Fan Girl Favorites! Food Wars: Isshiki vs. Juilo

*Warning, the article below contains spoilers for the third season of Food wars. Read at your own risk!

Hey everyone! Rebel Fae here and welcome to the first installment of Fangirl Favorites! For our very first article I will be discussing a particular scene in an anime I’ve recently become rather obsessed with: Food Wars! At first the anime kind of weirded me out in the beginning but once you get past like, the first episode, it becomes really good and the story is really well thought out and it does of good job of pulling you in. And I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fellow Foodie!

Anyway, the scene I’m fangirling about today is one that happened in the third season, part two. The part of the Tegiment de Cuisine—y’all know what I’m talking about. The big smack down to kick Erina’s father where it hurts and make him pay for turning Totsuki into a dystopian food society and hurting so many people with taking their clubs away and—ahem, sorry got a little carried away there. Anyway, I’m talking about the first bout of food battles that we get to see. One in particular actually. Isshiki vs. Juilo. And what an episode that was!

It seems like it will be another food war, something we’ve seen time and time again and no doubt Isshiki will win. But, we see a fiercely different—not to mention hot! Side of Isshiki when Juilo starts to talk smack about the residents in the Polar Star dormitory. He then adds insult to injury when he tells Isshiki that he is disgracing his family name by associating with them. Does Isshiki take this lying down? Oh hell no. We see a hugely fierce side to him. And it goes like this…

He puts his knife down right after Juilo ends his insulting rampage, the screen cuts close on him showing those beautiful blue eyes of his. He glares at Juilo—yep, our laid back, bear apron-wearing Isshiki glares! And he says: “Juilo, would you mind shutting up for a sec.” It brings chills to your spine! And he even says that he is going to win the food war and make him apologize to his fellow dorm mates.

When Isshiki gets cooking it is a thing of beauty. We thought his skills were good before when he went against Soma in a friendly battle. Boy was holding back! From the way he slices the eel with such intricacy, to all of his ingredients he uses. It’s a masterpiece! Wanna know the best part? He defeats Juilo with not only his amazing skills, but his dish contained all of the ingredients and skills of his friends from the dorm. From Shun’s smoking experiment, to the new fermenting project that Ryoko was developing. It’s completely made of the exact stuff that Juilo was putting down! Can we say major slap to the face? Yes, yes I believe we can.

All in all, so far Isshiki’s and Juilo’s food war has been so far my favorite. I’ve only started the fourth season, so it has yet to be seen if more gain my favor—I’m sure they will, this is Food wars we’re talking about!

Well, that’s all for now!

See you next time for another Fan girl Favorite!

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