Rebel Fae’s Cosplay Adventures: The Celty Cosplay ~ Phase One: The Helmet ~ Pt. 2

So. It’s completely built and ready to go, what could possibly be the next step? Simple! Prime, Paint, and Perfect! The last step is also known as…Detail the ever-loving crap out of it. This last part of the Celty helmet was the most time-consuming, but it’s one of my favorite steps on a project. Let’s see how this one went, shall we?

First up, we have the priming. Now, initially, I despise the priming step with every fiber of my being. Why you ask? Every time I’ve primed a prop or anything that’s made with EVA I’ve always missed a spot, done it too weak, or the spray can doesn’t even work. Safe to say, I haven’t had the best of luck using Plasti-Dip. But! Lo and behold this time it actually worked really well for me.

When I sprayed it upon my helmet, I somehow managed to spray the coat even enough that it didn’t create any bubbles and I didn’t miss a single spot. And to top off my surprisingly good luck, I only needed to put two coats on it. And that’s only because I wanted to make sure it looked absolutely perfect. I’m a certified perfectionist after all guys.

With that step out of the way, I no longer had to worry about having to paint coat upon coat of paint onto my helmet. Because unfortunately, if you don’t prime it first, the paint job looks really bad the more you use the prop or costume piece, and the foam sops up any paint you try to put on it making the painting process go forever.

But, as I said I primed it, thankfully. So It only took at least two coats of yellow paint and then sectioning out the parts for the blue paint to go on and just one coat of that seeing that I first painted the entire helmet yellow, so it had a base coat to work off of. And it turns out yellow isn’t that hard to paint over. Go figure.

Then finally…the detailing! I only had to do a little bit of this for the helmet. Just draw in the lines on the sides, the little detail on the chin, and of course, the symbol on the top left of the helmet. That one was probably my favorite thing to put on since I free-handed the whole thing. Usually, my drawing isn’t the best, but it looks really good now that I see it on the helmet.

So now that it’s primed, painted, and perfected it’s gotta be done, right? Nope! We have one last little thing my friends…the visor! Now that was an interesting endeavor. I’ve never dealt with this kind of material before–seeing that it’s the type of material you would see in a welding helmet visor, and I’ve never inserted a visor in anything. But as I warmed it up to shape it, (wear gloves, by the way, you guys when doing this else wise your hands will hurt.) Then measured it out to the correct dimensions. And finally, put it in with some contact cement. It looked good. And even though it made the helmet shape slightly off, it still looks good in my opinion!

Well, that’s that my friends! End of phase one, the helmet is done! Now on to phase two eh?

See y’all in Phase two…

Rebel Fae out!


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