Rebellious Reviews: Black Widow

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s Rebellious Review! This week I’m going to be covering the new movie Black Widow. Let me tell you guys, this was a phenomenal movie. And I couldn’t be happier to review this. So, let’s get this started shall we?


Even though it wasn’t an animated film, the fight scenes were done exceptionally well. You could practically feel like you were right there seeing what was happening to Natasha and her family. The scenes showed a new side of Natasha and made the scenes in the first Avengers movie hit differently. The costumes for the characters were exceptionally done too, they matched the theme with the movie and really played on what the movie was all about—mixing past with the present.

Score: 10/10


It makes you really feel for Natasha as you meet the members of her “Family”.  As the movie goes on though, you actually begin to like her mother and father and understand who they are and what they did. The level of depth behind each character was amazing. Although, I wish they put more depth into the main enemy Drakof. He was intimidating and evil by his actions, but when it came to seeing him in person it was a major letdown.

Score: 8.5/10

Story Line

Wow, and I mean wow. At every turn, you are not bored. Not only do we get a look into who Natasha really is, but you get answers to questions we have been asking about since the first Avengers movie. Also, known as…Budapest. Yep, we finally get the puzzle pieces to figure out what happened with her and Clint in Budapest. Also getting a look into the organization that made Natasha into Black Widow was absolutely stunning and it makes you feel for her. She’s not just an assassin she is someone who has been through so much and literally had no say in the matter. Not to mention the little ending scene we get after the credits…I won’t spoil it, but crap is gonna go down. Lastly, just how she rekindles the relationship with her sister is just too amazing. She deserved so much and at least she got a few moments of happiness before the situation with Thanos.

Score: 10/10

Fangirl Level: 10/10

Final Score: 38.5/40

 Well, that’s all for this review. I hope y’all liked reading this one. What did you guys think? Do you agree with my consensus? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Just drop a comment below!

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That’s it for now…

Rebel Fae out!

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