The Effect Of The Loss Of Conventions On Cosplayers And Nerds Alike

Conventions. Every nerd’s favorite thing to go to each year. It’s where we can express our love and passion for all of the movies, shows, anime, video games, whatever we are obsessed with without being judged for it. These places are even where our wallets practically cry out in pain from all the spending we do on the things that we “Must have” even though we really don’t, but it makes us happy to have it anyways.

Sadly though, ever since Covid hit, we’ve been deprived of our happy place. Its been pretty rough on everyone. From cosplayers to just regular con-goers alike.

“I’ve been feeling sad about it since I have so many cosplay ideas and I can’t cosplay them at conventions,” ButterBeret, an Instagram user and cosplayer said when asked about how they feel about the loss of conventions.

Because of the absence of conventions, many cosplayers have felt the loss of motivation to cosplay seeing that they don’t have a place where they can show their hard work. Luckily though, this has caused an increase in the use of the popular cell phone app Tik Tok.

“I’ve been feeling sad about it since I have so many cosplay ideas and I can’t cosplay them at conventions,”


If they aren’t able to show off their crafty talents in person, they have found an outlet to still show of the long hours of their hard work on the app. And cosplayers have even taken to making various series with their characters. Some even find it to not only be fun and a great emotional outlet, but their videos sometimes blow up and become viral. So, in a way, Tik Tok has become a temporary fix for conventions. Even though everyone is still eagerly waiting for the return of the fun we get to experience, we can at least enjoy creating fun videos and making new friends as we do it.

The emotional effect on nerds are tough though. Even though people have Tik Tok and we can talk to each other through various technological means, conventions provide a lot of people a means of an emotional escape. They are the places that they can relax and be their true selves something that they may not have the luck or privilege of at home.

That’s why it’s incredibly important, now more than ever for the nerd community to band together and just find ways to continually concoct their own means of nerdy escapes right now. And especially reach out to each other and just make sure we’re all doing alright in these tough times. We need to tell each other that although we may not get to see each other in person for a while, we’re still together. There are still many reasons to keep creating and enjoying the things we love.

Well, that’s all from this cosplaying nerd,

Rebel Fae out!

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