Fangirl Favorite! Kuroko no Basket Is On Netflix!

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks Fangirl Favorite! This time I’m going to be talking about the anime Kuroko no Basket and its debut in Netflix! (You guys really should have seen this coming after the KnB sub vs. dub article) So let’s get started shall we?

Alrighty, let me start off by saying I legitimately squealed for a good five minutes when I saw Kuroko no Basket pop up on my suggestion feed. This anime was literally the anime that got me into sports anime. And that, my friends is a very hard thing to do seeing as I don’t care for many sports. Let alone basketball!

But. Ei voila! Kuroko no Basket came onto my radar and the rest is history.

Which is why my little Rebels, this albeit short but very fangirl-y article came into existence!

It wasn’t just the fact that it was awesome that such an underrated anime made its way onto a major streaming service. No, that was pretty cool, but the biggest squeal worthy fact was that it got dubbed!

*cue the tomatoes from the hardcore sub fans*

I know, that’s not something a lot of y’all would be completely psyched for, but I was pretty darn happy about this. And I’m sure my fellow Dub fans would agree!

Dub lovers vs Sub lovers fight summed up in one gif

But besides it finally getting a Dub and appearing on Netflix, it was just nice to see it in general. I always love a good trip down memory lane.

From seeing all of the characters again, watching the games again and feeling that familiar feeling of excitement and wonder, hoping that Seiren can pull off another win. All of it is so amazing to watch all over again. Because c’mon who doesn’t like rewatching one of their favorite animes and reliving those same feelings?

Well, that’s all for this fan girl! I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks’ Fangirl Favorite! See you next time my little Rebels!

Rebel Fae out!

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