Rebellious Review! Kuroko no Basket: Sub vs. Dub

Welcome once again my wonderful Rebels! Today we’ll be doing a review with a little twist! Today I’m going to be talking about the awesome sports anime Kuroko no Basket. But instead of a review, I’m going to be comparing the sub to Netflix’s dub. So let’s get started, shall we?


  • You can hear and read Midorima’s voice tick “Nanodayo”.
  • Aomine’s, Kise’s, and Murasakibara’s voice ticks are more telligable.
  • Too’s basketball player’s voices sound deeper aside from apologetic mushroom boy.
  • Mura-kun seems a lot lazier.
  • Akashi has a much more cold and calculating personality.
I mean, tell me I’m wrong here


  • All voice ticks are present, harder to tell, but they’re still hearable.
  • Too’s team captain isn’t as cocky and smarmy.
  • Teppei gets more, how do I put this…Lovable and unique.
  • Aomine is less sleazy.
  • The GoM all sound slightly different.
Some of them definitely sound squeakier and then we have Akashi who is practically baritone

Well, that covers both the Dub and Sub versions! I personally love them both. I initially found this anime with the Sub version, but as soon as I watched the Dub on Netflix I fell in love with the anime all over again and I can’t wait to see the next season’s that Netflix has to offer! Well, that’s all for this Rebellious Review! Rebel Fae over and out!

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