Rebel Fae’s Top Ten~ Favorite Disney Villans!

Hey everyone! Rebel Fae here once again to bring Y’all this week’s Rebel Fae’s Top Ten! This time it’ll be Rebel Fae’s top ten favorite Disney Villians! I thought it’d be pretty fitting considering last month was a top ten on my favorite Twisted Wonderland characters. So let’s get started, shall we?

10. Tamatoa

9. Mother Gothel

8. Evil Queen

7. Cruella De Vil

6. Maleficent

5. Yzma

4. Count Oogie Boogie

3. Dr. Facilier

2. Hades

1. Ursula

Well, that’s all for this month’s top ten! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Did I list any of y’all’s favorite characters here? I’d love to know! Or if you guys have any top tens you’d love to see me do I’d love to hear about those too!

That’s all for now,

Rebel Fae out!


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