Rebel Fae’s Top Ten! ~ Disney Comfort Movies

We all have those moments. Those times where the push to do things is just not there and for lack of a better term, you feel like shit. We’ve all been there. But! Times like those I like to just sit down, turn on the tv, turn on my PS4, and binge-watch Disney movies. There’s just something about them that never fails to cheer me up somehow. So, in hopes that it may be of some help to all of you, I’ve created this top ten list of Disney movies I watch to get rid of the dreaded “Big Sad.” So, let’s get started eh?

10. Little Mermaid

9. Moana

8. Cruella

7. Hercules

6. Mulan

5. Beauty and The Beast—both original and live action

4. Aladdin—Original and live-action

3. Princess and the Frog

2. Emperor’s New Groove

1. Encanto

Well, that wraps up this top ten! Did y’all see any Disney movies that you may wanna try out for your own cheer-up movie? Or do you have your own? I’d love to hear about lit!

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!


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