as you pad to the door.

“Shut up.” Is all you hear back.

You open the door and Bakugou pushes pass you but not before you’re able to hear an audible hiss coming from him as he grazes your arm slightly. “Bakugou, what in All Might’s name are you doing here this late at night? You should be asleep dumb ass! Is it because you failed the license exam that you’re here? Do you need to rant?” You say, softening at the last part.

Bakugou just “tch’s” in response and plops unceremoniously onto your bed. “I don’t need to talk to anyone about that damn exam got it? I’m here because well,” he trails off slightly.

With an eyebrow raised you cross your hands over your chest. “Yea? You woke me up in the middle of the night—when you know I hate that, because? Give me a reason here buddy.”

He lets out a sigh and switches on your lamp before looking back at you. “I need you to help me out with your quirk.” He all but spits out.

Now that there was a decent amount of light in the room, you could get a good look at him. He was bruised from head to toe and scratched all over. You flinch slightly, it looks like he was in a bad fight. “Jesus Katsuki, what the hell happened and why haven’t you gone to Recovery Girl?”

Bakugou just stared down at the floor with his usual scowl. “Mr. Aizawa said I’m not allowed to since this was both me and that damn Deku’s fault. We fought each other because he had to go and surpass me—me! And get his license before I did. I’m supposed be the best here, not him!” By the time he finished his rant he had his hands balled up into fists and his breath was coming out in fast pants.

You gave a sigh and sat down next to him. “So, you came to me to vent and also hoped that I would use my cellular regeneration quirk on ya. Do I have that right?”

“Well, I just wanted to vent really. You’re the only one who doesn’t piss me off to talk to besides Kirishima. I don’t want you to get the same punishment as Deku and I did for fighting if you help me.”

You merely smirk in response. “Ah, how bad could it be?”

“We are basically grounded to the dorms for two weeks and have to do everyone’s chores.” He grumbles.

Letting out a snicker you start healing him. He flinches back in surprise at first, but let’s you continue. “Katsuki, you should know by now that I’m willing to do almost anything for you no matter how badly you irritate me. We’re childhood friends.” You were going to add that you also had feelings for him, but decided against it, since this was Katsuki, One-track-mind, Bakugou you were talking to. There was no way he could reciprocate your feelings.

You continue to heal him in companionable silence for a couple minutes. After you finish healing him you expect him to nod a thank you and take his leave. Instead though, he just stares at you with those beautiful and unnerving red eyes of his as if he’s deep in thought.

“Katsuki, what is it? You alright there? You didn’t lose any blood in that fight did you?” You half joke.

His blank expression quickly morphs back into the scowl you’ve become so fond of. “No, you dumbass, I just—ugh why is this so difficult!?”

What on earth was he talking about? You knew your friend was bad at words but, this was a little too extra for him. “What’s difficult Katsuki?”

He lets out a puff of air and runs a hand through his tussled blonde locks. “God, why do I have to be so bad at this? Grr, you—you know what, just close your eyes dammit. It’ll make better sense this way.”

Giving him a confused look but deciding not to press further you do as he wants. “Katsuki, what is this all abo—” Before you can finish the sentence, you feel a warm pair of lips on yours. And just as they come, they vanish.

You open your eyes and gently press your hand to your lips and look at Bakugou with wide eyes. He looks back at you with a furious blush on his face. You can’t help but giggle at his expression. The Katsuki Bakugou blushing after kissing you. Wait. He just kissed you! Does that mean?

“I know what your thinking Nerd. Yes, that kiss means I like you too. And yes, I knew about your feelings. Your so damn obvious even though you tried to hide it.” He says with a smirk. “I never considered your feelings until what happened at Kamino. When I got captured, all I could think of was that I would never get to see you again. That, I would never get to have you by my side as I become number one and rise to the top. I hated that. I would have said something sooner, but I had to settle things with Deku first. So (y/n), be mine.”

After getting over the initial shock of the unexpected kiss and confession, you couldn’t help but burst into a full-on belly laugh. Bakugou, being the dork he is, immediately takes this the wrong way.

“What the hell? Why are you laughing? I just poured my freaking feelings out to you—which is not only hard for me, but incredibly uncool. And your laughing at me? What are you getting at, what makes you—”

You stop your laughing for a minute to shut him up with a kiss. ‘This one is so confusing, first they laugh and now they’re kissing me? Why the hell do I like them again?’ Bakugou thought.

Once you pull away you grin at his confusion. “Oh Suki,” you start, using your old childhood nickname for him which immediately gets you the reaction you were going for: A flustered Bakugou.

“That laugh wasn’t because I was rejecting you or making fun of you. In fact, your confession was probably the sweetest thing I’ve literally ever heard you say to me. I was laughing because of how final your statement of ‘be mine’ sounded. Like you were afraid of giving me a choice or something. Either that or you were just that confident I would say yes. That’s just one of the many things I like about you.”

If it was even possible Bakugou reddens further which makes you in turn wish you had your camera with you. Oh well, there will be plenty more opportunities to fluster him in the future. You think to yourself with a smile.

“Idiot.” Bakugou grumbles out as he pulls you into a hug.

You hug back and let out a giggle. “Your idiot though.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

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