Fan Girl Favorites! Food Wars Character: Takumi Aldini

Hey everyone and welcome to another Fan Girl Favorite! This time I’ll be talking about a character from Food Wars which will round up talking about Food Wars in this article series. For the character for this article, I am going to be talking about Takumi Aldini.

Takami Aldini is a first-year at Totsuki Academy and is very much like Souma in the fact that he and is brother Isami come from a diner. Takumi’s family runs Tratori Aldini back in Italy. He and his brother dream—much like Souma to run their family restaurant one day and make it the best place possible.

That’s one of the many things I love about Takumi. He never gives up no matter what he is faced with. For example, in the Fall Selection, Takumi was pit up against Subaru Mimaska and he got brutally defeated. Which was severely unfair in my opinion. Aizen did it on purpose to not only try to bring down Takumi but Souma too. Thankfully in the fourth season, Takami puts Aizen in his places and gets his revenge by taking him down in a very important food war. It continues to amaze me his strength and will to never give up and the support he gives his brother.

Which happens to be my third point. His relationship with Isami. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see. He would do anything for his brother and the both of them, together, make each other better chefs. It’s especially amusing though, to see Isami drag Takumi away each time Takamui goes off on Souma with his rivalry rants. He’s so level headed compared to Takumi which makes them the perfect example of Yin and Yang.

Overall, I believe that Takami is probably one of my favorite characters in Food Wars. And I can’t wait to see more and more of him as the anime goes on. Especially when he and Souma finally have their fated Food War against each other.

Well, that’s all for this Fan Girl Favorite! See all of you next time!

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