Rebel Fae. When this is said many people think of two things: Rebellion and Fae folk–aka fairies. That is very similar to what I’m going for with my brand, blog, writing, myself in general. I want to bring an almost magical amazing feel to my creations. I also want to make different takes on what I make. Whether it be creating a different take on a character for a cosplay that perhaps none have thought of before, to stories and articles that either leave you with a new way of thinking or feel amazed and introduced to a completely new world with unforgettable characters. That’s what I want to bring to life and that’s what I mean by the Rebellion, it’s a new and creative way of thinking. And all of you whether your new to my content or have been long time followers are the ones who keep this rebellion running and keep me inspired. So thank you and of course welcome to the Rebellion my amazing little Rebels! I promise you won’t regret your time here.

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