Rebel Fae’s Top Ten! ~ Disney Comfort Movies

We all have those moments. Those times where the push to do things is just not there and for lack of a better term, you feel like shit. We’ve all been there. But! Times like those I like to just sit down, turn on the tv, turn on my PS4, and binge-watch Disney movies. There’s just something about them that never fails to cheer me up somehow. So, in hopes that it may be of some help to all of you, I’ve created this top ten list of Disney movies I watch to get rid of the dreaded “Big Sad.” So, let’s get started eh?

10. Little Mermaid

9. Moana

8. Cruella

7. Hercules

6. Mulan

5. Beauty and The Beast—both original and live action

4. Aladdin—Original and live-action

3. Princess and the Frog

2. Emperor’s New Groove

1. Encanto

Well, that wraps up this top ten! Did y’all see any Disney movies that you may wanna try out for your own cheer-up movie? Or do you have your own? I’d love to hear about lit!

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

Rebellious Reveiws: Encanto

Can I just start this off by saying Mi Encanta Encanto? (I love Encanto). This has to be one of my absolute favorite Disney movies so far. They really hit it out of the park this time! So, let’s see exactly why I think that eh?


Wow, what can I say except this has so many allusions to real-life situations in families that are so incredibly relatable, yet so heartfelt. I felt these situations because I’m half Latina. My family is amazing but it’s undeniable that we all feel things like not being good enough or just having too many expectations. But, in the end, you realize just how special you are and that no matter how much your family seems to bend and break, you’ll find a way to mend those cracks so to speak. And Encanto did an absolutely phenomenal job portraying all of this.

Score: 10/10


As I said in the Story section, it’s incredibly relatable. I believe that most can find a character that they can individually relate to in some way or another. Maybe it’s Bruno and the burden of his visions, or Luisa and how much she carries both physically and mentally to protect her family, or it could be Isabella who feels like no matter what she has to be the perfect little princess when all she wants is to break from that and explore new things. Or hell, it could even be Maribel! How she has no gift but finds her own way to be special and find her own way to fit in even though she’s faced with so many challenges and roadblocks. I know I personally relate to her.

Score: 10/10


Oh. My. God. As someone who absolutely adores Zumba and Latin music, this is the most perfect soundtrack for a movie. Each song I wanted to get up and just dance to every one of them. From “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” to Luisa’s “I’m The Strong One.” Each song is just so powerful with its own meaning behind each one of them and the character development they give is absolutely phenomenal!

Score: 10/10

Fangirl Thoughts:

Heartfelt? Check.

The story absolutely amazing? Check.

Favorite type of music? Check.

Score: 10/10

Final Score: 40/40

Well, it has an absolutely perfect score y’all! What did you guys think about it? Do you agree with it, or have another opinion on some of the categories? I’d love to hear what you guys think? Thanks again for reading, hope it was a good read!

That’s all for now?

Rebel Fae out!

Rebellious Reviews ~ Raya and the Last Dragon

Hey everyone! And welcome to this week’s Rebellious Review! This time I’m going to be reviewing the movie Raya and the Last Dragon. Seeing that it has finally become available for free on Disney Plus. I was so excited to see it become available and it has quickly become one of my favorites to watch. So let’s begin shall we?


  • Each land looks way cool and detailed.
  • They could have shown us more of how each land looks like so we can really get a feel for what they are about.
  • The magic we get to see is really cool and it really stands out.
  • Each character looks unique and so do the creatures. You can tell the difference in lands with how well they did the clothing.

Score: 9/10


  • I absolutely loved each of the different personalities that was given to each character. They all felt very unique.
  • The personality of Sisu was highly entertaining and very enjoyable to watch. And even more so the band of unlikely friends Raya comes in contact with to help her.
  • They aren’t your typical Disney characters they are really unique. I appreciate the un-cookie-cutterness so to speak.
  • I absolutely adored the creatures in this movie. Personally Tuk-Tuk is my favorite. Sure it’s only natural that a “Disney Princess” has an animal companion that’s practically a trope that Disney has never strayed from. But I feel like Tuk-Tuk is different, it’s hard to explain. But overall, he is absolutely adorable. Especially with how he’s constantly distracted by the littlest things.
  • Three words: Toot and Boom.

Score: 10/10


  • Right from the get go you are pulled in. And I mean wow.
  • Not your typical Disney Princess movie.
  • You can’t predict the story. And I’m pretty good at that seeing I screen write and write books.
  • The way Raya goes about saving the world is very cool.
  • Constantly amused with practically everything Sisu says.
  • The main concept of “Getting along and accepting your differences” is much needed and appreciated in these current times.
  • The way she fixes everything is absolutely beautiful. I definitely needed tissues.
  • The language used from Dep la to benturi is so cool.
  • Asian elements celebrated and referenced which is awesome.
  • Dragons. ‘Nough

Score: 10/10

Fan Girl Level: 10/10

Overall Score 39/40

Well, that’s it for this weeks Rebellious Review! I hoped y’all enjoyed it. Do you guys agree with the score? What were your thoughts on the movie? I’d love to hear them!

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Rebellious Reviews: Cruella

Hey everyone and welcome to other Rebellious Reviews! This time I will be reviewing the newest movie that Disney has graced us with: Cruella. The backstory of one of Disney’s most infamous villainess’. And boy oh boy was this a ride. I can only describe it has the legend Tony Stark has once said. “Drop your socks and put on your crocks we’re about to get wet on this ride.” So let’s get to it shall we?


  • Amazing and thrilling at every turn.
  • You find yourself on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what Cruella will do next.
  • Not a storyline that is predictable by any means
  • It gives a look into the Disney Villainess that actually makes you understand her on some level.
  • Gives a backstory to her that you never thought you needed.
  • Never a dull moment.
  • You are sucked into the story from the very first moment and keeps your attention.

Score: 10/10


  • The setting and costumes are beautiful and very well done. They add to the story very well and put depth to the characters.
  • We get a beautiful look into the fashion world that Cruella immersed herself into and has shaped her greatly.
  • When we are taken to the main house of “The Baroness” the biggest fashion house before Cruella becomes a big name in fashion herself, the camera angles that are used to show the fashion house do a good job of showing the layout, but I must say they are quite dizzying. I found myself having to close my eyes till the camera shots ended.
  • In the most dramatic moments, the camera angles we’re given add immensely to the scene and set the tone perfectly and add to the drama.

Score: 9/10


  • Our main heroine/villainess Cruella. Let’s just say that wasn’t really her name to begin with. She get’s so much character development throughout, that you can’t help but end up rooting for her in some way or another.
  • Horace and Jasper. Yea…Horace is still an idiot, but he is definitely more lovable this time around. So is Jasper. They’re actually friends with Cruella in the beginning of her journey. One can only imagine what happens to their friendship after the dust settles hypothetically speaking.
  • “The Baroness”. Where do I even start? If we thought Cruella was bad eventually. Hah! This woman makes her look like a puppy!
  • Overall, the characters are amazing and have depth like no other. I am really happy at how the characters both new and old were portrayed.

Score: 10/10

Fan Girl Thoughts

  • Disney has done it again! They have made me like yet another villain. And respect her!
  • I love how intricate they made her story it makes me wanna watch the movie ten times over.

Score: 10/10

Overall score: 39/40

All in all, this was a fantastic movie. Maybe a few things here and there that I would have changed but it more than deserves this score. What to do you guys think? Do you agree, or have other opinions? I’d love to hear them!

Well, that’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

Rebellious How To: Dr. Facilier’s Hat

Materials needed:

  • 5mm EVA foam
  • Top hat pattern—I used a pattern from Kamui Cosplay but with a bit of measure and breaking down a hat to a flat design you’d be able make your own I bet. I believe in ya’ll. But if you want to use the pattern I used here’s the link to it. (For this tutorial I’ll be using the pattern I got from Kamui Cosplay)
  • Black spray paint
  • Reference of Facilier’s skull—so you can draw it out later.
  • A strip of red fabric about two feet long and four inches wide.
  • Black paint—I suggest using Plaid Fx just cause the look you get is so worth it. Plus, it acts as a protectant on the foam.
  • Mod podge primer
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Purple feather

First, after you gather all of your materials and get everything set up—if you’re like me, everything is gonna be spread out in nice little piles before you. Anyways, once you have the stuff get your pattern and start tracing all of the patterns out on to the foam. Making sure that you mirror the parts that need to be mirrored and mark which piece is which too, so you don’t get confused. Then cut them out with your exacto knife.

*Quick tip: when cutting your pieces try cutting at an angle so you can get the pieces out easier, and you won’t have any excess foam on the sides.

Now that you have all the pieces cut out, start with the brim—those are the long and curved pieces. Take your glue gun—be careful cause it’s going to be hot and glue each piece until they’re in a prefect circle. Then work your way up with the next set of pieces—the rectangle ones, these will make the whole hat aside from the top. When gluing these pieces though, make sure to start with gluing one piece to the brim base and then glue the other pieces separately so it’s easier to attach when their together. Lastly, take the two half circles and glue them to the top and voila! You have a fully built hat!

Now on to the designing!

Take the mod podge primer and paint on about two or three coats letting them dry in between.

After the mod podge is dry, take the hat out into a well-ventilated area and spray it down with black spray paint. I found when doing this it took about three coats so that’s probably the amount you should prepare to do.

Once that’s dry take your black paint and go over the hat just to really make the color stand out. Unless you want a more faded look then skip the black paint all together.

After that’s done, all you have to do now is draw out the skull on paper, cut it out and mod podge it to the hat. Then attach the red fabric to the rim of the hat with a safety pin. In case there’s more fabric than you planned just double wrap the fabric. It’ll even give it a cool look too!

Lastly glue the feather to the top of the hat and voila! You now have a completed Dr. Facilier Hat! I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I’d love to help out!

Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Male! Cruella Devil x Reader: Cat and Mouse Pt. 1

“That is it!” You screech, throwing down the piece of fur you were struggling to work with onto the worn-down worktable. You storm out of the workshop surprising a few of your fellow coworkers in the process.

You clench and unclench your fists as you stride through the striking black, white, and red marbled halls of House of De’Vil. Yup you, an aspiring costume designer had a job at the biggest fashion designer company in London. In all of England really. But that came at the price of working for the most agitating, bullheaded, indescribably egotistical, diva-like man in the entire universe. The one and only Cruello De-Vil.

You tap your boots in a rhythmic motion as you wish the glass elevator to reach the top floor faster. Your (F/c) skirt swishing back and forth with each tap. “He is finally going to get a piece of my mind. He has got to stop giving me these practically impossible designs to build! I’m a costume designer for god’s sake! I don’t build these overly extravagant useless fur coats!”

“Useless you say? Oh, darling I know that word didn’t just leave those pretty little lips of yours,” You hear a velvety yet, snake-like voice say as soon as the elevator dings open.

“Mr. De-Vil—You heard me?” You step back slightly taken aback at the fact that the man you were about to give a piece of your mind to is currently in front of you rather than his usual place in his office. And is throwing off your composure with a mere look from those icy blue eyes of his.

He clicks his tongue and takes a puff of that irritating cigarette he always carries with him. “How many times must I tell you to call me Cruello? And of course, I heard you, the whole building could hear your little tirade.” Then with a devious smirk pulling at his lips he motions you to follow him into his office.

You let out a sigh and follow ignoring the pitying glances thrown your way. Once you enter and close the door behind you, you stare up at the monochromatic-styled fashion mogul. From his infamous fur coat to his black and red suit pantsuit combo if he weren’t so infuriating, the man would probably be handsome. You couldn’t deny your attraction as much as you tried to hide it. But you refused to be another one of those silly women reduced to a panting mess at the mere sight of him.

“So, it appears my little bee has a problem with the assignment I’ve given her hm? I must say (Y/n) I thought you could anything.” Cruello says with a sneer.

You redden and you have to bite back a sharp remark that involves him shoving his assignments up where the sun doesn’t shine. But you want to keep your job, so you stay quiet.

Cruello raises a perfectly manicured eyebrow at you and walks towards you until he has you trapped between him and the wall behind you. “My, my nothing from my usually spunky (Y/n)?” He takes a long drag of smoke and lets it out in a perfect O. You want to brush it away from your face and cough so badly, but you hold back because heaven forbid you to do that. Cruello was known for his temper after all.

“I just have nothing to say that’s all sir.”

He leans in further and gets close enough that you’re practically nose to nose. You curse yourself for letting your eyes flit down to his lips and then back to his artic eyes a quick thought of a kiss swiping across your mind. This action, unfortunately for you, does not go unnoticed by Cruello.

He looks down at your own lips and for a minute you tense in anticipation thinking he’s actually going in for it. Wait what? No no no no! You can not have these thoughts about your boss. He’s infuriating and egotistical and all of these obscure designs that he has been making you make for him have been driving you up a wall. Yet, you can’t help the attraction that pulls magnetically every time you meet with him.

Cruello moves closer and just before your lips connect he side steps and moves to the shell of your ear. “Miss (Y/n), you can and will make that coat and bring it to my flat completely finished tonight no later than nine o’clock or mon fleur you will regret it.” He whispers and as he pulls away you could have sworn he placed a small, feather-light kiss on the underside of your jaw. But, it could have just been your imagination.

Cruello struts back to his desk as if he were a proud lion who just caught his dinner. “You are dismissed, darling. And remember nine o’clock. Don’t be late.” He says with a dismissive wave of his hand.

It takes a while for you to gather yourself and snap yourself out of the daze that viper put you in. But when you do, you finally have the strength to turn around and slam the door shut behind you but not before hearing a soft dark chuckle from the devil’s office.


“How the hell does he expect me to do this?!” You yell as you stare at the black and white fur in your sewing machine staring back at you as if it were mocking you.

“The viper gave you another impossible assignment again?” Jasmine, your best friend, and fellow costume designer said as she came into your part of the workshop.

You let out a tired sigh and fix the needle on your sewing machine for what felt like the umpteenth time. “Yea, pretty much. And this would be the third outrageous piece of clothing he’s made me make. From a sleek black and silver suit with blood-red cufflinks to a mermaid style, rather revealing and low-cut black and white dress with a red shawl and this—” you gesture to the half-done black and white fur coat sitting in your sewing machine. “Monochromatic fur coat.”

Jasmine just lets out a chuckle and you send her a cold look. She in return puts her hands up in defense and lets out another laugh. “I mean no offense girl, it’s just funny because you can’t see that he’s making you make both his and your outfits for the upcoming masquerade ball.”

You splutter. “What? There is no way! I mean sure the measurements are oddly close to mine, but that doesn’t mean anything! He has had me model a few of his designs before and act somewhat like a muse. So, this isn’t anything different, just more irritating and infuriating.”

“Uh-huh. You do realize you’re basically the only one in the whole costume department—hell, probably the whole building that he personally requests to do things for him. I mean for Christ’s sake (Y/n) if I had a dollar for every time I heard you being summoned over the comms I’d be rich.”

With a roll of your eyes, you just merely shrug off her comment and turn back to your work. Jasmine just shakes her head and gives you a bemused smile. “I’m just saying girl, the viper has caught his prey.” Then she turns and heads back out to her own workspace.

Once she’s gone you surprisingly manage to sew yet another piece together without breaking yet another needle “What she said is preposterous. He can’t possibly see me more than a simple designer to do his bidding. And I certainly don’t see him as more than my boss. Nope, not me.”

You didn’t know how wrong you were…

Rebellious Top Ten! Powerful Women in Pop Culture

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s Rebellious Top Ten! To honor the end of Women’s History Month: March, I’m going to list my personal top ten of my favorite women in pop culture. From video games, to anime, even to things like superheroes! So let’s got to it shall we?

10. Zelda

9. Winry Rockbell

8. Lan Fan

7. Misty – Pokemon

6. Wonder Woman

5. Aqua – Kingdom Hearts

4. Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff

3. Wanda

2. Midnight – My Hero Academia

1. Mulan

Well, that’s it for this weeks list! Do y’all agree, or maybe you think there are others that should have been listed? I’d love to hear your guy’s thoughts! And as usual, if you have any ideas for a top ten list, feel free to tell me! That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

Rebel’s Favorite Quotes! Disney!

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s Favorite Quotes article! And one of my favorites to write as well! This time I’ll be giving y’all some of my favorite Disney quotes! A lot of these may be extremely familiar to all of you as well! Let’s see shall we?

I’ve got friends on the other side!

Dr. Faciliar – Princess and the Frog

Hahahahaha! I win.

Yzma in cat form – Emperor’s New Groove

Ten thousand years, can give you such a crick in the neck!

Genie – Aladdin

*Thwack!* – Ow! What was that for?

– It doesn’t matter! It’s in the past!

– But that hurt!

– Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it!

Conversation between Simba and Rafikii – Lion King

A loser? Who ya callin’ a loser? How about I pop one of your antenna off and chuck it across the yard. Whose the loser now? Me or you?

Mushu to Crikey – Mulan

Wall, there are a lot more Disney quotes I’m obsessed with but that would make this article incredibly long eh heh. So for now, I present the the ones that I love repeating the most. I’ll probably end up doing a part two sometime soon though. I hope all of you enjoyed this! If you have any quote requests I’d love to hear them! That’s all for now!

Rebel Fae out!

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