Rebellious Reviews! My Hero Academia Season 4

Hey everyone! And welcome to the first Rebellious Review! Here in this review, I do things a bit differently than your average review you may see around different blog sites. Hence the name, Rebellious. Pun very much intended. Anyway, instead of telling you guys why it’s different than the rest, I’ll just let this review do the talking instead. So, on we go!

For today’s review, I’m going to take a look at My Hero Academia’s fourth season. I thought it fitting since I just watched it for the umpteenth time. A quick warning for those who haven’t read the manga or watched this season yet, there may be a few spoilers here and there especially with the discussion of a few certain characters. So just a fair warning. That’s all for this intro lets kick it into gear and get reviewing shall we?!


This season, we not only got to meet several new characters from the get-go, but towards the end we are introduced to some major heavy hitters that all you fellow manga readers know will be super important later on. That’s right, I’m talking about my adorable feathered boy Hawks and the most bad ass bunny I’ve ever seen Mirko. (Can anyone say future cosplans?!)

But aside from these two incredibly swoon-worthy characters the season didn’t really focus too much on them. They are more than likely going to get the major spotlight next season. The characters that really shone through in this season are quite a few truthfully. Here’s a list of Villains—well if I am to be honest it’s more like villain, the side of villains didn’t exact catch much attention here. Sorry Gentle and La Brava and the rest of the Hassaikai. So, basically the only villainous character that stands out from all the rest is the one and only germaphobe Overhaul! And I gotta say, this guy gave our heroes quite the run for their money. Not to mention some severely epic fights.

Now that the sole villain is talked about, here are the amazing heroes and good guys we get to see in this season!

  • Mirio Togata
  • Eri
  • Tamaki Amajiki
  • Nejire Hado
  • Overhaul
  • Sir Nighteye
  • Fat Gum
  • Rock Lock
  • Bubble Girl

And many more! This season gave us so many different characters with a variety of personalities. There were quickly some major fan favorites like Eri and Fat Gum, but this anime wasn’t without tear jerking moments where they make you fall in love with a character and quickly kill them off before you even get to know them more. They did it so well though that it’s pretty hard to complain. But the loss still stings.

The only thing I wish they did was develop some of the new characters more in this season before being completely done with them. For example, this season’s major villain Overhaul. Yes, they did give a decent amount of development and background to everybody’s favorite germaphobe villain, but I wish there was more of a possibility that he could come back or serve somewhat of a bigger purpose later on. Instead, after the major battle they just make sure he’s completely put out of commission and from there, you can practically assume that’s the last you will ever see of Overhaul.

Score: 9/10


Man, did I ever get whip lash from this sucker! This whole season was an entire feels trip, whether I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if the heroes or even poor little Eri were going to make it out alive, to the second arc where everything is all happy and they are putting on a school festival. Now, don’t get me wrong guys, I loved the dynamic between the two. Especially since we get to see Eri smile for the very first time. This anime makes me cry way too much you guys, way too much. But, it really felt like it gave us whip lash from going from a heated arc with Overhaul that contained some really fierce battles and gut-wrenching moments that I’m still not over. To a sunshine and rainbows arc. How they wrapped up the end of the season though, totally makes up for it and promises for a hell of a good fifth season.

Score: 8/10

Fangirl level:

I’m pretty sure this is one of the seasons I squealed the loudest at. From seeing the appearance of the long awaited Miroku and Hawks to just the introductions to the rest of the pro hero world. Seeing that the Overhaul arc basically gave us a huge glimpse into more of the Pro Hero scene.

Score: 10/10


I cried, I laughed, I swore and not to mention nearly threw my remote at the tv after seeing what happened to my sunshine boy Mirio. This was such a good season. Sure, it had its ups and downs and it was a bit lacking in some areas with character development, but it truly had me hanging onto each and every episode that came out. And just like the rest of you, I await season five with bated breath. But until then, I leave all of you with our favorite words in this anime: Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

Total Score 27/30

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