You Can Be A Hero! It All Comes Back Around.

Before we get started, I just want to provide a quick warning…If you have not read the most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga and do not want spoilers, DON’T READ THIS ARTICLE JUST YET! Elsewise, go right ahead my friends!

Well, now that we have that out of the way, I have never seen a more beautiful and heart-clenching way to bring a central idea of a manga all the way full circle and present a foil at the same time. What do I mean exactly? Simple. When Deku confronts Aoyama and Aoyama is saying that for what he did, he feels like he is the worst person and he is truly a villain, Deku says these words: You can be a hero! Sound familiar? I sure hope so. Because at the very beginning of My Hero Academia All Might said these exact words to Deku. You can be a hero.

It all comes back full circle with that single utterance. It boy, was it powerful. I’m excitedly awaiting what happens in the next chapter and how Aoyama reacts to Deku’s words. Because clearly based on the reaction of Aoyama, those words had a major effect on him. I’m honestly not surprised though because if you think about it, he’s the perfect foil for Deku.

What I mean by this is if Deku never heard those words from All Might and if he would have never given him One For All, Deku might have just led the exact life that Aoyama had to live. Turning to All For One and doing his bidding. But, as some fanfictions have gone he would have gone down a much more sinister path.

It’s really quite interesting to think about how those two roles could have easily been flipped. That’s how usually a foil works. Bakugou could have gone down that path if he didn’t have Deku by his side in my opinion. I believe he would have had the guilt of telling Deku all of those fowl things back in middle school with having the knowledge that he turned. So really, it’s very good, our cute, little, shy broccoli boy has been the hero of this story.

Well, that ends today’s analysis! I hope y’all enjoyed and I’d love to hear y’all thoughts!

Rebel Fae out!


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