A Girl, Her PS4 Controller, And A Laptop

Genshin Impact. One of my favorite games to play at this moment. It really wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’m obsessed with it. Hey, it’s a destresser for me, what can I say? Anyhoot, It’s very handy with a mouse, I will admit this but, the second you try to use a mouse when you have the laptop that you play on–my current circumstance, it becomes…rather inconvenient. That’s why I chose to try to use my PS4 controller with it when I make my laptop mobile. Read try my friends. In the end, it worked, but what a ride this little bugger (the PS4 controller) put me through just to make it work with my laptop.

So, cut to me first finding out that I can connect my PS4 controller to my laptop via Bluetooth. That world perfectly the first time through.

The first time.

The second time when I wanted to boot up my PS4 controller with my laptop so I could use it for Genshin, it did not connect to my laptop as I hoped. Nope, suddenly I hear a beep and the familiar whirring noises of my PS4 in the other room telling me that my controller was still connected to my console–seeing that I reconnected it with the console the other day after its laptop use so I could play on the PS4. But, I thought it would just naturally reconnect to my laptop as soon as I enabled Bluetooth and followed the previous steps: Press the PS4 button and the options button at the same time, and have the laptop look for nearby Bluetooth devices. Yea, a lot of good that did me. 

So then, I research a way to hook it up by cable. Thought that was easy: just plug it in, and download software so the laptop can communicate with the controller, bada bing bada boom. Heh, if it only was that easy. 

I tried this and even found the software but, it needed another software with it to be compatible with my computer. So after a google search, ten minutes of me swearing at my controller and technology in general, I found the program and installed it. 

Finally, after waiting for it to download and sync up with the unzipped program contents of the software downloaded prior, huzzah I got it to work! Let me tell you, even though I learned a lot from this it was a trip and a half to go through all of those motions. I’m just glad it’s actually really worth all of the agony and swearing because it honestly makes gameplay a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong, I love using my mouse, but when you have been using a controller with other consoles for years and just barely decide to come into the PC gaming world, the controller just feels like second nature. 

Just take heed from my own mistakes, loves. Make sure you read very well what software needs to work with and all of the extra ways you can hook up your devices. Because if one or two ways fail, and trust me, they will, you’ll need to know other ways. On the plus side, I learned how to troubleshoot pretty well. 

Well, this ends my little rant and story. I hope all of you guys don’t have to face the same irritation I did if you find yourself ever needing to hook a controller up to your computer. If I can save one person with this rant, I have done my job. Also, if any of y’all have some funny or interesting tech problem stories, I’d love to hear them! We can facepalm together!

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae Out!

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