What The Bleep Am I Doing?! Rebel’s Guide To: Project Safety

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s What the Bleep am I Doing?! A Rebel’s Guide to… This week I’ll be covering something that, in general, should be common sense, but unfortunately a lot of us—myself included at times overlook it. I’m talking about Project Safety. Making sure you don’t hurt yourself when you work on things varying from EVA foam, hot glue, even wood, and metalworking. So let’s get started, shall we?

What The Bleep Am I doing?! An Artist’s Guide To All Things Creative ~ Cosplay Clay

Y’all heard me correctly. Cosplay clay. It’s a material completely made out of EVA foam. But with the properties of clay! After it dries with any shape you have decided to mold it into it has the properties of EVA foam. It’s probably one of the most helpful types of EVA to work with. But, just like every other material out there it’s not without its pitfalls that you have to work around.