My Hero Academia and the Case of the U.A. Traitor

The newest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga, is something else, to say the least. But, my friends I must give a warning that this whole article will be one big spoiler if you haven’t read the latest chapter of the My Hero Academia Manga. So, with the warning given, we shall continue on!

We all know with the last chapter that our awesome class 1-A is training very hard and improving their quirks even more seeing that All For One is still out there. Weakened, but still very much out there. But, what really comes as a shock is with this chapter we finally find out who the U.A. traitor really is. Some of the fandom have called it, but some have also been shocked by this reveal. That includes yours truly.

Now, who exactly is the U.A. traitor? None other than mister flamboyant himself: Aoyama. See, this took me by surprise because I thought they were just bluffing about there being a traitor, but in the chapter we see a very distressed Aoyama talking to his parents about the fact that he doesn’t want to take orders from All For One anymore and he wants to save him and his parents from having to be his lackeys just cause they owe him for giving Aoyama his quirk. Which makes sense why he feels such a kinship with Midoriya.

If you look back at all the events that have happened in the anime thus far, it actually makes a lot of sense. First, we have Aoyama saying that he has issues with his quirk, that it “leaks out” if he doesn’t’ wear his support belt. This is proof that his quirk wasn’t built for him. Because in fact, it wasn’t, All For One gave him it in exchange for his and his parent’s loyalty. Plus, he has said many times that if he uses it—his quirk—for too long he hurts his stomach another factor showing that his quirk was indeed not initially supposed to be for him.

There’s another fairly interesting point that if you don’t think about it, you don’t put two and two together. But with this new information about who Aoyama is, it makes quite a bit of sense. Aoyama’s hero name and how he acted at the Pro hero license exam.

Can’t Stop Twinkling and how he was a beacon of light to draw everyone to him at the first trial so his classmates could pass. The hero name, I believe he chose it because he wanted to believe that even though he wasn’t born with that quirk, and that he had to side with villainy for the safety of him and his family because of said quirk, he could still be a bright light amongst all of the darkness he has found himself in.

As for what he did for his classmates at the license exam, I believe that he did that so he could somehow make up for what he knew he was doing to them. That’s why I believe that even though, he may be the U.A. traitor I don’t think he is a bad guy per se. He just got roped into a bad situation that he had no control over, and he is trying to make his way through it. And now that Midoriya and the others know, I hope that they can get him out of that situation and help him to heal from what he was made to do.

That’s all from me for now everyone, I hope you enjoyed this article!

Rebel Fae out!

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