Top Ten Organization 13 Members!

Hey everyone, welcome to a new type of article I’m going to be doing: Top Tens! From video games, anime cosplay supplies, and more! I did these along while back and I kind of missed doing them, so I thought why not start back up again? So, here’s the first Top Ten in this series: In the spirit of my recent cosplay shoot of Axel, Top Ten Organization Thirteen members! So, let’s get started, shall we?

10. Larxene

I know, this decision surprised me too. But she barely made it in just because I know her back story from playing the cell phone game Kingdom Hearts l. From when she was a little girl and what hardships she went through, I actually felt for her. And the fact that I actually think her powers are kind of cool. Other than that, I took great pleasure in taking her down in Kingdom Hearts 3.

9. Marluxia

The flower pretty boy and Larxene’s partner in crime. Marluxia. He was pretty entertaining when I got to partner up with him in 358/2 when I barely got to Wonderland. His commentary about everything—albeit a bit snarky and sadistic, was amusing. Plus, every time a Fire Plant or an Emerald Serenade kicked my sorry behind, he would heal me.

8. Vexen

When I observed him through Sora’s eyes, I will admit, I believed he was every bit the prick he came off to be. Even so in 358/2. But once they let me see who he was before the organization—still a prick but kinder and easier to understand, I grew to like him. Plus, it did help that I was introduced to a few Kingdom hearts fanfiction that painted him in a better light.

7. Xion

If y’all didn’t cry when she disappeared into the nothingness at the end of 358/2, you guys don’t have a heart. Yea, she was pretty much a plain jane type of character but through the game, I started to get attached to her. She tried really hard to be useful, and when she found out the truth through Namine, her personality got better and seemed less boring.

6. Luxord

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I like this little sh*t is that going through Wonderland in 358/2 was actually kind of entertaining. And that’s really it. He, heh, doesn’t have many other redeemable qualities.

5. Xigbar

He’s an ass and a little sh*t, but he’s funny to go through different missions within 358/2. Plus, I feel bad for what he had to go through when he was a Somebody.

4. Zexion

I don’t know how, but this little E-boy caught my heart. I hated his entire non-existence in the beginning, but I guess learning who he was when he was a Somebody really changed my perspective. A lonely boy who couldn’t go out on his own most of his life. And then in KH3 He becomes an official good guy and is incredibly amazing.

3. Demyx

He’s lazy, impossible to work with—on account of he disappears whenever there’s trouble, but he’s completely adorable and switched to the good side at the last minute. And what made that hilarious, is he switched because, and I quote, “Being the bad guy is just so lame and takes way too much effort.”

2. Roxas

He’s Sora’s Nobody, ‘nough said.

1. Axel

Where do I even begin with this amazing guy? From his sarcastic personality, amazing powers, awesome character arc, and on top of that, he practically drives the story of 358/2. He’s just so awesome and the fact that he got to become a Keyblade master, makes everything more well, amazing.

Well, that wraps up this week’s top ten! If you guys have any suggestions for a top ten I’d love to hear them! That’s all for now, Rebel Fae out!


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