Anime vs. Manga: Food Wars

Hey everyone, welcome to a new article series. Manga vs. Anime! With this article I’ll be talking about the final season of Food Wars vs. volume thirty-six of the Food Wars manga! And there were quite a few differences. Well, lets get to it shall we?


  • Shows us the final events of BLUE.
  • A quick overview of what Erina’s grandfather put into action years ago.
  • Shows full circle of the fried rice an egg dishes from beginning to end of the anime.
  • Erina gets a happy ending with her family.
  • Briefly shows Souma’s mom.
  • Erina’s father still gets slapped.
  • Asahi is disclosed to being Erina’s brother.
  • Not much is given on the relationship between Erina’s father and Mana or how Asahi came to be.


  • Same events happen in the anime, but everything is more detailed
  • We see how Souma gets his eyebrow scar.
  • We get to see the relationship with Joshiro and Souma’s mom and actually see Souma’s grandfather.
  • Shows what happens after BLUE and the events when they are second and third years.
  • We get to see Erina’s and Souma’s relationship blossom.
  • There are a few extra characters we get to see in the manga that don’t pop up in the anime.

Sure, the list for the anime is bigger, but looking at the differences, the manga holds more descriptive and more powerful differences. Yes, you can only fit so much in a single season, but if they used more things from the manga it would have been a lot more impactful. But I digress. This doesn’t take away from the fact that both anime and manga were amazing.

So, the verdict in my opinion on which is better: Manga.

I just loved the description and afterword stories that encompassed not only the major group of Polar Star, but what happens with the previous second years and the third years as well. We even get a look at the new kids that enter Totsuki and how Totsuki has changed for the better. Well, that’s all for this week’s article, expect more like this soon my friends!

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