Rebel Fae’s Top Ten! ~ Halloween Cosplay Ideas!

Hello, my lovely little Rebels! I hope you’re all having an amazing last week of October and gettering ready for the best day of the year: October 31st Halloween! I’m happy to say I’m starting up a new/old article series! My top ten lists!!! Those of you who have been here since the beginning probably remember these, but I’m bringing them back! Except with a slight difference. They will all be either anime, cosplay, or video game related—ok, so not so different but I will be explaining my reasoning for each so that’s different! So without further ado, let’s start the first of many with a top ten list of Halloween Cosplay Ideas! Befitting don’t you think?

10. Beetle Juice

This one should be rather obvious especially seeing that there’s a musical, a cartoon series, not to mention every Halloween season this movie and character is the talk of cosplayers everywhere. And I’ve been seeing more and more Tik Toks as of late featuring this little shit.

9. Any creepypasta or Five Nights at Freddies

This one honestly surprises me, but at some conventions this year I saw some of these creepy little suckers making a comeback. Not to mention their fandom is still going on strong. So if you’re a fan of the jump scare and horror genre, try this out!

8.  Vampires

From Alucard, Vampire Knight, to Dracula himself. Vampires are always a complete classic when it comes to cosplay for Halloween. Especially since nowadays we seem to be getting more and more Vampire themed anime and video games.

7.  Any Jojo character in existence

This really doesn’t need any explanation am I right?

6. Demon Slayer

With the movie that has come out this year and the number of cosplays I’ve seen over this convention season, I can highly recommend this anime to cosplay. From sweet little Nezuko to any of the Hashira’s. *cue holding back tears*

5. Fantasy AUs of My Hero Academia

I would even suggest the regular characters in general. My Hero Academia has always been a really popular anime and manga and even more so now that the new movie has come out. As an MHA cosplayer myself, I can honestly say that these characters, no matter which you choose are very fun to cosplay.

4. The Sanderson Sisters

Another iconic one. I’d say these sisters take the top three in iconic movies for Halloween. I initially would have put this cosplay idea lower on the list, but lately more Sanderson Sister content has been popping up on the interwebs, so this one is most definitely making a popular comeback!

3. Marvel

I believe this rather speaks for itself, don’t’ you think?

2. Jack and Sally

The most iconic duo. Whether you chose Jack or Sally you’ll surely have fun with either. Nightmare Before Christmas is always an Iconic movie. Plus it’s a pretty fun cosplay to play around with the makeup or if you’re feeling adventurous—the cosplay itself.

1. Any Genshin character—like at all

This year’s most popular game..that literally pops up everywhere you look, You’re more than likely to have some fun with any of these characters. From Paimon to Kaeya to even that little shit Childe.

Welp, that’s it for this week’s top ten list! I hope I was able to give y’all some good ideas or maybe give some thought to ideas in the future even if it isn’t for Halloween! If you have any other ideas that weren’t on the list I’d love to hear them!

Anyhoot, that’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!


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