Rebellious Reviews! Dance With Devils

Hello, my friends! Welcome to this week’s Rebellious Review1 This time I’ll be reviewing the anime Dance with Devils. I watched it once when it first came out in 2015, but my opinion on it has most definitely changed from five years ago. So hence this review! So let’s get started, shall we?


We have several characters for this anime. A lot of male characters mainly seeing that this is a reverse harem anime. But, first, we have our main character and the object of all of the boys’ affection: Ritsuka Tachibana. This girl seems plain at first, but I notice that she changes at least a little throughout the anime. Going from that unsure and slightly meek girl that gets surprised each time a good looking guy decides to sweep her off her feet—albeit not that she ever warranted the attention, but still. To then blossoming into a semi-confident high schooler that has at least a small handle on her life. Then we have the main boy that captures our Ritsuka’s interest—Mr. Brooding and handsome: Rem Kaginuki. I swear this boy only has going for him is the fact that he is handsome and has a helluva singing voice. Well, that and his powers as one of the top Devils are pretty legit, but still. He doesn’t have much personality nor anything really to make him stand out aside from the things already said.

But then, we have her brother and the rest of the devils that make their appearance and make themselves known. From Lindo—Ritsuka’s brother to Shiki—kind of masochistic but adorable in his own right, Urie—you’re a-typical playboy who constantly refers to Ritsuka his butterfly. It’s adorable in its own right, but he can be quite possessive with that but at the same time not. I think he’s actually one of the most complex characters in the anime aside from Shiki and Lindo. And that my friends, is saying something. Then rounding out the bunch is Mage. Now, he’s probably my favorite character out of all of them. He was actually quite entertaining to watch and his personality actually develops quite a bit through the anime. This is surprising because when you first meet him…he basically comes off as a stereotypical bad boy type.

All together the characters were interesting and held my attention, but I felt like they could have used more depth rather than just being attractive or completely unaware of the situation as a whole.

Score: 5/10


Basically, guys, this anime is pretty cut and dry aside from the singing and supernatural. It’s definitely without a doubt a reverse harem anime that’s for sure. But the plot is basically, our girl Ritsuka gets called to the student council after having her house raided and her mother abducted. So quite the week for the poor girl. But after meeting with them she finds that they become more and more involved in her life and for some reason are incredibly attracted to her and each of them wants her for their own. Also, they are all after this object call the Grimoire and think somehow Rituska is linked to it. And to top it all off for the poor girl she finds that her brother is not only an exorcist but the student council boys are all devils.

The story was pretty interesting but it was pretty flat in my opinion even for a reverse harem. And I’ve watched plenty of those. The plot also seemed a little all over the place and quite slow up until the seventh episode or so. But it wasn’t boring at all which was good cause else wise I would have probably dropped by episode two. Regardless of how swoon-worthy the characters are.

Score: 5/10


The graphics for this anime were pretty typical for reverse harem animes so I liked them quite a bit. Also, I believe that the effects they had for the more supernatural moments were quite good. Plus when they burst out into each of their perspective songs each episode the extra graphics added were pretty nice.

Score:: 9/10

Opening and closing songs

Meh, that’s probably the best way to describe them in all honesty. They didn’t stand out to me that much and didn’t strike me as very memorable. They were nice to listen to though, I didn’t want to skip over them each episode so they were pretty good that wise.

Score: 6/10

Overall Dance with Devils isn’t a bad anime. I have to admit that I liked it a lot more when it first came out in 2015 but, back then I was only barely introduced to the anime world and just an eighteen. It does have its good points but, it could have had a lot more depth in my honest opinion. It would have definitely made more of an impact.

Final Score 25/40

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