Cosplay Makeup, Why It’s Important Too

Cosplay, has the power to completely change someone into anyone they want.

Want to become your favorite video game character for a day?

Cosplay can help with that.

Got an anime character you’d love to go as for a convention?

Cosplay can help with that.

What about an Original Character that you’ve wanted to dress up as for a D&D campaign?

Yup, you’ve guessed it…

Cosplay can help with that.

Never fear! For cosplay is here! Sorry guys, I had to. XD

Every part of the cosplay helps tell a story. From the clothing of the cosplay–be it made from armor or fabric to the various props a cosplayer is no doubt seen wielding.

All of these parts work in complete harmony. But there is one more element that not many people give a hat tip and recognition to…The makeup part of cosplay!

Makeup for cosplay is like the cherry on top of a beautiful cake. It completes the entire cosplayer’s transformation.

“Cosplay makeup can really take a cosplays level up 100%,” Butter Beret, a cosplay Instagrammer said. “It completely brings the character the character to life!”

And how very true that is. From outlining the eyes, applying contour to the cheekbones and nose, and so much more. Just with a simple swoosh of a brush or a flick of an eyeliner pencil you can completely change who you look like in an instant.

I, myself believe that make up for cosplay can be super impactful. Many different people can use it in different ways from completely covering themselves from head to toe, just using it for their face, or even using it to make fake wounds and prostheses!

“Cosplay makeup can really take a cosplays level up 100%”

Butter Beret

Other people believe the same as well, and it’s fascinating to hear other fellow cosplayers’ opinions on it. I got the experience to talk to others as well about how they feel about makeup for cosplay.

“The being in character of cosplay.” – Insolublehitesh1

“For people who struggle with their beauty, cosplay can help them I believe.” – JadeSnowWhiteWolf

It is truly a powerful tool when it comes right down to it. It’s really a shame it doesn’t get as much attention as the other counterparts of making a cosplay complete. Especially with how many people–including myself, who love that aspect of the cosplay process.

“Eye makeup is the most important and favorite for me,” LatinKimchi an artist and cosplayer stated. “It just really makes the cosplay come alive to me.”

“I personally love how I can shift my look from female to male at will for genderbending or simply to cosplay a different gender,” said Anonymous.

All in all, whether you believe it’s impactful and amazing or you just plain love doing it, makeup in cosplay will always remain a major thing in the cosplay world. Well, that’s all for now my Rebels!

Rebel Fae out!

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