Rebellious Reviews! My Hero Ones Justice 2

A video game fully based on an anime. On top of that, a video game based on an anime that I absolutely love. I gotta say, this game was such a pleasure to play. And a surprise too seeing that I usually never go for anime based video games. But I got to give this one props where props are due! Now on to the rest of the review shall we?


I personally really think that this concept was really well, original for lack of a better term. It’s a continuation of the first game. Most would think that turning the story line of My Hero Academia into a fighting game is too cliche, but in my humble opinion I think it’s a great concept and really fits the anime.

Score: 10/10


Fighting scenes? Wow. Comic strip style? Very well done! Hotel? Trivago…Sorry guys, couldn’t resist. Anyways, it was all very good I just wish we could have gotten a little more animation in the story scenes.

Score: 9/10


Thetes not much to say aside from I’m so very glad that they follow the storyline of the second half of the anime. They portrayed each part excellently. And it was a joy to play. I surprised myself because I usually don’t like these types of games, but this one my actually change my opinion!

Score: 10/10

Overall I’m very satisfied with this game and I’m glad I picked it up! It’s a game that I would happily recommend to others! It doesn’t have any drawbacks at all to be frank. It’s quite awesome.

Final score: 29/30

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