Rebellious Reviews ~ Raya and the Last Dragon

Hey everyone! And welcome to this week’s Rebellious Review! This time I’m going to be reviewing the movie Raya and the Last Dragon. Seeing that it has finally become available for free on Disney Plus. I was so excited to see it become available and it has quickly become one of my favorites to watch. So let’s begin shall we?


  • Each land looks way cool and detailed.
  • They could have shown us more of how each land looks like so we can really get a feel for what they are about.
  • The magic we get to see is really cool and it really stands out.
  • Each character looks unique and so do the creatures. You can tell the difference in lands with how well they did the clothing.

Score: 9/10


  • I absolutely loved each of the different personalities that was given to each character. They all felt very unique.
  • The personality of Sisu was highly entertaining and very enjoyable to watch. And even more so the band of unlikely friends Raya comes in contact with to help her.
  • They aren’t your typical Disney characters they are really unique. I appreciate the un-cookie-cutterness so to speak.
  • I absolutely adored the creatures in this movie. Personally Tuk-Tuk is my favorite. Sure it’s only natural that a “Disney Princess” has an animal companion that’s practically a trope that Disney has never strayed from. But I feel like Tuk-Tuk is different, it’s hard to explain. But overall, he is absolutely adorable. Especially with how he’s constantly distracted by the littlest things.
  • Three words: Toot and Boom.

Score: 10/10


  • Right from the get go you are pulled in. And I mean wow.
  • Not your typical Disney Princess movie.
  • You can’t predict the story. And I’m pretty good at that seeing I screen write and write books.
  • The way Raya goes about saving the world is very cool.
  • Constantly amused with practically everything Sisu says.
  • The main concept of “Getting along and accepting your differences” is much needed and appreciated in these current times.
  • The way she fixes everything is absolutely beautiful. I definitely needed tissues.
  • The language used from Dep la to benturi is so cool.
  • Asian elements celebrated and referenced which is awesome.
  • Dragons. ‘Nough

Score: 10/10

Fan Girl Level: 10/10

Overall Score 39/40

Well, that’s it for this weeks Rebellious Review! I hoped y’all enjoyed it. Do you guys agree with the score? What were your thoughts on the movie? I’d love to hear them!

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Well, that’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

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