What The Bleep Am I Doing?! An Artist’s Guide To All Things Creative: Tools of The Trade

Ever wondered what in the world a tool that you use for your artistic trade does but everything you’ve looked up makes absolutely no sense and you’re ready to chuck the stupid thing across the room? Yea, I’ve been there too. Heck, everyone’s been there one or two times. But worry not my frustrated friend. I’m here to give you a simple breakdown of many different tools so you’ll come away from this article having a good basic idea of what your tools do and what you can use them for. So read on my friends!

Heat Gun

Good for heating up EVA foam to make it more pliable and it’s excellent to use for working on Worbla. Seeing that heating Worbla up is the only way you can work with it. It’s also good for sealing EVA foam after it’s cut or dremeled.

Most heat guns come with different speeds which increase the temperature. So be careful because it can get really hot. Some heat guns come long and thin while others can look like a hairdryer or even an industrial look.

Exacto Knife

It’s a sharp and precise knife that can cut through almost any material. It’s also one of the best tools for a creator.


A drill like a tool that can help shape your foam and Worbla with the use of its high speeds, grinding stones, and sanding barrels. It can cause a lot of dust in the process, so a mask is highly advised.


There are different types. From Creature Cast to Plasti-dip even Mod Podge at times. It protects your project from wear and tear and helps to prevent paint chips.

Contact Cement

It’s a really good glue that also sticks to high heaven so be careful of the fumes. It will help glue your project, so it won’t come apart at all. All you have to do is apply some to one part of the area you want to stick together and the other. Wait about five minutes and then apply them together. This will connect them and seal them forever.

Ring Light

Simply what it is my friend. It’s like a light for a selfie stick but larger and on a tall tripod. These are quite bright and luminous—with some with the capabilities to change light types and how bright. They are mainly used for photography to get really great lighting for shots of whatever you’re photographing.

EVA foam

The most useful material a cosplayer could ask for. Instead of a long-winded explanation, the best explanation is located in my EVA foam article. Go check it out! It’s definitely worth a look!


It’s a thermoplastic that comes in rolls and it’s quite sturdy. All you have to do is cut a piece out to the size of the project you want, heat it up with your heat gun, and then mold it to what you want! And don’t worry about messing up, just let it cool and heat it up again and you can fix it just like that!


It’s a super helpful material to work with since it makes really great projects. It’s really versatile you can make coasters, key chains, earrings. The skies the limit with resin in all honestly. But when using it, make sure you stir it well and be absolutely sure you measure the correct amounts labeled on your resin box.

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