What the Bleep Am I Doing?! Rebels Fae’s Guide To: Managing Social Media (A Mini Series) Pt. 3

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s What the Bleep am I Doing?! Rebel Fae’s Guide to: I’m doing part three of my miniseries of helping you guys with managing the big confusing world of social media. It’s been a few weeks eh? Yea, life’s been crazy but I’m back on track now! When you fall you just gotta get back up again! So, without further ado…

Facebook and Instagram Stories

These can be both tricky and extremely helpful. With Instagram and Facebook “Stories” as they like to call it. I personally don’t understand the moniker, but I guess it’s because when you do a series of posts on it, it well, for lack of a better statement—it tells a story.

Now, surprisingly these things are incredibly helpful to your reach and getting people to interact with you and your content. When you put fun little things like polls, quiz questions, or heck, I’ve even seen people do things where they have you rate their latest post it makes your account more enticing and the people you draw in are more likely to become dedicated followers.

Another thing for an influencer—whether you do cosplay, writing, makeup whatever your niche is, it’s a great way to not only promote your newest posts and your craft, but you can promote other important things for your platform as well. Things like Ko-fi, Patreon, or various writing/creation sites you may be on. And you don’t have to worry about the story posts clogging up because they disappear within twenty-four hours. Just poof! Now, this can be a tricky thing to deal with sometimes seeing that you’ll want to be pretty constant with uploading different pieces of content to your story. It has to be a daily thing most of the time else you’ll risk the unfortunate chance of losing story viewers. I hate that it happens, and I believe it isn’t cool either but that is the unfortunate algorithm of both Instagram and Facebook nowadays. But who knows? They may change it so it’s easier for us creators. But until then it can be pretty stressful sometimes to manage so make sure to prepare ahead of time or go hunting for cool things, or hell even shows some behind-the-scenes stuff. That makes people interested too!

To get to know the real you behind the content people love that stuff. I hope overall this has been helpful and provided a lot of good insight. I love to hear y’all’s thoughts on this and if you have your own ways of doing things too! Let’s make a conversation out of it.

Well, that’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

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I’m eternally grateful for all that y’all do for me, you guys give me the strength to keep going so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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