What the Bleep Am I Doing?! Rebel Fae’s Guide To: Writing Fan Fiction

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s What the Bleep Am I Doing?! A Rebel’s Guide To…This week I’ll be talking about how to write an awesome Fan Fic! These kinds of stories are pretty common in the world of the nerd, but I’ve noticed quite a few people that want to write these types of stories and not knowing how in the world to start or what to write in general. But worry not my friend! I am here to guide you! So, let’s get started, shall we?

Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Male! Cruella Devil x Reader: Cat and Mouse Pt. 1

You clench and unclench your fists as you stride through the striking black, white, and red marbled halls of House of De’Vil. Yup you, an aspiring costume designer had a job at the biggest fashion designer company in London. In all of England really. But that came at the price of working for the most agitating, bullheaded, indescribably egotistical, diva-like man in the entire universe. The one and only Cruello De-Vil.

Cover photo by SakamiChan