Rebel Fae’s Cosplay Adventures! ~ The Celty Sturluson Cosplay ~ Pt. 1

Celty Sturluson. The badass Dullahan from the anime Durarara. She’s definitely a memorable character and one of my favorites this is why she’s my new and current cosplay project. She’s been a dream of mine to cosplay for a really long time and now that I have more skills and have eight years of experience under my belt, I can achieve this goal. And I’m taking y’all on this journey with me from its first designs to each part of the build. So, let’s get this thing started!

Why Celty?

Now, why exactly did I choose to cosplay Celty? Well, in all honesty, I have a ton of reasons. But here’s my main ones:

  • It’s a creation challenge for me
    • Making the helmet from scratch
    • Actually sewing for once seeing that I’m going to need to edit the crap outta my bodysuit.
    • And…Making probably the biggest weapon I’ve ever made so far.
  • It’s a lot more cosplay experience for me since I’m trying a lot of new techniques.
  • Celty is a strong female character.
    • She works tiredlessly towards her goal–getting her head back from Izaya.
    • She stands on her own feet, not immediatly going for help to reach her goal. But she still knows when she needs help.
  • She’s a character I admire, and I strive to cosplay characters that I admire and want to emmulate .
  • I want to do more female character cosplays and strong female characters so, Celty is a perfect way to start that off.
  • I’ve always loved her designo–simple but detailed in its own way.
  • Pictures and tik toks will honestly look so awesome.
  • My confidence will get a defenite boost when I complete this cosplay and wear it.

Phase 1 ~ Prepare and Gather

To start this whole project off I, of course, had to find a boatload of references. From headshots, screencaps, even 3D files for inspiration. You name it. I gathered it. (R.I.P. my printer ink) But that’s not all I had to prepare. I had to find myself the patterns to build both the helmet and scythe. Thankfully, I made myself the scythe pattern already from when I did a cosplay of one of my mascots–Grimsley. But…for the helmet, I had to get creative.

Seeing that there wasn’t any pattern out there that was the specific shape I needed to replicate Celty’s helmet, I had to find a pattern that looked at least a bit similar and then modify it slightly. The one I used was made by Kamui Cosplay and here’s the link for it if you guys want to make the helmet or use it for making a Celty helmet of your own! I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to make the Celty helmet in the coming parts of this adventure so keep an eye out for that!

Now, for the last part of Phase one is getting all the materials to make this cosplay a reality. And boy was this a list…

List of materials

  • 5mm EVA foam–at least two rolls
  • Yellow paint
  • Black spray PlastiDip
  • Dark blue paint
  • Hobart Face Sheild
  • PVC Pipe–to your heighth
  • Body suit — black and fabric, not spandex
  • Small battery powered fan–y’all will no why soon
  • Worbla
  • card board
  • duck tape
  • D rings and elastic

Welp, that wraps up Phase One! Get ready for next week’s Phase Two: The beginning of the helmet!

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!


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