Anime vs. Manga: Ouran Highschool Host Club pt. 1

Hi everyone and welcome to another Anime vs. Manga! This time I’ll be discussing the differences between the first volume of the Ouran Highschool Host Club manga and the beginning of the anime. As I look over the other volumes more parts will of course be added. Since, this can’t very well be discussed in one part. So! Let’s get started shall we?


  • Tamaki is kinder to Haruhi.
  • Light bulbs go off as each host realizes that Haruhi is in fact, a girl. With of course Tamaki being the final light bulb to be lit.
  • Haruhi’s possible talent as a host is discovered when her glasses get taken off
  • Tamki’s guests act much more flustered to his antics.
  • The twin’s hair is messy and poofy.
  • Renge’s appearance is much later in the anime.
  • Tamaki accidently walks in on Haruhi changing her uniform, thus finding out she is a girl.
  • Tamaki is fine and dandy with helping Haruhi recover her belongings from the pond instead of making a smart remark about it and then helping her. He also just rolls his sleeves up and pant legs instead of taking off his shirt.
  • Haruhi gets bribed to stay at the Christmas ball with fancy tuna.


  • The whole Host Club is quite snippy and rude to Haruhi from the get go and and continues throughout the manga.
  • Tamaki’s guest’s aren’t as flustered by Tamaki’s actions, they just giggle and swoon a bit.
  • Renge is introduced quite quickly.
  • The Host Club is fascinated by every single commoner food. From coffee to ramen.
  • They just threaten Haruhi with her debt to get her to participate in the Christmas ball.
  • The entire Host Club knew from the get go that Haruhi was a girl. Except for Tamaki.
  • Tamaki finds out Haruhi’s gender by finding Haruhi’s wallet.
  • The twin’s hair cuts look a little more bowl cut-ish. Like how they had it back in jr. high. As if they never changed it.

All in all though, both manga and anime are really good. Especially since Ouran Highschool Host Club is a classic anime. But it is quite interesting to see how vastly different the manga is to the anime. It’s like I’m learning a whole new side to the Host Club. And I can’t wait to share with y’all my continued findings!

That’s all for now!

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