Rebellious Reveiws: Encanto

Can I just start this off by saying Mi Encanta Encanto? (I love Encanto). This has to be one of my absolute favorite Disney movies so far. They really hit it out of the park this time! So, let’s see exactly why I think that eh?


Wow, what can I say except this has so many allusions to real-life situations in families that are so incredibly relatable, yet so heartfelt. I felt these situations because I’m half Latina. My family is amazing but it’s undeniable that we all feel things like not being good enough or just having too many expectations. But, in the end, you realize just how special you are and that no matter how much your family seems to bend and break, you’ll find a way to mend those cracks so to speak. And Encanto did an absolutely phenomenal job portraying all of this.

Score: 10/10


As I said in the Story section, it’s incredibly relatable. I believe that most can find a character that they can individually relate to in some way or another. Maybe it’s Bruno and the burden of his visions, or Luisa and how much she carries both physically and mentally to protect her family, or it could be Isabella who feels like no matter what she has to be the perfect little princess when all she wants is to break from that and explore new things. Or hell, it could even be Maribel! How she has no gift but finds her own way to be special and find her own way to fit in even though she’s faced with so many challenges and roadblocks. I know I personally relate to her.

Score: 10/10


Oh. My. God. As someone who absolutely adores Zumba and Latin music, this is the most perfect soundtrack for a movie. Each song I wanted to get up and just dance to every one of them. From “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” to Luisa’s “I’m The Strong One.” Each song is just so powerful with its own meaning behind each one of them and the character development they give is absolutely phenomenal!

Score: 10/10

Fangirl Thoughts:

Heartfelt? Check.

The story absolutely amazing? Check.

Favorite type of music? Check.

Score: 10/10

Final Score: 40/40

Well, it has an absolutely perfect score y’all! What did you guys think about it? Do you agree with it, or have another opinion on some of the categories? I’d love to hear what you guys think? Thanks again for reading, hope it was a good read!

That’s all for now?

Rebel Fae out!


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