Rebellious Reviews! Yuri On Ice!

Hi everyone, It’s time for another Rebellious Review! I was going to review a book today but considering the fact that I didn’t finish it in time, I’m gonna review an anime instead! What’s the anime you ask? One of my favorite sports anime of all time actually. Yuri on Ice! So, let’s get started, shall we?


Where do I even start with these lovable little munchkins?! First, we have our main protagonist: Yuri Katsuki. First, this sweet little cinnamon roll starts out as an unsure, down on his luck boy, just coming out of a brutal loss at a competition wondering what exactly he should do with his life. And then next thing you know, his idol Victor comes to his families hot spring and says he’ll be his coach. And boy does this shake things up. I absolutely loved the character growth they gave him through the whole anime you get to see how much Yuri has grown and it’s something special.

Speaking of character growth, several other characters get their own caterpillar to a butterfly story. For example, Yuri Pleteski. Or as most fans know him as, Yurio. He starts out as a wanna-be tough guy who through his friendship/rivalry with Yuri makes him softer and we learn a lot more about him as well. Plus, his little “tough guy” act becomes quite adorable instead of irritating and mean as seen at the beginning of the anime.

There are also many other characters that we meet through Victor’s and Yuri’s skating adventures. From Cristoph—who is one fine as hell skater, to Minami and Otabek. But I won’t go into them much seeing that I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys.

All in all, I would say that the characters are very multi-dimensional, and you get pulled into them from the moment you meet them. Even the smaller side characters like Minako and the triplets Lutz, Axel, and Loop.

Score: 10/10


Man, what can I say about this? It’s so powerful from the get-go. It draws you in and its many anime fans comfort anime. It’s just something about how you can relate so deeply to the characters and their own struggles. The only thing I would critique is sure I adored Yuri’s and Victor’s relationship and watching it bloom. But, I would have loved to see more connections between Yuri and the other skaters. How they influenced Yuri and how he influenced them in return. It would have made the story even richer than it already is in my opinion.

Score: 8/10

Opening and closing themes

Beautiful, powerful, just…Amazing. There’s so much raw emotion and beauty in the composition and lyrics. Just hearing this I believe could really make someone cry.

Score: 10/10

Fangirl rating

This should be obvious in all honesty…I was so moved by this anime it makes me feel like me, a natural clutz could be a decent skater. And this anime is such a good comfort anime as well! It more than deserves this score in my opinion.

Score: 10/10

Final Score: 38/40

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