The Bell And Why It Goes Through Hell

It has a sleek shape and a beautiful color palette and to top it off it has a clock face on it! In my opinion, that makes this (The Bell) a really cool-looking claymore. But, the sad thing is that when many Genshin players think of The Bell, they immediately diss it. For this, I don’t understand why. So, even though many may disagree with this article today, I am going to offer up some of my own opinions as to why I think using The Bell can have its advantages. Especially if used properly. So let’s get started, shall we?

First off, let’s talk about that shield it gives us eh?

It triggers about every 45 seconds and acts as a great shield to block damage. Plus, every time this shield is activated, the character that has this claymore equipped gets an increase in damage. The amount increased varies on how many times you have ascended it. But, even at a Rank 2 ascension, it packs a decent punch at 15 percent. And the amount of damage it can take (the shield) is dependent on the max HP stat. This percentage increase with each ascension as well. So, therefore the Bell makes a pretty good claymore for support characters and healing ones.

Sayu, for example, I find utilizes The Bell quite well, to be honest. With her already good defense and healing stats (as long as you have a good artifact set), The Bell increases her capabilities and helpfulness so-to-speak for your team.

Now, I currently have Diluc using The Bell. It may not be the most efficient weapon for him at the moment, but I’ve used it since I first got it when I pulled Diluc at the same time. So for the longest time, it has served me well. Especially since–at least in my case, I can’t seem to get ahold of any claymores. It’s actually once in a blue moon occurrence, even with the Debate Club.

So all in all, I think people highly underestimate The Bell. Or at the very least, don’t know how to utilize it properly. Most probably think that since it’s a high-ranking weapon and a claymore, it is naturally supposed to be for tank characters or characters with a very high DPS. As I’ve explained, it’s not the case. It can be a wonderful weapon for healers and support characters. Even with Noelle, it works quite efficiently. So I highly suggest not overlooking this weapon and enhancing it at least a rank or two. It could come in handy if you pull a healer or support.

Well, that’s all this Fae has to say,

Rebel Fae out!

Mama, I’m In Love With A Fictional Character ~ Bring It On! Pt. 2 ~ Childe x Fem! Reader

You light your daggers up with Electro energy and you give them an experimental flip in your hands. The boy in front of you was your soulmate and a Fatui no less. Boy did the universe know how to pick ‘em.

Childe saw you lighting your daggers and in turn, he pulled his sword out. How many weapons does this guy have? You chuckle to yourself. That’s a stupid question. He’s Childe the eleventh harbinger. He’s known to be one of the most bloodthirsty of them all. And that’s saying something seeing that you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with both Signora and Scaramouche.

“So how do you wanna play this Childe–”


You tilt your head in momentary confusion. “Huh?” is all you can manage.

He gives a chuckle. “My name is Ajax, darling. My real name that is.”

“Shouldn’t that be something that is disclosed in secret and not in the open since your in, gee I dunno, the Fatui?”

He just smirks. “If anyone here tried to use it against me, they wouldn’t live to see another day. But I want you, my soulmate, to know my actual name.

You let out a snort. “You’ve got a point, but it’s still pretty stupid on your part. You could get hurt by someone knowing.” Wait. why do you care? Tch. Who are you kidding, of course, you care he’s your soulmate. Those feelings will naturally cement.

Ajax smiles. For the love of the Archons please don’t tell me he can hear my thoughts. Last time you checked that’s not part of the bond.

“It’s written all over your face Girlie. I don’t need to read thoughts. You’re practically an open book. You might want to fix that if you want to be a decent fighter.”

Oh, he did not just say that. The Electro energy on your daggers flare with the spike in your emotions. Particularly your irritation. He’s underestimating me that little twerp. You thought.

“Excuse you, but I’m a Captain in the Knights of Favonious thank you very much. Which actually is why I’m here. Soulmate or not Ajax, either step away from that vendor and leave him be, or I will take you down.”

The way his cerulean eyes flash with excitement and lust and how his grin takes on a predatory look, sends shivers down your spine. You just can’t pinpoint whether it’s good shivers or bad shivers.

“I think we both know what choice I’m going to make girlie,” Ajax says as he takes up a fighting stance.

You crack your neck and let out a sigh. I’ll give him this, he’s definitely a match for my stubbornness. Kaeya and Ningguang would get a kick out of this. Well, it’ll be a good story to tell at the restaurant and when you get back to headquarters.

Well, without further ado then.

You charge forward with your daggers, one raised by your chin and the other resting by your waist. Both pulsate with Electro energy. Swinging both daggers forward you half expect to slice through the air and see him dodge expertly out of the way, but instead, you’re met with the clang of the metal of his sword.

“You didn’t think I’d dodge did you girlie?” Ajax says as he maneuvers his sword out from under your daggers and swings at you to which you dodge expertly and slip behind him.

“Maybe a little, but I highly doubt you were expecting this!” You then use your momentum from the dodge to push him face down on the ground but said momentum took you with him. You let out a grunt as your face met solid muscle. Then the next thing you knew you were the one who was on the ground with Ajax caging you in.

“Looks like your falling for me already.”

You let out a snort. “That line is so old. But you wouldn’t be my soulmate if you weren’t corny as hell,”

“I prefer charming.” Ajax interrupted. He then rolled off of you and pulled you up with him causing you to fall back into him. So close that if you moved just ever so slightly you’d end up kissing. This thought made you burn bright red and you made an attempt to pull away, but Ajax just held you tighter.

“So girlie, I’ve told you my name and we got a nice little look at each other fighting prowess, I think I should know the name of my one and only love who I’d give my life for in an instant.”

“Well, aren’t you romantic?” You say with a chuckle.

He just shrugs. “In my line of work darling, people close to you are far and few in between. Especially soulmates.”

Your lips pull up into a small smile. “You’re not wrong on that one. It’s (Y/n). My name that is.”

“(Y/n). I like it. So, I guess seeing that that fight was a draw, but I ended up winning something a lot better, I’ll let the vendors here be.”

“Oh, how gracious of you–”

He cuts you off. “In return for a date and a kiss.”

You grin. “Oh, is that all?”


Without saying another word you lean forward and your lips meet his. You half expect them to be chapped, but they were soft as they moved in tandem with your own. But it was over before it began when he stepped back. No doubt enjoying the flushed look on your face.

“Now about that date?”

You let out a bashful chuckle. “Follow me. I know a place.” You then turn and before you take a single step you find your hand linked with Ajax’s. “Nice to finally meet you Ajax.”

Ajax pulls you into a side hug and squeezes like he fears he’ll lose you if he lets go. “Nice to finally meet you too (Y/n).” 

The Genshin Files: How to Fight the Electro Hypostasis

Hey everyone! Rebel Fae here. I’d like to introduce a new article series that I’m going to be doing every now and then. *Drum roll please* Rebel Fae’s Guide to Genshin! Yep, you heard right, I’m going to start giving articles on advice for the ever-popular game Genshin Impact.

Now you must be asking: Fae, why Genshin? You don’t write too many video game articles so why this? That’s a great question! It’s simply because I’ve been rather addicted to the game. It’s just so stunning and fun. But every time I hit a snag with a character or enemy and I go look for help, I don’t get the best advice. It’s always centered around having certain items and/or characters. The thing is, some of us don’t exactly have the best luck when it comes to the love of the Gatcha gods. So that’s where I come in! I’ll be giving tips on how to do things with a good workaround. Heck, there will probably be an article or two with tips for just making awesome builds for characters and using them to their best potential. But either way, I can’t wait to kick this off with y’all so let’s get started on the first topic!

Boss Fight: The Electro HypoStasis:

This was a fight that took so much patience and had me literally changing my fighting style. See, I usually have the kind of fighting style that I like to call: Attack until dead. This…usually kills me several times first before I win, but it’s generally worked for me…Until the fight with the Electro HypoStasis.

Usually, you wouldn’t have to fight this intimidating Electric block, but unfortunately, if you want to ascend Lisa and complete the first Adventure Rank ascension, you’re going to need to defeat it and also collect what that thing drops. So off I went. Now the reason as to why I had to change my fighting style and have a lot of patience is because, when you fight the Electro HypoStasis, for the most part, it protects itself with the blocks that you see around it when you first come across it. This makes it damn difficult to land a single hit unless you are incredibly…you guessed it. Patient. So until you are able to find the time where the blocks disappear and you can rush in with a flurry of attacks there are a couple of things you have to be wary of to be able to get this opening.

I wasn’t able to pin down which character position incongruent with the boss’s position triggers which attack, but I can tell you how to deal with each of these attacks. Beforehand though, if you choose not to have a healer in your party like me, make a lot of healing food items prior. Also, get the fighting and defense dishes too. Those will help a lot. 

Anyhoot! Back to these pesky attacks eh?

So first off, we have the attack where it turns itself into a drill and heads straight for you. This is pretty easy to dodge, just make sure you are a decent ways away from it. Just dash to one side. Thankfully it doesn’t track you so this is pretty easy to dodge.

Then we have the attack where it heads to the center of the stage–so to speak. And it starts to rotate and shoot lasers. This attack can cause a lot of damage if you’re not careful. So a good way to keep the damage to a minimum is to keep as close to the laser in front of you and make sure to not get hit by the one behind you else wise it’s not the easiest to recover from. Ie. Getting hit again and again without being given a single chance to even stand up straight. It’s not that fun, trust me. I swore so many times during that attack. It could honestly be turned into a gif when you’re hit with that. Up and down until…oops. You’re dead. 

Anyhoot! This next possible attack thankfully doesn’t do too much damage but you might want to make sure you are damn good at maneuvering your character because it feels like you’re playing freaking hopscotch. The Electro Hypostasis once again goes to the center of the stage but this time it takes all of its blocks and sends every last one in all directions on the floor. My advice is to simply maneuver as your life depends on it. Because it does. I tried jumping over them, but that only works so many times. The upside of this attack though is after it’s done, its core is wide open to hit since it takes a bit to start up again after that attack. So that’s a prime opportunity to completely wail on it. 

Lastly, we have probably one of the most deadly attacks that it does. Thankfully it doesn’t do this often what happens is, the Hypostasis disappears for a split second and then the area you’re standing in is suddenly a field of electro energy. Every few seconds it will send down bolts of said electro energy and getting hit by this attack is a very fast way to die. A way you can sort of dodge it–and I do mean sort of because the space you’ll be in is very small, but you can by watching when the circles get bigger on the floor. That’ll let you know where and when it will hit. With that in mind, you just have to wait it out. You could try and destroy the electro spires that keep you in, but the number of hits it takes compared to how much damage you’ll take is not worth it. Just try to survive and wait it out. This is where the healing items come in by the way.

The final thing to take account of is a. The final blow to the Electro Hypostasis and b. The kind of elemental power you’ll want to have with you. 

First. The final blow. I’m talking about this because it really threw me when I first fought this thing and it ended up killing me on my first try. So because I don’t want that to happen to y’all, here is what happens at the end. The Hypostasis closes upon itself right before those last final hits kill it. Then it releases four electro spires. You need to destroy these spires before the Hypostasis comes out of hiding else wise it’ll recover a quarter of its health. It took me two tries of getting it to this spot to destroy all four. Luckily, once you destroy one spire, it stays destroyed so it’s not impossible to kill. You just have to be fast about it so you don’t have to crack it down to low health levels again to trigger this mode. 

And once you destroy the spires, voila! The Electro Hypostasis is dead.

Now! for the final helpful little know-how: What types would be best to bring into the fight? Note: I’m only gonna talk about element types and not the characters seeing that not everyone gets the same characters and also has the same opinion on which is best for that matter. 

So, at the bare bones of it, I’d mainly bring in Pyro and Cryo. Pyro will give it the Overloaded effect causing a wicked amount of damage and Cryo will do pretty much the same. And if you are fighting the Hypostasis in the place by the Temple of time, it tends to rain so it’ll be easy to cause the freeze effect and really be able to wail on the boss then. I would add an Aero in there just for the Swirl effect.

Well, that’s that. That’s all I know about the boss fight, I hope some of my insight will be able to help all of you. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask! I’d be more than happy to help!

That’s all for now…

Rebel Fae out!

Mama, I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Bring It On! Childe x Fem! Reader Pt. 1

“Ugh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” You groan as you stare down at your newest assignment: Head to Liyue and tell the Harbinger that already cause a god-sized amount of trouble, to lay off of one of the vendors that just came in from Mondstadt.  It was a lot more linguistically complicated than that, but in layman’s terms, it was going to be a long week.

Letting out a short puff of air through your nose, you stare down at the papers again and let out a small chuckle. “Well, at least I get to visit Ningguang.” You mutter.

“Got a new assignment eh?”

You turn from your desk and look up at the newcomer in the doorway. “Kaeya, hey. Yea, Jean is sending me out to take care of everyone’s favorite little Harbinger. “Tartaglia”, or Childe I believe Aether said his name was. Ningguang wants me specifically to look into it so I can’t turn it down.”

Kaeya gives a knowing smile. “You think this time you may find your soulmate?”

You snort and look down at your wrist where the quick and messy scrawl you’ve gotten used to seeing all of your life was located. Glady, just prepare yourself Girlie.

“Honestly? I doubt it. Because what could possibly put me in a situation to ever hear those words in the first place?”

“Now, now. You never know. Who knows, it may even be that Harbinger.”

The corner of your mouth curls up into a smirk. And you whack him on the arm with the report as you walk past, your black leather boots clunking against the floorboards with each step. “Yea like that’s going to happen. Well, see you in about a week.”

Kaeya puts a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Be safe (Y/n).”

“Always am.”


You breathe in the fresh ocean air as you look over the docks of Liyue Harbor. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back here. You think. Even though it’s practically Teyvat’s biggest place for business and trade it hasn’t changed too much since I’ve been here last.

“Still like you remember, sister?”

You smile as you hear the smooth voice come up behind you. “Hey sis. Long time no see. Yea, it hasn’t changed too much, still looks like the Liyue I remember. How’ve you been? And I’m surprised you choose to meet me out by the docks instead of the Jade Palace.”

Ningguang just gives a small smile and pulls you into a hug. “What, I can’t meet my own flesh and blood in the middle of the same city we both ran circles around when we were children?”

You chuckle and shake your head. “You know what I mean,” then with a sigh, you look back over to the boats and the various vendor stalls that littered the docks. “So, where is that fiery redhead I’ve been hearing so much about?”

“You’re sweet to worry, but I’ll be fine. We both know I can hold my own. As for the Harbinger, he should be around right about—”


“Huh, now.”

You jump slightly at the loud explosion and then direct your gaze in the direction of the blast. It came from just barely underneath where you and Ningguang stood. You could hear some shouts and you saw blasts of a Hydro vision going off.

“Well, that’s my cue. Consider this pain in the ass dealt with Sis. Meet for tea at Xiangling’s family restaurant after?” You say as you start moving towards the blast, your Electro vision glowing with anticipation.

Ningguang chuckles. “I almost feel bad for the poor fool. Of course, and you’ll definitely have to tell me how this fight turns out.”

You smirk. “Will do.”

Another blast rings out, this time followed by a cocky chuckle. “You know, if you would just pay us on time I wouldn’t have to come here all the time. Then again, I do appreciate a way to pass the time. Although, you could at least try to fight back instead of cowering.”

Tch. He really is the arse that everyone makes him out to be. Does he have no shame? The Fatui are known for sporadically increasing their prices or deciding the payback date is sooner than promised. Diluc’s anger is definitely not misplaced that’s for sure.

Your twin daggers appear in your hands as you take a running head start and jump down towards the vendor and face the harbinger. You click your teeth as you take in the sight before you. The harbinger was standing over the vendor with a bow draw and it pulsed with the energy from his Hydro vision.

He would actually be quite handsome if he wasn’t Fatui. His wild reddish-brown hair, blue eyes that even from where you stood were bright with excitement, yet held a certain emptiness to them. Not to mention the outfit he was wearing. A little odd in appearance but it did make him look good.

You shook your head slightly. No, bad (Y/n). No simping over a Fatui. Even if there was something that drew you to him. Some kind of energy around him told of something much more than the battle-thirsty boy mere feet away.

“Oi! You cocky little twerp! Pick on someone your own size for once!”

The harbinger stiffened for a moment and then you saw his face circle through various emotions even if you could only partially see his face since he was still turned away from you.

Shock. Disbelief. Hope. Happiness.

But as he turned to you he still wore the cockiest smirk you have ever seen on a man. Although instead of hollow pools of blue that only saw battle, you saw a different emotion in them. Endearment.

What kind of game is he playing? You thought. Last time I checked Fatui don’t have a caring bone in their body.

The harbinger let out a melodic chuckle. “Glady, just prepare yourself Girlie.”

You nearly dropped your daggers. You’ve got to be kidding.

“Damn you Kaeya.” You mutter under your breath.

Rebel Fae’s Top Ten ~ Fae’s Favorite Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact, since around 2019 it has been one of the most popular MMORPGs out there both for PS4 and PC. And with its popularity, comes favorite characters. Loves of people already have their favorites from their mains to their favorite pulls. I’ve only begun my experience of Genshin and I’ve gotta say, in these past four months I already have my own favorites. That’s what today’s top is in fact! My personal favorite characters of Genshin Impact. So, let’s get it started shall we?

10. Robin

She is too adorable! I just wish I didn’t suck at operating a bow

9. Lisa

These two are only in their places because of fighting style, else wise it would totally be a tie.

Confidence and grace. Need I say more?

8. Barbara

Pulled her like three times but hey, she’s an awesome healer and adorable to boot!

7. Zhongli

Can’t wait for an opportunity to try and bring this perfect geo user home! He’s so stylish and handsome!

6. Diluc

I can’t wait to know of this guy’s back story and why he hates Kaeya so much.

5. Itto

I have no words for this boy. Something about him is so alluring.

4. Xiao

Mysterious. Handsome. Helluva story.

3. Paimon

She’s annoying but still so cute and I love that she’s the main character’s companion.

2. Kaeya

I am such a simp for blue-haired characters. That is all.

1. Childe

I blame fan fiction and Yagami Yato’s beautiful audios for my love of this little twerp. I regret nothing.

So, what do y’all think about my list? Any choices you agree with or disagree with? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Well, that’s all for now loves!

Rebel Fae out!

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