Rebellious Reviews! Food Wars Season 5

*Warning! This Review contains spoilers!

Hey everyone! And welcome to this week’s Rebellious Review! This time, I’m going to be talking about the final season of Food Wars. Season 5! And let me tell you guys, this one was awesome! I’ll probably do a compare and contrast with the manga for this particular season, but that’s for another article entirely. Well, let’s get started, shall we?


This season we have the usual cast of characters, from everyone at the Polar Star Dorms to the rest of the students at Totsuki, to even the judges and the Totsuki alums like Shinomiya. (Man, that guy is a jerk at times, but goodness is he cute!) Ahem, anyways even though we have the usual cast, we get not only a new character but a shadowy group of characters that are nothing but trouble. Who knew even the food world had an underworld? It just shows that for the final season of Food Wars, they really pulled out all of the stops. We even get to meet Erina’s mother!

With all of the new characters in this season and the major important newbie (that sure is one way to describe the cute but total jackass), it really brings the entire Food Wars series to a complete circle. We see that all of the plotlines of every character end up intertwining and being more connected than we could have ever imagined! I couldn’t have asked for a better cast.

Although I would have liked a little more development with Erina’s mother and a few other characters in Le Cuisine Noir, thankfully I got that in the manga. There will always be differences. But what the anime did show us about her, was at least enough to get a good sense of who she is and her plight.

Characters this season:

  • Le Cuisine Noir – a group of underworld chefs
    • Monarch – American chef, barely gets a cameo
    • Saiba Asahi (aka the major important newbie cute jackass—try to say that three times fast!)
    • Sarge – Asahi’s right hand and is in love with him.
    • Don Kalma – ugh, don’t even get me started with this man *shivers*
    • Kou Shiou – ninja chef who never takes his mask off, supposedly scary but gets ‘ponned’ by our sweet little Megumi
  • Mana Nakari – the one and only mother of Erina and a fellow god tongue!
  • Tamako Yukihira – We finally get to meet the one and only mother of Souma! Even if her appearance is brief.

Score: 9/10


Every season of Food Wars was amazing, but I believe that the fifth season was truly the best! We get to see our favorite Food Wars crew cook their butts off in the infamous BLUE. It was truly amazing to see the event that Souma’s father chose to bail out on. In a way, I feel like this takes the entire story full circle. From the very beginning where Souma wants to make Erina say his food is delicious to the finale where he gets her approval and her mothers. Not only that he practically saves them both from the burden that is the God Tongue.

That’s something else I really liked about this season. It gave Erina ten times more character depth. Because you think that she is basically perfect with well, her God Tounge and family status. But, it’s far from it. We already got some good character growth from the previous season when she went up against her father but now practically going up against her mother too but on a completely different level? This gives our girl a lot of sympathy points if you ask me. And to top it off, learning a major twist about our newbie Asahi—he’s Erina’s brother! Which leads us into something that was a long time coming: a beautiful closure with Erina’s family. That family reunion that every Food Wars fan has been wanting. When Erina’s father showed up and was all sulky—a new, but quite a satisfying look on him, and he was going to leave her life after everything he’s done—Erina slaps him! So. bloody. Worth it! Then after the explanation of how Asahi is her brother they show us a scene of everyone in the Nakari family eating together. It was beautiful.

I could go on and on about the different moments that I love in this anime, but that would be a very long article. So, let’s get to the score eh? Should really be obvious what it is…

Score: 10/10

Fangirl level:

I  was on the edge of my seat for this whole season. I’ve said it before, but I just love the fact that they brought the entire Food Wars story full circle. Elements you see in the very first season pop up in the final—for example, the thing with Souma cooking fried rice for BLUE. It was the main dish Souma’s mom made for him, the dish he and his dad made for their first food war, and a variation of it he made for Erina when getting into Totsuki. It really makes a powerful impact to see something like that. And another thing that was super fan girl worthy was as I said above, the family scene for the Nakari’s that was just so heartwarming and sweet!

Score: 10/10


This anime was a really great adventure from start to finish. If you would have told me when I first started watching this anime, that it would have a heartwarming ending—with a bit of humor, of course, this is Food Wars we’re talking about, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But this anime had its surprises and I would, and in all honesty, I do watch it over and over again!

Total Score: 29/30

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