Rebellious How To: Dr. Facilier’s Hat

Materials needed:

  • 5mm EVA foam
  • Top hat pattern—I used a pattern from Kamui Cosplay but with a bit of measure and breaking down a hat to a flat design you’d be able make your own I bet. I believe in ya’ll. But if you want to use the pattern I used here’s the link to it. (For this tutorial I’ll be using the pattern I got from Kamui Cosplay)
  • Black spray paint
  • Reference of Facilier’s skull—so you can draw it out later.
  • A strip of red fabric about two feet long and four inches wide.
  • Black paint—I suggest using Plaid Fx just cause the look you get is so worth it. Plus, it acts as a protectant on the foam.
  • Mod podge primer
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Purple feather

First, after you gather all of your materials and get everything set up—if you’re like me, everything is gonna be spread out in nice little piles before you. Anyways, once you have the stuff get your pattern and start tracing all of the patterns out on to the foam. Making sure that you mirror the parts that need to be mirrored and mark which piece is which too, so you don’t get confused. Then cut them out with your exacto knife.

*Quick tip: when cutting your pieces try cutting at an angle so you can get the pieces out easier, and you won’t have any excess foam on the sides.

Now that you have all the pieces cut out, start with the brim—those are the long and curved pieces. Take your glue gun—be careful cause it’s going to be hot and glue each piece until they’re in a prefect circle. Then work your way up with the next set of pieces—the rectangle ones, these will make the whole hat aside from the top. When gluing these pieces though, make sure to start with gluing one piece to the brim base and then glue the other pieces separately so it’s easier to attach when their together. Lastly, take the two half circles and glue them to the top and voila! You have a fully built hat!

Now on to the designing!

Take the mod podge primer and paint on about two or three coats letting them dry in between.

After the mod podge is dry, take the hat out into a well-ventilated area and spray it down with black spray paint. I found when doing this it took about three coats so that’s probably the amount you should prepare to do.

Once that’s dry take your black paint and go over the hat just to really make the color stand out. Unless you want a more faded look then skip the black paint all together.

After that’s done, all you have to do now is draw out the skull on paper, cut it out and mod podge it to the hat. Then attach the red fabric to the rim of the hat with a safety pin. In case there’s more fabric than you planned just double wrap the fabric. It’ll even give it a cool look too!

Lastly glue the feather to the top of the hat and voila! You now have a completed Dr. Facilier Hat! I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I’d love to help out!

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