Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character. Dabi x Reader~One More Night

Dabi groaned as he opened his eyes. As he looked up at the ceiling he noticed something was off. In fact, the bed he was in wasn’t his, nor was this room. Ugh, did he have another one of “those” nights? Hmm, he doesn’t remember going to any of the clubs he frequents. His thoughts are suddenly broken from the soft groan made from the sleeping person off to his side.

He glances over and lets out a sigh. Another night with (Y/n) eh? It’s like he can’t stay away from you. No matter how hard he pushes himself to stay away, he keeps getting drawn back to you like a drug. A sweet, innocent, untainted drug.

He sighs again. A gentle smile crosses his features at the sight of your peaceful sleeping form. It takes him back to when he first met you…

Dabi was walking down an alleyway after finishing up a job for the league. Or as he liked to call it “Taking out the trash”. And this trash was biodegradable at least after getting a taste of his flames it was. Suddenly a rather strong gust takes him by surprise and pushes him back a few feet and causes him to grip the wall next to him for support.

“What the hell?” He growls out.

“Stop right there Dabi! Your evil deeds have come to an end! The wind hero Hurricane is here to take you in!” A voice yells out at the end of the alley.

Dabi looks towards the end of the alley towards the person. “Hurricane eh? You seem like a simple breeze to me kitten.”

The hero stutters slightly which makes Dabi smirk in return. “Interesting.” Dabi thinks. “They act tough, but clearly they’re more flustered than they let on. Let’s see how I can use this eh?”

Dabi lets out a chuckle at the memory. That was the first time you two met.You were, and still are one of the heroes in the top ten. The wind hero: Hurricane. He lets out a snicker as he gathers his scattered clothes from around the bedroom. You acted so boisterous and confident in the first couple encounters.

Hell, he could say that you two were like fire and water when you first met. Well, fire and air if he wanted to split hairs. But instead of him getting blown over or your own wind get sucked out, you both began to make each other stronger.

“You know, you’re not as horrible as everyone makes you out to be. You’re just hurting and have no way to let it out. You’re angry at the wrong people.” You say as Dabi finishes tieing you up to the chair he put you in.

Dabi gives a tsk walks to a chair a few feet away and sits backwards on it. “You don’t know anything about me Hurricane. And besides, hostages are supposed to be silent.”

You just give Dabi that same disconcertingly warm smile that always through him off. He could never why someone like you, a hero, would give a such a sweet smile to him of all people. For gods sakes you were on separate sides of this age-old fight. You two were never supposed to get this close, he was never supposed to actually care that the League wanted their hands on you. But…he did.

“You are always so quick to turn away from your feelings Dabi. Or should I say Touya.”

Heh he really was surprised that day. You not only broke past his boundaries and saw what he was at his core. But you really, really saw who he was. Not Dabi, but Touya.

Dabi lets out a sigh and scratches down a note to leave by your bedside. One of these days he’ll be able to stay until you wake up. One day he’ll be able to stay one more night.

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