Prince of Thieves Ch. 2 Excerpt

Finnigan chuckles and runs a hand through his messy brown hair. “So, Ellie. How’s it hangin’?” he says, walking over to a nearby tree and lazily leaning against it. A smirk rests tauntingly on his face as he glances up at me.

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Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Shinomiya Kojiro x Reader ~ Anything I Can Cook

If someone were to tell you that the outcome for the upcoming food wars would decide the very fate of the food world itself, you’d expect the atmosphere of this train ride to be riddled with tension. But, considering the students and chefs on said train, that was not the case.

The atmosphere here was as lively as it would be if it would be a food war. Well, seeing what your—ahem confident husband was doing right now could essentially be called one except it was anything but that. He was literally using his own time to train sweet little Megumi in the way of sweets. And the poor girl had a look on her face that could only be described as terrified determination.

You let out a chuckle. “You know Ko, you could ease up on the poor girl. She’s already working really hard.”

Shinomiya straightens up from his position over the counter and walks towards you at the end of the kitchen just by a row of train seats. “Hun, you know very well if that mousy pipsqueak doesn’t learn to elevate her obvious skill to a new level there’s no way she’ll stand a chance against the ten. Then again, she’ll never have the skill that equals mine. But she will at least learn something.”

A smirk pulls at the corner of your lips. “Always the cocky confident Kojiro I’ve always known.”

He matches your smile with one of his own. You found yourself at a loss of words for a moment. His smiles never ceased to take your breath away. It wasn’t often that you got to see it. Well, it wasn’t until a certain redhead high schooler challenged him to a Food War a few months back. After that, your Kojiro changed. He became sweeter and dare you to say it, more romantic around you. The fire that long went out was back in his eyes and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t stir something within you at times. Another conversation for another day though you suppose. But, that didn’t mean you couldn’t stir him up a bit.

“Of course I have confidence, I have a beautiful partner and talented am a chef that not many can match. I’m not called the Legume Magician for nothing after all.”

A grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat spreads across your lips. “You’re right about one thing love. But, in all honesty, there is a chef that can rival you if not completely beat you.”

He slams his hand against the wall right beside your head which only serves to widen your grin. “Oh really? Care to put your skills where that sweet little mouth of yours is?”

You let out a chuckle and lick your lips seeing Kojiro follow the movement very carefully. “Bring it on love. Let’s do a food war.”

*Time skip brought to you by Souma’s god-awful experimental dishes*

“Man, I can’t believe we get to see an actual food war between Chef Shinomiya and Chef (Y/n)!” Souma says with a grin as he watches the two of you cook furiously.

Before the food war started you both decided the theme ingredient would be—what a surprise, legumes. Except, with your dish, you decided to throw a curveball and make your dish into a dessert. Specifically, Black Bean Brownies. It was relatively a simple dish, but everyone knew that when it came to desserts, you were an amazing patisserie.

You hear Gin sigh somewhere in the back of the kitchen, you were too focused on the batter to pinpoint where exactly. “They’re always like this when the two of them are together. As long as I’ve known them. Some could say a match made in heaven with the competitive streak they both have.”

“Not to mention the obvious pride,” Joichiro pipes in.

“Shouldn’t we stop them or something?” Megumi says watching as Shinomiya pops what looks like a light green block into the oven.

“No. This will be a good learning experience for all of you.” Master Senzaimon says.

Then, just a couple of minutes later both your and Shinomiya’s dishes were done. And to your surprise, your devilishly handsome husband made a dessert as well. You walk over to where he was standing at the serving counter and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Oh, Ko-chan? Exactly why did you make the same style like me?” You purr.

In response, he swings your around and places a chaste kiss on your lips. “Simple. I knew you would do a dessert. So why not fight fire with fire eh?”

“Heh, fair enough.”

As you put the plates in front of the judges—Joichiro, Master Senzaimon, and lastly Gin you wait for the results. After each of them takes a bite of both of your and Shinomiya’s desserts you smirk as you see that your brownies got a more zealous reaction.

“Alright, so I believe we are in agreement as to who is the victor here?” Master Senzaimon said.

Both Joichiro and Gin nod and smile.

“Chef Kojiro Shinomiya is the winner!”

You can’t help but make a small gasp of surprise. But then shake your head shortly after. “I still have a ways to go. Eh, love?”

Shinomiya lets out a chuckle and pulls you close once more. “You may, but with more instruction from yours truly I’m sure you can become almost as good as I am.”

You give a low chuckle “Then please, instruct me.”

“Eww, Chefs!”

“Is that even allowed?”   

Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character ~ Two Sides of The Same Coin Pt. 2 Shadow x Reader

Man, I don’t think I’ve actually been this nervous before. Not even before a Beef at S., You think to yourself as you stand outside of the little bistro that you and Hiromi agreed to meet at. You smile as you look around at the scenery before you. The bistro sat in front of a cute little park where there were trees galore and some kids still playing on the playground. And the place was situated in the quiet part of downtown so there wasn’t much traffic going on letting you enjoy the sounds around you. From birds chirping to casual conversations of random passers-by.

You bring your phone out of your pocket and move to call him to see if everything was ok and if he was on his way until you hear Hiromi’s voice suddenly behind you.

“Hey (Y/n)! Sorry, I’m late, I just had a few things I needed to take care of really quick.” He says bashfully.

He looks so sweet and cute!

A soft smile quickly graced your features, and you wave him off. “It’s no worry really. I wasn’t waiting long.”

He smiles back making your heart do a few flips. “Well, um, shall we?” Hiromi offers you his hand.

He is so cute when he is bashful like this. I’m actually quite glad that our manager set us up. If it weren’t for her, we probably would be left pining over each other like a couple of school kids. “We shall.” A giggle passes your lips as you take his hand.

Hiromi’s hand fits so perfectly in yours you notice as you glance down at your conjoined hands. He also feels so warm and comforting. This moment couldn’t be more perfect.

“Oi move it! Coming through!” A voice yells out as a guy rushes past the two of you on a skateboard.

“Hey! Get back here that skateboard isn’t yours!” Another voice yells slightly out of breath. The owner of the voice—a young boy coming to a stop next to you both. “Man, that was my favorite skateboard too.” The kid says.

You clench your teeth. If it were one thing you hated most, it would be other skaters taking advantage of others or dissing their skateboards, or even worse—destroying them. Especially if they thought they were the superior skater. That’s why Shadow infuriated you so much.

You look around and see what looks like two of the kid’s friends roll up to him and give him a sympathetic look. Perfect. “Hey, I wanna help you out so can you lend me a board really quick?”

Both the group of boys and Hiromi give you surprised looks, but one of the boys’ friends—a lanky blonde with dimples, nods, and hands you his dark blue board. You smile at him and take off with the board making your way towards the skateboard thief.

“The way she took off and is moving on that skateboard, could she be (N/n)?“ Hiromi mutters. He shakes his head deciding to put that thought off for now and asking the other boy—a short brunette, for his black board. He then speeds off after you.

As you come upon a turn, you see that the thief is getting further and further away. “Not gonna happen, dude.” You then flip your board to the side so you’re riding on the rim slightly and use the upcoming hill to gain speed. But what you didn’t account for is a sudden crack in the asphalt catching your board effectively throwing you off and making you land face-first into the grass-covered sidewalk.

“Ha! Try to catch me now you skateboard wanna be!” The thief yells back at you.

“Oh, hell no! You do not talk to her like that!” You hear a rather familiar deep voice yell out.

Ugh. The last thing I need is Shadow of all people trying to “come to my rescue”. Pushing yourself off of the dirt and grass you find yourself frozen in shock as you see the owner of the voice come speeding by you.


He glances back at you almost in an apologetic manner then turns his attention back to the thief. “It’s one thing to steal someone’s board, but it’s an entirely different matter when you mock the girl I like!”

Hiromi fishes out some very familiar small objects and chucks them towards the thief. “Haemanthus Bomb!” He yells out as he throws the small little bombs and effectively trips up the skateboard thief so he can get the skateboard back.

** Time skip brought to you by Langa’s love for snowboarding **

You leaned against the wall of the Italian Bistro as you watched Hiromi give the boy’s skateboard back. He smiles and thanks him while Hiromi just smiles back bashfully and tells him to think nothing of it. You scoff. Think nothing of it riiiiight. You have been keeping from me that you’re the Anti-Hero Dark Prince Shadow from the S races and you’re still acting like the bashful Hiromi I thought I came to know.

Then again you were keeping from him that you were an S skater too. Not only that but the same skater that creamed him in a beef the other day. You let out a sigh and run a hand through your hair. This is gonna be an interesting conversation…

“So,” Hiromi starts as he walks over to you.

You kick-off of the wall you were leaning on. “So…You’re Shadow aren’t you Hiromi?”

He lets out a sigh and runs his hand through his orange-red hair. “Yea. And the way you were skating makes you (N/n), doesn’t it?”

You nod.

“So where does this leave us Small-fry?”

You try to hold back the sad smile that wanted to grace your features, but you failed miserably. “In all honesty Hiro-Chan, I don’t really know. Seeing that our skater personas practically hate each other—”

“But I don’t hate you I never did. As Shadow, I admire you and your skill. It just pissed me off that you were getting better and better, and I didn’t think that I could keep up. And as regular me, what I said at the Tulip store stays the same. But how do you feel Small Fry? Does this change anything with how you feel about me?”

You look up at him. His voice now deeper, like how it sounds when he’s Shadow—probably that’s how he always sounds. But yet, even with this new info you just can’t bring yourself to feel that same irritation you always felt when you saw him as Shadow in S. You just saw him as Hiro-Chan. The sweet guy from the Tulip store that you fell for. And now, you would get to share another part of each other’s lives too.

“I could say it does, seeing as you and I are rivals in S. But I’d be completely lying to myself. Just because our skater sides are not exactly known to be close doesn’t mean we can’t be. I like you for you Hiro-Chan. Even the overly competitive, slightly egotistical, frustrating—”


“You didn’t let me finish you, dork. Even though we are complete opposites when it comes to skating doesn’t mean that has to affect how we truly feel about each other. As the great Shakespeare has said: What is a rose, by any other name would smell just as sweet.”

He lets out a chuckle. “Very true. I’m glad you feel that way. In all honesty, I was actually afraid you wouldn’t accept that side of me.”

“Pfft. The great Shadow, afraid? Color me surprised.”

Hiromi just smirks.

“I understand that though. But hey now that all cards are on the table we can actually be together without worrying about our skating coming in the way. Well, aside from me kicking your ass without remorse regardless of our relationship.”

“Hah! Small Fry I’d like to see you try. But I’m glad my girlfriend has some spunk to her.”

“Girlfriend eh? I like the sound of that. Who knows maybe one of these days I’ll have to add princess of darkness to my skater name.”

Hiromi lets out a growl and pulls you in for a heated kiss. You both part after a while slightly out of breath but with big goofy smiles on your faces. “You might just have to. Then people will know that you’re mine.”

You giggle at this. Yesterday, if someone told you you’d fall for the Anti-hero of S, you’d laugh in their face and call them a complete moron. And if someone told you you’d fall for the sweet boy you work with at the Tulip shop, you’d turn as red as a tomato and squeak out an excuse.

But now, look at you. A girl who fell for two sides of the same coin.

Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character: Envy x Reader~I’ll Stand By You Pt. 2

You stood in front of your front door as your shifted the grocery bags onto your left arm so you could find you keys. Usually, you’d get takeout or bribe Edward into getting the groceries for you if he were nearby. He usually made a huge stink about doing it, but it certainly gave Envy a laugh.

A smile stretches across your features as you think of the Homunculus. It’s been at least a full year since everything went down. For punishment, the government—thanks to Edward and surprisingly Roy, gave Envy the punishment of being under house arrest for a whole year instead of having to spend time in jail. And even more lucky for you, it happened to be your house that he was cooped up in.

At first it wasn’t easy dealing with him twenty-four-seven. You quickly came to realize that he was a complete drama queen with a penchant for using his shape shifting abilities to prank you. But he could be really charming and sweet when he wanted to be.

And that’s exactly why you went out to get groceries. Today was a very special day. It was the day that Envy’s house arrest finally ended so you wanted to surprise him with a homemade dinner and make him his favorite dessert—a strawberry sundae, to celebrate with him.

You finally got a hold of your keys and swung the door open. “Envy! I’m back!” You call out into a seemingly empty house. No response came back. You walk towards the kitchen and put the groceries down onto the counter. “I wonder where that palm-treed-lizard is? He could be sleeping; God knows he sleeps like a rock. But I hope that he isn’t trying to pull another prank on me.” You mutter.

As you start pulling the groceries out and start getting dinner ready, you feel long, lithe arms wrap around your waist pulling you into a strong chest. “Now, why oh why would I pull a prank on my sweet, little (y/n)?”

A chuckle passes your lips as you turn around in his grasp looking up at the gleaming, purple irises you’ve come to love. Yep, love. Although neither of you have said those three words—you were too nervous and could never spit it out when you wanted to, and you were pretty sure Envy wasn’t entirely sure how to say it either, it was clear that the both of you cared for each other deeply.

“Considering you are the one who shapeshifted into a cat of all things one time just because I wasn’t giving you enough attention and I’m a sucker for cats…I would say it’s entirely likely you would.”

He lets out a chuckle and puts his chin on top of your head. “Fair enough, I guess. So, why the groceries? Doesn’t Pipsqueak usually get us these?”

You giggle at his nickname for Edward. Oh, if he only heard him. “Well mister. These are for a special surprise I have for a certain homunculus tonight.”

A cocky smirk graces Envy’s lips and he cocks his head slightly. “Oh, a surprise for me? What ever have I done to warrant something like this?” He asks coyly.

Shaking your head, you kick his home arrest anklet. “It’s because in a couple of hours, thing comes off and you can finally step outside again! So, until then, shoo! I need you out of sight while I put together your surprise.” You say as you lightly shove him and wiggle out of his grasp.

Envy just shakes his head at you. “And if I don’t wanna?” He challenges.

You give him a smirk that rivals his own. The kind that he always loved seeing from you. Not many—or really not any humans could challenge him and stick to their ground as well as you. That’s one of the many reasons why he loved you.

Wait what?

Love? He loved you?

A look of realization mixed with confusion briefly flits across Envy’s face but before you could ask him about it he quickly replaces it with a smirk again. With a raise of his hands, he backs up a bit. “Fine, fine. You win. I’ll go into our room for a while and let you make this surprise or whatever.” Then he turned around and started up the stairs. As he did though, you could have sworn you heard him mutter something like “And figure out what this love feeling is while I’m at it.” You chose to pay it no mind for now though and started back on your work.

As you moved swiftly through each task your mind begins to wander. A habit of yours that tends to happen quite often. So often that it’s one of Envy’s favorite things to pick on. Ironically enough, it is that palm-treed-lizard that is occupying your thoughts. To think that it has only been a year and so many things have happened, so many memories. But, in just a few hours when Envy finally gets that anklet off and receives his freedom, would he leave you in the dust?

You shook your head. No, you shouldn’t think such thoughts he would never do that to you. The bond the both of you share is too strong. But still, the thought still lingers. Next thing you know you have everything prepared and plated. Which causes you to stop for a moment. ‘Geez, I must have been really deep in thought to go into auto pilot like this.’ You think.

“Envy, you can come down now! Everything is ready!” you call out to him. Looking over the table and the surrounding area you can’t help but smile. It was all of his favorite dishes, there was a vase of flowers he told you once that he didn’t hate, there were so many things in this small little area that reminded you of your time with him this year. You hoped he would find it just as special.

You hear the pad of his footsteps on the stairs and a small smirk graces your features as you hear a small gasp that escaped Envy’s lips even though he tried to hide it. “My, is the great Envy blushing?” you tease as you lean against a corner of the table you decorated with colors of green and (f/c).

Envy splutters slightly and then a look of conflict flickers across his face, but he quickly dispels it and closes the distance between the two of you quicker than you can say “The Truth”. “Me? Blushing? Ha, as if someone as perfect as me could—ok fine, you irritating human, quit giving me that look. I was blushing alright? You surprised me with all of this. A year ago, if you would have told me that I would be spending basically twenty-four-seven with a human and, heh, falling in love with them and not wanting to actually kill them I would have told you were nuts.”

You would have had a retort at his little remark but, you couldn’t get past the fact he actually said the words love you. You blink up at him and nearly falter in his grasp. “Envy, did you just say—”

He grins a cat-like grin and kisses you with a passion you never felt from him. Once you part, flushed and breathless you can only smile up at him. “Can I take that as a yes?”

Envy gives a chuckle and kisses the top of your head. “What do you think? Now, are we going to enjoy this little surprise you made or not?”

Giving a light chuckle you, both sit down and dig in. Through all of it you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Envy your fears dispelled. He loved you and you loved him. You two were meant to stand by each other since you met. Since the day you yelled at him to continue his life and live it with you. You and him, a homunculus and a human.

Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character. Dabi x Reader~One More Night

Dabi groaned as he opened his eyes. As he looked up at the ceiling he noticed something was off. In fact, the bed he was in wasn’t his, nor was this room. Ugh, did he have another one of “those” nights? Hmm, he doesn’t remember going to any of the clubs he frequents. His thoughts are suddenly broken from the soft groan made from the sleeping person off to his side.

He glances over and lets out a sigh. Another night with (Y/n) eh? It’s like he can’t stay away from you. No matter how hard he pushes himself to stay away, he keeps getting drawn back to you like a drug. A sweet, innocent, untainted drug.

He sighs again. A gentle smile crosses his features at the sight of your peaceful sleeping form. It takes him back to when he first met you…

Dabi was walking down an alleyway after finishing up a job for the league. Or as he liked to call it “Taking out the trash”. And this trash was biodegradable at least after getting a taste of his flames it was. Suddenly a rather strong gust takes him by surprise and pushes him back a few feet and causes him to grip the wall next to him for support.

“What the hell?” He growls out.

“Stop right there Dabi! Your evil deeds have come to an end! The wind hero Hurricane is here to take you in!” A voice yells out at the end of the alley.

Dabi looks towards the end of the alley towards the person. “Hurricane eh? You seem like a simple breeze to me kitten.”

The hero stutters slightly which makes Dabi smirk in return. “Interesting.” Dabi thinks. “They act tough, but clearly they’re more flustered than they let on. Let’s see how I can use this eh?”

Dabi lets out a chuckle at the memory. That was the first time you two met.You were, and still are one of the heroes in the top ten. The wind hero: Hurricane. He lets out a snicker as he gathers his scattered clothes from around the bedroom. You acted so boisterous and confident in the first couple encounters.

Hell, he could say that you two were like fire and water when you first met. Well, fire and air if he wanted to split hairs. But instead of him getting blown over or your own wind get sucked out, you both began to make each other stronger.

“You know, you’re not as horrible as everyone makes you out to be. You’re just hurting and have no way to let it out. You’re angry at the wrong people.” You say as Dabi finishes tieing you up to the chair he put you in.

Dabi gives a tsk walks to a chair a few feet away and sits backwards on it. “You don’t know anything about me Hurricane. And besides, hostages are supposed to be silent.”

You just give Dabi that same disconcertingly warm smile that always through him off. He could never why someone like you, a hero, would give a such a sweet smile to him of all people. For gods sakes you were on separate sides of this age-old fight. You two were never supposed to get this close, he was never supposed to actually care that the League wanted their hands on you. But…he did.

“You are always so quick to turn away from your feelings Dabi. Or should I say Touya.”

Heh he really was surprised that day. You not only broke past his boundaries and saw what he was at his core. But you really, really saw who he was. Not Dabi, but Touya.

Dabi lets out a sigh and scratches down a note to leave by your bedside. One of these days he’ll be able to stay until you wake up. One day he’ll be able to stay one more night.

Mama I’m In Love With a Fictional Character: Claude x Reader–Don’t Go

“(Y/n)! (Y/n) stay with me! You promised that you would stay here with me. You promised you’d change the world right alongside me. So..don’t…go.”

You let out a weak cough but somehow manage to give the man you’ve come to love one last smile. “It’s going to be alright Claude. I know that I won’t be able to stand by your side in person, but I’ll always be with you.”

Your breathing starts to slow as you look up at the sky. It was a beautiful pink hue. As if the sun has given it a light feathery kiss. Hah, it’s just like the night at the ball back at Gareg Mach…

Letting out a giggle you run up the spiral staircase towards the top of the tower. “Come on Claude! Stop being such a slowpoke!”

You hear a deep chuckle from behind you and then suddenly you’re being lifted up into the air, twirled, and set back down again before you can even blink. “Whose the slowpoke now, eh (Y/n)?” Claude said as he bounded up the stairs in front of you.

Grinning you chase after him up to the top. “Claude! You schemer!”

He laughs as you come up to a stop next to him and look up out at the beautiful sunset. “That’s what they call me.”

You let out a small scoff. “You’re a real piece of work.” Sighing you look back out at the starts then up at Claude. You two have only known each other for a short time here in Gareg Mach, but your time in the Golden Deer hasn’t been anything short of amazing. At first, the schemer got on your nerves, but as you grew closer to him and spent more time, the more you started to like Claude. And before you knew it, you started to have feelings for him.

The problem was, you didn’t know how to confess. And if you didn’t do it soon, Hilda said she was going to do it for you. And that…would not be good. So thus, here you were…at the top of the tower…with Claude…like Hilda suggested.

“Hey Claude,” You started.

“Wanna know something (Y/n)?” Claude cut in. “One of these days we’ll graduate and go back to our perspective kingdoms. But you know, I want to change this country. There are too many barriers between us and the other kingdoms. For example us and Almyra. Why do we think we’re so much better than them? We’d be so much stronger together, united. And you know what? I’m going to be the one who does it.”

Letting out a chuckle a smile spreads across your face. “I don’t doubt that for a moment, Claude. Anything you want you’re definitely going to get it.”

Claude lets out a small Hn and turns to you with that sweet yet mischievous smile on his face. “You’re positivity never fails does it (Y/n)? That’s something I’ve always admired you for. It’s also something that made me fall for you too.”

You started at this. “Claude…did you just?”

“Confess? Yea, guess I did. Sorry I beat you to the punch. And yes I knew you had feelings for me too. Just wanted to see what you’d do about it before I decided to confess. And it looks like we both had the same idea. Confess on the top of the goddess tower at the ball.”

You felt the heat rise to your cheeks. He actually felt the same way. ‘Hah, I guess Hilda was right after all.’ You thought to yourself. “I don’t know what to say, Claude. I’m really happy right now.”

Claude lets out a chuckle. “Say you’ll be by my side as I change this world for the better. With you with me, I know we can accomplish anything.”

You give him a nod. “Always.”

The sky really does look just as beautiful as that night. It’s a shame that this will be the last time you see it. You look back up at those beautiful green emerald eyes you’ve loved for so long. You studied with him, fought alongside him, and took down Edelgard with him. Well, Teach did most of the work, but with your magic, you feel like you helped out. That is until Hubert pulled a dirty trick and snuck up behind you and struck you with a dagger straight to your back.

You sum up some strength and raise a shaky arm to cup Claude’s face. So warm. He took your hand in his and you felt something wet fall upon them. Claude was crying. “Don’t cry, love. I won’t be able to be with you but I don’t doubt for a second your dreams will come true. You have always gotten anything done when you set your mind to it.” You whisper.

Claude clutches your hand harder. “Don’t say that. I can get Marianne here to heal you. Just wait a moment. Just hold on please!” Claude starts to call out for Marianne.

“I’m so tired, maybe if I rest my eyes for a bit.” You thought.

Claude looks back down at you as Marianne comes running over. “(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Say something please! Say something! Don’t go! Don’t…go…”

Goodbye Claude, I love you…

“Say something, I’m giving up on you

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you

Anywhere, I would’ve followed you

Say something, I’m giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye

Say something, I’m giving up on you”

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