Rebellious Reviews: Spy x Family ~ Thoughts So Far

Hello, my little Rebels! It’s been forever since I’ve done with one of these eh? Well, I’m back with my Rebellious Reviews once again! This time I’m doing it on Spy x Family. Well, to be more specific I’m doing a Thoughts So Far seeing that I haven’t seen the whole thing just yet. I’ve seen up to about episode five. And already, I’m going to put my spoiler warning for the couple of episodes I’m using to review. So anything I talk about, just prepare beforehand my friends for spoilers.

Alrighty! Let’s get this thing started eh?


So, first off we get our super-spy Twilight beating up bad guys. As we get with almost every shonen anime. We are immediately shown his capabilities and it is cemented that he is one of–if not the best spy in the world. Then we are shown that for his next mission, he has to pull off something that he has never done and never thought of the possibility of doing–he has to take on the role of a family man. 

When I found out that was how this was gonna start the family in Spy X Family, I genuinely burst out laughing. It’s genius actually for a super spy that only knows how to kill and work by himself to take on the role of husband and father to get some information out of a high-ranking individual on the enemy side of the current war. 

See, the fact that he has to procure a family was entertaining in itself primarily because he has no idea how to act like a family man so every action whether it is talking to Anya his adopted daughter, or talking with his wife, is so awkward yet so precious. Couple that with how he always says he’s going to send Anya back to the adoption center, but after seeing a few episodes of him interacting with her, you totally know that there’s no way he’ll be to send her back. Plus, with Anya’s telepathy, she won’t let him. 

How he gets his “wife” is pretty ironic in the sense that the woman that he picks, is a world-renown assassin. Let’s see how that plays out when her secret is inevitably divulged eh? Someone bring the popcorn cause that will be a helluva episode.

I have yet to see how they do with the school interview, so I can’t say much on that, but so far all of the interactions we’ve had with our unlikely trio are undeniably adorable and hilarious. I was taken by surprise by how much I actually like the plot so far. 

Score 10/10


The basic design of the characters makes the anime endearing in a way. Plus how they use colors and shadowing to show a character’s change in personality and emotions is quite creative in my opinion. Plus I just love Anya’s design she looks really adorable. If I had to change one thing though is add a little more detail. Not too much that it loses the endearing cuteness that I first talked about, but it just gives it a little more oomph so to speak. 

Score: 9/10


I think this category is going to get a natural ten out of ten even after I come back and review it after I watch the whole series. Each character is just brimming with their own unique personality. Even the side characters have their own spark to them. 

Twilight, or Loyd Forger as he is called, already has a pretty good character base. We get to know he is a determined man who always gets the job done and is a master of disguise. Then as we go into the second chapter we already have some good character development thanks to little Anya our cute little six-year-old telepath. She definitely keeps him on his toes, because what six-year-old wouldn’t? But seeing how he interacts with her is so precious. He keeps saying that he’ll take her back to the orphanage once he’s done with this mission…haha yea, no way is that happening. With each episode, you can see how attached he is getting. 

As for the woman who he convinces to be his wife–Yor also known as the well-known assassin Thron Princess. But, of course, Loyd has no clue. Anya of course does but I highly doubt she’ll let that slip anytime soon. I really like her character. At first, she seems not too much of an interesting character, but as we get to know her–from what I have seen in about two episodes, she’s starting to become an interesting character. I am quite curious to see how her character will develop as the story proceeds.

Score: 10/10                                                                                                                                                            


I absolutely love the opening and the closing song of this anime. It’s adorable and plus just the way it is, it tells a really cute story. That’s another reason why there’s absolutely no way Loid will be able to give up Anya or his wife.

Score; 10/10

All in all, this has been a joy to watch so far, I’m really looking forward to how the story progresses and how exactly are they going to pull this whole “Family” thing off. I’ll definitely be making a second review for the entire anime so keep your eyes open!

Total Score: 39/40

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

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