Rebellious Top Ten! Marvel Characters!

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s Rebellious Top Ten! This time the list will be on favorite Marvel Avengers! Granted, this is purely opinion based and the info is collected from various polls from social media. And I must say, the results were surprising yet, not. So, let’s get to it shall we?

10. Wanda Maximoff

9. Black Panther–Prince T’challa

8. James ‘Bucky’ Barnes

7. Doctor Strange

6. Loki

5. War Machine–Rhodey

4. Hawkeye–Clint Barton

3. Black Widow–Natasha Romanoff

2. Iron Man–Tony Stark

1. Pietro Maximoff

Well, that’s all for this week’s list! What do you guys think? Did you see some of your favorites up there? Do you disagree or agree with the line up? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you guys. Also if you have any ideas for upcoming lists throw them my way! Well, until next time…

Rebel Fae out!

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