Fan Girl Favorites! Food Wars: Takami vs. Aizen

Hi everyone! And welcome back to my personal favorite article series: Fangirl Favorites. Last time, I talked about one of my favorite Food Wars. Isshiki vs. Julio. And this Favorite will be on yet another favorite Food War. Why? Two reasons. I may or may not have become slightly obsessed with this anime. And two, as I continue watching the fourth season, it gets better and better! Which brings me to the Food War I will be addressing today. Takumi Aldini vs. Aizen.

Oh what a battle this was. It was total payback for what Aizen underhandedly did to Takumi in the Fall Selection. Aizen thinks he can completely screw Takami over with adding artichokes in his dish, thus making any preceding dish taste immensely sweeter. So, he thinks that he can make Takmai’s sweeter and distasteful to the judges. But, Takami quickly turns the tables and pull a fast one by using Subaru Mimasaka’s technique to predict what Aizen was going to do and counters it perfectly!

                I loved this Food War because it was immensely satisfying to see that little piss ant be put in his place. He squashes him so badly it is absolutely magnificent. Especially considering the food that Takami makes: Pizza. He made one side contain the themed ingredient while the other side is a five-cheese pizza. The clincher is that the pizza itself symbolizes two halve of a moon—so essentially a Mezzaluna. The exact tool he lost to Subaru, which Soma got back. But that’s besides the point. That sole fact is like a freaking gut punch to that cocky prick Aizen. If ya’ll can’t tell by now, I realllly hate Aizen.

All in all, it was an amazing Food War that had me on the edge of my seat. I would even say that it tops Isshiki’s battle. Not many of the Food Wars make me shout out loud in joy and do a happy dance. That’s how satisfying it was! Well, that’s all for this Fan girl Favorite. Stay tuned for next time my little Rebels!

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