Rebellious Reviews ~ Snake Eyes: A G.I. Joe Origin Story

Hey guys! Welcome my precious little Rebels to Rebellious Reviews! I certainly haven’t posted one of these in a while. But now I finally have inspiration for what to review! And this time it’s the origin story of G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes! It’s quite the movie so I believe this will be a good review! So let’s get started with it, shall we?


From the very beginning, the movie catches you. And I had high expectations for this movie seeing that it’s the origin story of the one and only mysterious masked assassin: Snake Eyes! I liked the story quite a bit but at the same time, it confused me.

Before we get to that though let’s see how our tragic hero got his start and name eh?

*Spoiler warning!*

He got his name because he was in the closet of him and his father’s cabin as he watched helplessly as a group of bad guys kill his father all because his father’s dice roll turned into the lowest roll possible: two ones aka snake eyes. He carried that moniker with him to remind himself of what happened to his father. I also believe that this ties into him starting as a tragic hero—watches a parent die right in from him, feeling like he’s to blame because he couldn’t do anything but watch, and vows to avenge them. It’s a common trope yes, but it was used so well in this scenario in my opinion.

*spoiler end*

Then when he’s older and ends up with a group of people because he has a deal with someone who can help him catch his father’s killer he definitely creates some very influential relationships.

*Slight spoiler*

 For example, he meets the one and only Scarlet of the G.I. Joes. And Tommy, who becomes a good friend and someone who becomes somewhat of a rival to him.

Score: 9/10


In my opinion Snake Eyes is such a complex and strong character. They made many levels to him. Sure, the tragic hero trope was a bit overdone in a way but not so much so as other heroes I’ve come across. *cough* Dare Devil *cough.

And then there’s the character Tommy who he comes across and befriends. He’s very strong-willed and pure of heart—most of the time, so he becomes someone very important in Snake Eyes’ life. The only thing that confused me overall with these two, mainly Snake Eyes, is that when we watch the very first G.I. Joe movie we see that Snake Eyes is orphaned—not far off, but meets Storm Chaser through joining a monk monastery. This movie completely contradicts this in several ways. For example, the life of Snake Eyes.


He grows up as a fighter and unwittingly joins the Yakuza which leads to him saving Tommy’s life and joining his group. The thing is…in the first Joe movie it doesn’t give the chance for that to happen to him purely for the fact of Tommy…becoming Storm Chaser. He didn’t meet him in any monastery, he became Storm Chaser because he was pushed away from his family and was hell-bent on killing his brother. Cobra used this and recruited him. He then took on the name Storm Chaser because he was told that when troubled, his eyes looked like they were in the middle of a storm. Extremely different from the first Joe movie.

Perhaps this overwrites the history in the first movie or it’s completely different. The story is very well done and completely captivating, not to mention thrilling. But, because of that one thing, it’s confusing. Especially to those who love to speculate the history and things that make the series tick.

Score: 8/10


Not much to say here other than the fight scenes are amazing. I loved watching them and it gave me really good inspiration for writing my own fight scenes in my stories. And the powers that come into play at the end looked very well done as well.

Score: 10/10

Fan Girl Level:

Confusing but interesting storyline.

Amazing and deep characters.

Badass fight scenes.

Score: 9/10

Final Score: 36/40

Well, that’s it for this week’s review! I hope you guys enjoyed it! What do you guys think? Do y’all agree with my consensus, or have different views? I love to hear them!

Well, that’s all for now my loves…

Rebel Fae out!


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