Fangirl Favorites! Overhaul vs. Deku!

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Fangirl Favorite! This time, I’m going to be talking about a certain epic battle that takes place during the fourth season of My Hero Academia. That’s right I’m talking about the fight that went down between Overhaul and Deku! And goodness was that a fight!

The way it played out was so intense. You feel as if you look away for one second you might lose an important moment in the match.  Not one moment left any room to breathe. From the moment that Deku runs in to help Sir Nighteye—cries and slightly dies on the inside, and Lemmillion you know that this match is going to be intense.

And intense it was. With Deku at one hundred percent, he just keeps going at it and beats Overhaul down till he has nothing left. Well, at least that’s what it appears at first. No one could have predicted that Overhaul would destroy some of his supposed comrades and meld them into himself to grow stronger and try to defeat Deku. Thanks to Eri though, Deku was able to defeat Overhaul. And that finishing move that he pulled? Man, that was epic! It was quite reminiscent of the move he pulls off in the second movie. But that’s another article entirely.

Out of all of the fights in this season—aside from Rampas’s, Fatgum’s, and Kiri’s fight, this one is one of my favorites. It was so action-packed and you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen for one minute as I said before. What was also cool is the fact that Deku proves Nighteye’s vision wrong. That means there’s still hope for All Might. But we still lose an amazing hero and another’s hero’s quirk is lost. Que the sad fangirl whimper.

Aside from the sad part, Eri still gets rescued and the battle was absolutely phenomenal. It’s something I wouldn’t mind watching again and again. Well, that’s all for this Fangirl Favorite! See y’all next time!

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