What The Bleep Am I Doing?! Rebel’s Guide To: Project Safety

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s What the Bleep am I Doing?! A Rebel’s Guide to… This week I’ll be covering something that, in general, should be common sense, but unfortunately a lot of us—myself included at times overlook it. I’m talking about Project Safety. Making sure you don’t hurt yourself when you work on things varying from EVA foam, hot glue, even wood, and metalworking. So let’s get started, shall we?

  • Mask up when using a Dremel or sanding. Eva foam dust gets everywhere and it can cause quite a few bad sneezes and cough attacks
  • Latex finger guards are a godsend when using hot glue guns and heat guns. Nothing is worse than burning your fingers while working with small objects or projects
  • Keep a bowl of ice water nearby as well so you can quickly cool your hands when dealing with high heat
  • When using a Dremel or using woodworking equipment safety goggles are important
  • Also, use a mask when using things such as Plasti Dip or contact cement. Also, keep the room well ventilated so you don’t get dizzy or bad headaches.
  • Rubber finger guards are also helpful when using Exacto knives so you don’t get cut easily if the tool happens to slip.

That’s as much as I can think up for now, but I’ll be sure to write a second part if more comes to mind or I learn more. Which I’m sure is a given seeing that when you work hard in your craft enough, you continuously grow and learn.

That’s all for now though and if y’all have any questions feel free to ask! I’d love to help!

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That’s all I have to say…

Rebel Fae out!

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