Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character: Shinsou x Reader–Cat Burgler

The gentle breeze, the light chirping of the birds, everything was just completely serine. That’s why you loved coming to the park on the weekends. It helped ease the tension of the studies at UA. But, you wouldn’t trade being in the hero course for the world.

You let out a blissful sigh as you leaned back against the park bench. Nothing could ruin this moment. Or at least that’s what you thought until your vison was overtaken by blackness and you felt something soft and furry land on your head. Next thing you know your favorite hat was swiped off your head. “What the?” You turn your head to the right and see the little perpetrator making a bee line to the other side of the park. A black cat with a purple collar around its neck and your favorite hat dangling out of its mouth.

You bolt up from your seat and start the chase after the fur ball. “Get back here you devious little ball of fluff!” You yell as you run through the park, moving past people and through the various contraptions in the park.

Before you can catch the cat though, the cat comes to a stop and leaps up into a boy’s arms. One with wild purple hair and a look of someone who hasn’t gotten sleep in days. “Sh-shinsou?” You huff. “That little mischievous ball of fluff is yours?”

Shinsou pets his cat and removes the hat from his mouth. Chuckling slightly, he looks up at you with a small smirk. “Yea, he’s mine. And I take it this belongs to you?” He asks handing the hat back to you.

You put your hat back on and smile at Shinsou. “Yea, it is. What’cha doing out here? I didn’t know that you come here? Or that you had a cat. Well, the fact that you have a cat isn’t all that surprising.”

Shinsou scratches his neck slightly and his cat jumps down to curl up against his legs. You don’t think you could ever tell him this but, you always thought Shinsou was completely adorable. From the way he carried himself with pride regardless of the trials he faced with his quirk, to his sweet personality underneath those walls of his.

“I like to come out here to think and walk my cat. All though, I’m sorry that he stole your hat he’s a bit mischievous like that. Though, I’m surprised someone in the Hero course is giving me the time of day.”

You just shake your head. “We’re not all like Bakugo you know. Besides you interest me—maybe we could get a coffee sometime after class? Or even walk the park sometime together.”

Your response clearly catches him off guard judging by his slightly widen eyes, and well I’ll be, you get a chance to be graced with the rare sight of Shinsou blushing. “Uh, you sure you want to be around someone like me?”

Giggling slightly, you nod. “Yea, the quirk doesn’t make the person. The personality and how they carry themselves do. That’s why I admire you.”

“Admire me huh? That’s a new one. But ok you uh, intrigued me too if I have to be honest. You don’t act like your classmates.”

His words make your small smirk grow into a huge smile. “Then it’s a date!”

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