Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Shinomiya Kojiro x Reader ~ Anything I Can Cook

If someone were to tell you that the outcome for the upcoming food wars would decide the very fate of the food world itself, you’d expect the atmosphere of this train ride to be riddled with tension. But, considering the students and chefs on said train, that was not the case.

The atmosphere here was as lively as it would be if it would be a food war. Well, seeing what your—ahem confident husband was doing right now could essentially be called one except it was anything but that. He was literally using his own time to train sweet little Megumi in the way of sweets. And the poor girl had a look on her face that could only be described as terrified determination.

You let out a chuckle. “You know Ko, you could ease up on the poor girl. She’s already working really hard.”

Shinomiya straightens up from his position over the counter and walks towards you at the end of the kitchen just by a row of train seats. “Hun, you know very well if that mousy pipsqueak doesn’t learn to elevate her obvious skill to a new level there’s no way she’ll stand a chance against the ten. Then again, she’ll never have the skill that equals mine. But she will at least learn something.”

A smirk pulls at the corner of your lips. “Always the cocky confident Kojiro I’ve always known.”

He matches your smile with one of his own. You found yourself at a loss of words for a moment. His smiles never ceased to take your breath away. It wasn’t often that you got to see it. Well, it wasn’t until a certain redhead high schooler challenged him to a Food War a few months back. After that, your Kojiro changed. He became sweeter and dare you to say it, more romantic around you. The fire that long went out was back in his eyes and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t stir something within you at times. Another conversation for another day though you suppose. But, that didn’t mean you couldn’t stir him up a bit.

“Of course I have confidence, I have a beautiful partner and talented am a chef that not many can match. I’m not called the Legume Magician for nothing after all.”

A grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat spreads across your lips. “You’re right about one thing love. But, in all honesty, there is a chef that can rival you if not completely beat you.”

He slams his hand against the wall right beside your head which only serves to widen your grin. “Oh really? Care to put your skills where that sweet little mouth of yours is?”

You let out a chuckle and lick your lips seeing Kojiro follow the movement very carefully. “Bring it on love. Let’s do a food war.”

*Time skip brought to you by Souma’s god-awful experimental dishes*

“Man, I can’t believe we get to see an actual food war between Chef Shinomiya and Chef (Y/n)!” Souma says with a grin as he watches the two of you cook furiously.

Before the food war started you both decided the theme ingredient would be—what a surprise, legumes. Except, with your dish, you decided to throw a curveball and make your dish into a dessert. Specifically, Black Bean Brownies. It was relatively a simple dish, but everyone knew that when it came to desserts, you were an amazing patisserie.

You hear Gin sigh somewhere in the back of the kitchen, you were too focused on the batter to pinpoint where exactly. “They’re always like this when the two of them are together. As long as I’ve known them. Some could say a match made in heaven with the competitive streak they both have.”

“Not to mention the obvious pride,” Joichiro pipes in.

“Shouldn’t we stop them or something?” Megumi says watching as Shinomiya pops what looks like a light green block into the oven.

“No. This will be a good learning experience for all of you.” Master Senzaimon says.

Then, just a couple of minutes later both your and Shinomiya’s dishes were done. And to your surprise, your devilishly handsome husband made a dessert as well. You walk over to where he was standing at the serving counter and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Oh, Ko-chan? Exactly why did you make the same style like me?” You purr.

In response, he swings your around and places a chaste kiss on your lips. “Simple. I knew you would do a dessert. So why not fight fire with fire eh?”

“Heh, fair enough.”

As you put the plates in front of the judges—Joichiro, Master Senzaimon, and lastly Gin you wait for the results. After each of them takes a bite of both of your and Shinomiya’s desserts you smirk as you see that your brownies got a more zealous reaction.

“Alright, so I believe we are in agreement as to who is the victor here?” Master Senzaimon said.

Both Joichiro and Gin nod and smile.

“Chef Kojiro Shinomiya is the winner!”

You can’t help but make a small gasp of surprise. But then shake your head shortly after. “I still have a ways to go. Eh, love?”

Shinomiya lets out a chuckle and pulls you close once more. “You may, but with more instruction from yours truly I’m sure you can become almost as good as I am.”

You give a low chuckle “Then please, instruct me.”

“Eww, Chefs!”

“Is that even allowed?”   


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