Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character~ Taming The Dragon: Raihan x Reader Pt. 1

“Closer, closer. Just a few more steps.” You murmur out as you crouch further into your hiding spot within the foliage of the forest just outside of the green and lush clearing you were staking out. It wasn’t for the beautiful and serene scenery you were here for though. It was for the dragon that was lumbering around in it. You were so very close to capturing it.

Your village needed this dragon. Hell, your guild needed this dragon. You were the current leader of the Spikemuth Dragon Tamer Guild. The former leaders Piers and his younger sister just stepped down a month ago and it was left to you to keep the guild up and running. And if you didn’t get this dragon, your village’s defenses and your guild’s reputation would go down drastically. Even lower than the sorry state that they were already in. Seeing that Dragon Tamers in your village were already rare as it is. No one seemed to have the skill or the grit to train to be one anymore.

The dragon steps even closer and you step into position, your muscles tensing in anticipation ready to strike at the right moment. All you had to do was throw the destabilizer net and you were on your way to adding a new dragon to your village’s pack. Just as you were about to throw the net though, you suddenly heard a sharp whistle, and the next thing you know the dragon was on the ground fast asleep.

You chuckle. Sleep darts, nice. Well, this just made your job about tens times easier. Thank you, mystery person. You step out of your hiding spot and towards the dragon, reading your capture rod. It was a specialized mechanism for getting dragons. With a simple flick of a button, Laser-like whips are released and latch onto the dragon it’s pointed at and proceeds to shrink it down and store it in the canister for easy travel. Whoever made this device was a complete genius in your eyes.

Just as you were about to flick the switch though, the dragon up and vanishes in a puff of smoke right before your eyes. “What the hell? What just happened?”

In response, you hear a deep chuckle and see a figure in similar Dragon Tamer armor like your own standing amidst the tree branches just off to your left. Titanium plated pauldrons and boots. Leather breastplate with reinforced fire deterrent material. And a helmet that looked like a fossilized dragon head. The only difference was your colors were black and purple while this mystery man was sporting the colors of red and gold. Also known as the Hammerlocke Dragon Tamer guild’s colors. You were dealing with a rival Dragon Tamer. How lovely.

“Hey, give that dragon back! I’ve been tracking it for hours! It’s mine!”

The Hammerlocke Dragon Tamer glances down at you, most of his face obscured much like yours by the helmet. But you could tell that he was tan, a couple inches taller than you, and obviously a cocky ass. “Sorry sweetheart, you’ve gotta be quicker than that.” He then snickers and bounds away.

You click your tongue and shake your head. “Gotta be quicker than that eh? We’ll see about that. I’ll get you back for that. I don’t give in that easy.”

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