Rebel Fae’s Top Ten ~ Fae’s Favorite Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact, since around 2019 it has been one of the most popular MMORPGs out there both for PS4 and PC. And with its popularity, comes favorite characters. Loves of people already have their favorites from their mains to their favorite pulls. I’ve only begun my experience of Genshin and I’ve gotta say, in these past four months I already have my own favorites. That’s what today’s top is in fact! My personal favorite characters of Genshin Impact. So, let’s get it started shall we?

10. Robin

She is too adorable! I just wish I didn’t suck at operating a bow

9. Lisa

These two are only in their places because of fighting style, else wise it would totally be a tie.

Confidence and grace. Need I say more?

8. Barbara

Pulled her like three times but hey, she’s an awesome healer and adorable to boot!

7. Zhongli

Can’t wait for an opportunity to try and bring this perfect geo user home! He’s so stylish and handsome!

6. Diluc

I can’t wait to know of this guy’s back story and why he hates Kaeya so much.

5. Itto

I have no words for this boy. Something about him is so alluring.

4. Xiao

Mysterious. Handsome. Helluva story.

3. Paimon

She’s annoying but still so cute and I love that she’s the main character’s companion.

2. Kaeya

I am such a simp for blue-haired characters. That is all.

1. Childe

I blame fan fiction and Yagami Yato’s beautiful audios for my love of this little twerp. I regret nothing.

So, what do y’all think about my list? Any choices you agree with or disagree with? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Well, that’s all for now loves!

Rebel Fae out!

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