Mama, I’m In Love With a Fictional Character ~ Zorro! Sero x Fem! Reader ~ A Special Encounter

Mysterious. That was probably the first word that came to your mind when you think about the dashing man that just dropped you off on your balcony. To think, the previous events were enough that you had butterflies in your stomach.

“Oi! Give that back you brute!” You yell out as you pull your bag with a fierce tug as you try to take it back from the thief that was currently trying to take it from you.

“Fat chance girlie.”

“You little son of a—”

“I believe the lady said to let of her bag. I suggest you give it back before I make you give it back amigo.” A masculine voice said as your vision was suddenly obscured by a tall figure with a black flowy cape.

“Z-Zorro? Here take the stupid thing, I didn’t want it anyway!” The thief practically screamed as he dropped your bag to the floor and took off running.

‘Zorro’ bent down and picked up your bag and turns towards you and hands you it with the most breathtaking and mischievous smile you’ve ever seen. He was the pure definition of tall, dark, and handsome. You wish you could tell who exactly was behind that eye mask though.

“Your purse Mi cariño.” He says as he lifts your hand ever so slightly and plants a feather-light kiss on the back of your hand.

You can immediately feel heat rush to your cheeks as he lets go of your hand and you take your bag from him. “Oh, um, t-thank you Zorro was it?”

He lets out a chuckle and nods. “Si. Now, what is a beautiful young lady such as yourself doing walking home at this late hour?”

You give a chuckle yourself. Charming, but underestimates me. Not that I can blame him in this situation. I was kind of on the side of a losing battle. “I was just on my way home from work.”

Zorro smiles softly and then offers you his hand. “Well, a gentleman such as myself can’t possibly leave a pretty girl such as yourself. Even though I’m sure you could have handled that fiend off just fine. I still feel it is my duty to guide you home.”

You chuckle again. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? You smirk to yourself, famous last words. “Sure, I just live in the apartments down the street. Third balcony on the right.”

He pulls you in close and shoots a long strip of tape from his arm and attaches it to a nearby building. “Hold on tight Hermosa.” Then next thing you know you’re flying through the air slinging from one building to the next and in no time at all you arrive at your balcony.

“Thank you. I really appreciate the lift. So, to speak.”

Zorro chuckles at your pun. “It’s no problem. I’ll see you later Mi cariño.” He says with a tip of his hat and then takes off with a swish of his tape.

You smile to yourself. That was truly something else. His last words to you still ringing in your head.  “I’ll see you later Mi cariño.”   Would that mean he would look out for you? Or was it just something you say to be polite? You hoped it was the former.

“(Y/n)! Hey, (Y/n)! Are you in here?”

Your wistful expression turned to that of a mirth-filled grin. “Sero, hey! I didn’t think I’d see you for a while! You said you had to go off on a business trip.” You say to your long-time best friend as you run back inside and towards his awaiting arms for a hug.

Sero lets out a chuckle and holds you tighter before letting you go. “I was able to get back early so I wanted to come and say hi and make sure you were doing well.”

You chuckle and put a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Oh Sero, you worry too much. But I’m really happy to see you. I’ve missed you.”

Sero smiles back. “Well, I’m here now. And hey, why don’t we have some dinner and catch up. I’ll even cook!”

“That sounds like a plan to me!”

“Great! I’ll get started then.” Sero then heads towards your kitchen and starts to work his cooking magic.

You can’t help but look fondly at the boy, no, the man you’ve come to know for two decades now. You went to high school together and have been inseparable ever since. Something the way he moves though, nowadays, projects a certain confidence. Something you haven’t really noticed until now.

“Could he possibly be?” You chuckle to yourself and shake your head. “Nah, there’s no way he could be the mystery man. As he said he has been on a business trip. But that would be too much of a coincidence.

Sero stops in his work when he notices your staring. “Something up Mi cariño?”

You jolt sightly at the nickname. He’s never called you that before. The only one who said that to you was…

No way…

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