Rebellious Reviews: Pokemon Legend of Arceus ~ The Game So Far

An open-world Pokémon game, that’s what all of the Pokémon fans have been waiting for. The newest Pokémon game: Legends of Arceus. It’s only been out for a short time but it’s become a huge hit. But how good is it? Well in this review I give y’all my thoughts on it so far. So, let’s get to it eh?


So far from what I’ve played, it’s a pretty fun story. Your character is either time traveled from present-day Sinnoh to years in the past when it was Hisui. Or! My other theory is your character is iseakied into the Pokémon world. Then with how you get to experience the galaxy research team and help them out, it has led to many interesting adventures dealing with tribes and Pokémon that definitely make it a fun game to play. I’m still a bit of a skeptic because this new story mechanic is definitely from what I’m used to but I’m sure with time, it’ll grow on me.

Score: 9/10


I’ve gotta say, I’m actually impressed with the characters it’s pretty cool to see the ancestors of the current character in present-day Sinnoh. All though they seem a tad lackluster, then again I’m only at the beginning so in my next review perhaps my view will change.

Score: 6/10


I actually really love all of the gameplay mechanics. Especially the way we can catch Pokémon and battle. It feels like we’re actually put into the game with the things we’re able to do.

Score: 10/10

Fangirl lvl:

Feeling like you’re in the game for real? Check.

Beautiful graphics? Check.

Open exploration? Check.

Score: 10/10

Total Score: 36/40

Overall, it’s not a bad score, Though I think once I play more of the game this review will change. But I’m sure there will be another review with different thoughts. After all, I myself was looking forward to this game. But let’s see if that is true or not eh? What are your guys’ thoughts so far? Do you agree with me on the current review? I’d love to hear your thoughts?

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!


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