Mama, I’m In Love With A Fictional Character ~ Bring It On! Pt. 2 ~ Childe x Fem! Reader

You light your daggers up with Electro energy and you give them an experimental flip in your hands. The boy in front of you was your soulmate and a Fatui no less. Boy did the universe know how to pick ‘em.

Childe saw you lighting your daggers and in turn, he pulled his sword out. How many weapons does this guy have? You chuckle to yourself. That’s a stupid question. He’s Childe the eleventh harbinger. He’s known to be one of the most bloodthirsty of them all. And that’s saying something seeing that you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with both Signora and Scaramouche.

“So how do you wanna play this Childe–”


You tilt your head in momentary confusion. “Huh?” is all you can manage.

He gives a chuckle. “My name is Ajax, darling. My real name that is.”

“Shouldn’t that be something that is disclosed in secret and not in the open since your in, gee I dunno, the Fatui?”

He just smirks. “If anyone here tried to use it against me, they wouldn’t live to see another day. But I want you, my soulmate, to know my actual name.

You let out a snort. “You’ve got a point, but it’s still pretty stupid on your part. You could get hurt by someone knowing.” Wait. why do you care? Tch. Who are you kidding, of course, you care he’s your soulmate. Those feelings will naturally cement.

Ajax smiles. For the love of the Archons please don’t tell me he can hear my thoughts. Last time you checked that’s not part of the bond.

“It’s written all over your face Girlie. I don’t need to read thoughts. You’re practically an open book. You might want to fix that if you want to be a decent fighter.”

Oh, he did not just say that. The Electro energy on your daggers flare with the spike in your emotions. Particularly your irritation. He’s underestimating me that little twerp. You thought.

“Excuse you, but I’m a Captain in the Knights of Favonious thank you very much. Which actually is why I’m here. Soulmate or not Ajax, either step away from that vendor and leave him be, or I will take you down.”

The way his cerulean eyes flash with excitement and lust and how his grin takes on a predatory look, sends shivers down your spine. You just can’t pinpoint whether it’s good shivers or bad shivers.

“I think we both know what choice I’m going to make girlie,” Ajax says as he takes up a fighting stance.

You crack your neck and let out a sigh. I’ll give him this, he’s definitely a match for my stubbornness. Kaeya and Ningguang would get a kick out of this. Well, it’ll be a good story to tell at the restaurant and when you get back to headquarters.

Well, without further ado then.

You charge forward with your daggers, one raised by your chin and the other resting by your waist. Both pulsate with Electro energy. Swinging both daggers forward you half expect to slice through the air and see him dodge expertly out of the way, but instead, you’re met with the clang of the metal of his sword.

“You didn’t think I’d dodge did you girlie?” Ajax says as he maneuvers his sword out from under your daggers and swings at you to which you dodge expertly and slip behind him.

“Maybe a little, but I highly doubt you were expecting this!” You then use your momentum from the dodge to push him face down on the ground but said momentum took you with him. You let out a grunt as your face met solid muscle. Then the next thing you knew you were the one who was on the ground with Ajax caging you in.

“Looks like your falling for me already.”

You let out a snort. “That line is so old. But you wouldn’t be my soulmate if you weren’t corny as hell,”

“I prefer charming.” Ajax interrupted. He then rolled off of you and pulled you up with him causing you to fall back into him. So close that if you moved just ever so slightly you’d end up kissing. This thought made you burn bright red and you made an attempt to pull away, but Ajax just held you tighter.

“So girlie, I’ve told you my name and we got a nice little look at each other fighting prowess, I think I should know the name of my one and only love who I’d give my life for in an instant.”

“Well, aren’t you romantic?” You say with a chuckle.

He just shrugs. “In my line of work darling, people close to you are far and few in between. Especially soulmates.”

Your lips pull up into a small smile. “You’re not wrong on that one. It’s (Y/n). My name that is.”

“(Y/n). I like it. So, I guess seeing that that fight was a draw, but I ended up winning something a lot better, I’ll let the vendors here be.”

“Oh, how gracious of you–”

He cuts you off. “In return for a date and a kiss.”

You grin. “Oh, is that all?”


Without saying another word you lean forward and your lips meet his. You half expect them to be chapped, but they were soft as they moved in tandem with your own. But it was over before it began when he stepped back. No doubt enjoying the flushed look on your face.

“Now about that date?”

You let out a bashful chuckle. “Follow me. I know a place.” You then turn and before you take a single step you find your hand linked with Ajax’s. “Nice to finally meet you Ajax.”

Ajax pulls you into a side hug and squeezes like he fears he’ll lose you if he lets go. “Nice to finally meet you too (Y/n).” 

The Collison of Costume and Fashion ~ Male! Cruella De Vil x Fem! Reader

You gaze out of the window of the stretch limo as the scenery of the suburbs continues to pass you by signally the ever-nearing closeness of the city. You shake your head in disbelief. Who knew I’d be in this situation just because I refused to give up my perfectly comfy spot at a table in a park no less. You think. And this event only happened just a single day ago.

“This is a perfect design to go with the cosplay I want to do for the upcoming cosplay contest.” You mutter to yourself as you lean back in your chair, taking in the crisp air of your favorite park in your hometown. It has always been a great place for inspiration for you ever since you were little. Plus, it helps that you only lived a few blocks down from it.

With all of the surrounding trees bunched up like the area was encased like a forest, and the light and senseless jabber of the little kids nearby playing pretend on the Jungle gym seeing who “King of the mountain” could be or who was the bravest to do the fanciest tricks. Ah to be young again. But then again, you wouldn’t trade your experiences for the world. Without them, you wouldn’t be the aspiring costume designer you were today.

You went to look back down at your sketchbook and were about to continue on with your design, when your thought process was interrupted by the silkiest, deepest, and dare you say it, the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard in your entire life.

“You there, girl. You’re in my seat. Off you go.” The sexy voice demanded.

Ah hell no.

No one tells you what to do. Especially not in the middle of a very productive inspiration session. You placed your drawing pad down beside you for a brief moment and you found yourself staring all the way up to meet the stranger’s face dead on. You could easily tell this guy was some kind of prima donna. Black Armani shoes, tailored slacks, a white button-up with a blood-red vest, and a, what you hoped to God was a faux fur mink coat draped around him. His fashion sense though wasn’t exactly what drew you in though. NO, it was that perfect alabaster skin, the wry smirk on his face those piercing blue eyes that seemed like they were devouring you with each passing second. And last but most certainly not least, his monochromatic hair. One part was perfectly styled and coifed being white in color. While the other side was much like the other side except it was jet black.

You find yourself taking a deep breath just to steady your hummingbird-like heart. Then you try to pair his smirk with one of your own. “I don’t see your name on it, mister. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some drawing that needs to be finished.”

“Snarky little thing aren’t you?” He remarks with an eyebrow raised.

You just click your teeth in response. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Before you were able to get back to your own work though, your cellphone rang. Pulling it out to check you mutter a few curses under your breath. It was work. Apparently, there were a few more call-outs than usual at the boutique and they needed you asap. You start stuffing all of your things into your purse hurriedly trying to get to the boutique in time. If you were late, you’d never hear the end of it.

“Well, it looks like you get your wish after all. Work calls.” You mutter as you dash off of the bench completely forgetting the fact that in your rush you forgot to put your sketchpad in your bag as well.

The man picks up the book and flips through it for a minute, a curious smirk gracing his features as he does. “Well, it would seem, Ma Cherie, you have more to you than just a little snark.”

“So you see Miss (Y/n) …Miss (Y/n)?”

The voice of the assistant of the pompous but unfortunately very handsome fashion designer—who you just barely learned was named Cruello De Vil brings you out of your reverie.

You turn your head to face the wiry brunette. She had light green eyes with a soft face. She looked like a very kind-hearted person but considering who she worked for there was definitely more to meet the eye.

“Hm? Oh, sorry. My mind was just wandering back to what started all of this. Me basically telling your boss to go to hell, forgetting my sketchbook, him finding it, and now me being captured from my work the very next day to become some sort of personal designer/muse or whatever he wanted of me.”

The woman gave a soft chuckle. “He wants you to be his new Chief Costume designer. It’s a new position Mr. De Vil decided to give his fashion line just recently. And we gave you back your notepad once we brought you in here.”

You let out a snort. “More like dumped it into my lap.” You look down onto your lap and brush a thumb over the cover. This thing contained your dreams, the very thing you wanted to do all of your life. Any time you lacked inspiration for any of your other tasks you would draw and create new costumes. Maybe they never got created, but just knowing you had the plans were enough.

“So, you were saying…”

“Oh, that’s right I never told you my name. It’s Katerina. And what I was trying to tell you Miss (Y/n),”

You interrupted her. “Just (Y/n) is fine.”

She nods and smiles. “Alright. I was trying to tell you that when we get to the building that Mr. De Vil is currently occupying, I want to give you a heads up that with his designers he can be quite the finicky man,”

“You don’t say.”

Katerina chuckles. “Though, I highly doubt you will have much of a problem judging by how he practically bit anyone’s head off anyone who dared come near that sketchbook of yours yesterday.”

That threw you. Why would someone so obviously pompous and full of himself be so protective of your sketchbook? You didn’t know much about this man—hardly anything for that matter, you were always one for being more into cosplayers and Broadway names than fashion designers. That was your mom’s bread and butter so to speak. But from the info you found out from her after you got her to calm down and stop asking if you were ok and then what he was wearing, he was even more pompous and self-serving than what your first impression was, to begin with.

“Well, that should be an interesting experience then.” You mutter.

The next thing you know, you’re slowing down to a crawl and stopping in front of a very ritzy building. The door of the limo swings open and the driver holds the door for both you and Katerina. “After you mademoiselle.” The chauffeur says.

You take a deep breath and step out of the limo and stare up at the towering building. It was at least Thirteen stories high. “Well, here goes nothing I suppose.”

Mama, I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Bring It On! Childe x Fem! Reader Pt. 1

“Ugh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” You groan as you stare down at your newest assignment: Head to Liyue and tell the Harbinger that already cause a god-sized amount of trouble, to lay off of one of the vendors that just came in from Mondstadt.  It was a lot more linguistically complicated than that, but in layman’s terms, it was going to be a long week.

Letting out a short puff of air through your nose, you stare down at the papers again and let out a small chuckle. “Well, at least I get to visit Ningguang.” You mutter.

“Got a new assignment eh?”

You turn from your desk and look up at the newcomer in the doorway. “Kaeya, hey. Yea, Jean is sending me out to take care of everyone’s favorite little Harbinger. “Tartaglia”, or Childe I believe Aether said his name was. Ningguang wants me specifically to look into it so I can’t turn it down.”

Kaeya gives a knowing smile. “You think this time you may find your soulmate?”

You snort and look down at your wrist where the quick and messy scrawl you’ve gotten used to seeing all of your life was located. Glady, just prepare yourself Girlie.

“Honestly? I doubt it. Because what could possibly put me in a situation to ever hear those words in the first place?”

“Now, now. You never know. Who knows, it may even be that Harbinger.”

The corner of your mouth curls up into a smirk. And you whack him on the arm with the report as you walk past, your black leather boots clunking against the floorboards with each step. “Yea like that’s going to happen. Well, see you in about a week.”

Kaeya puts a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Be safe (Y/n).”

“Always am.”


You breathe in the fresh ocean air as you look over the docks of Liyue Harbor. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back here. You think. Even though it’s practically Teyvat’s biggest place for business and trade it hasn’t changed too much since I’ve been here last.

“Still like you remember, sister?”

You smile as you hear the smooth voice come up behind you. “Hey sis. Long time no see. Yea, it hasn’t changed too much, still looks like the Liyue I remember. How’ve you been? And I’m surprised you choose to meet me out by the docks instead of the Jade Palace.”

Ningguang just gives a small smile and pulls you into a hug. “What, I can’t meet my own flesh and blood in the middle of the same city we both ran circles around when we were children?”

You chuckle and shake your head. “You know what I mean,” then with a sigh, you look back over to the boats and the various vendor stalls that littered the docks. “So, where is that fiery redhead I’ve been hearing so much about?”

“You’re sweet to worry, but I’ll be fine. We both know I can hold my own. As for the Harbinger, he should be around right about—”


“Huh, now.”

You jump slightly at the loud explosion and then direct your gaze in the direction of the blast. It came from just barely underneath where you and Ningguang stood. You could hear some shouts and you saw blasts of a Hydro vision going off.

“Well, that’s my cue. Consider this pain in the ass dealt with Sis. Meet for tea at Xiangling’s family restaurant after?” You say as you start moving towards the blast, your Electro vision glowing with anticipation.

Ningguang chuckles. “I almost feel bad for the poor fool. Of course, and you’ll definitely have to tell me how this fight turns out.”

You smirk. “Will do.”

Another blast rings out, this time followed by a cocky chuckle. “You know, if you would just pay us on time I wouldn’t have to come here all the time. Then again, I do appreciate a way to pass the time. Although, you could at least try to fight back instead of cowering.”

Tch. He really is the arse that everyone makes him out to be. Does he have no shame? The Fatui are known for sporadically increasing their prices or deciding the payback date is sooner than promised. Diluc’s anger is definitely not misplaced that’s for sure.

Your twin daggers appear in your hands as you take a running head start and jump down towards the vendor and face the harbinger. You click your teeth as you take in the sight before you. The harbinger was standing over the vendor with a bow draw and it pulsed with the energy from his Hydro vision.

He would actually be quite handsome if he wasn’t Fatui. His wild reddish-brown hair, blue eyes that even from where you stood were bright with excitement, yet held a certain emptiness to them. Not to mention the outfit he was wearing. A little odd in appearance but it did make him look good.

You shook your head slightly. No, bad (Y/n). No simping over a Fatui. Even if there was something that drew you to him. Some kind of energy around him told of something much more than the battle-thirsty boy mere feet away.

“Oi! You cocky little twerp! Pick on someone your own size for once!”

The harbinger stiffened for a moment and then you saw his face circle through various emotions even if you could only partially see his face since he was still turned away from you.

Shock. Disbelief. Hope. Happiness.

But as he turned to you he still wore the cockiest smirk you have ever seen on a man. Although instead of hollow pools of blue that only saw battle, you saw a different emotion in them. Endearment.

What kind of game is he playing? You thought. Last time I checked Fatui don’t have a caring bone in their body.

The harbinger let out a melodic chuckle. “Glady, just prepare yourself Girlie.”

You nearly dropped your daggers. You’ve got to be kidding.

“Damn you Kaeya.” You mutter under your breath.

Mama, I’m In Love With a Fictional Character ~ Zorro! Sero x Fem! Reader ~ A Special Encounter

Mysterious. That was probably the first word that came to your mind when you think about the dashing man that just dropped you off on your balcony. To think, the previous events were enough that you had butterflies in your stomach.

“Oi! Give that back you brute!” You yell out as you pull your bag with a fierce tug as you try to take it back from the thief that was currently trying to take it from you.

“Fat chance girlie.”

“You little son of a—”

“I believe the lady said to let of her bag. I suggest you give it back before I make you give it back amigo.” A masculine voice said as your vision was suddenly obscured by a tall figure with a black flowy cape.

“Z-Zorro? Here take the stupid thing, I didn’t want it anyway!” The thief practically screamed as he dropped your bag to the floor and took off running.

‘Zorro’ bent down and picked up your bag and turns towards you and hands you it with the most breathtaking and mischievous smile you’ve ever seen. He was the pure definition of tall, dark, and handsome. You wish you could tell who exactly was behind that eye mask though.

“Your purse Mi cariño.” He says as he lifts your hand ever so slightly and plants a feather-light kiss on the back of your hand.

You can immediately feel heat rush to your cheeks as he lets go of your hand and you take your bag from him. “Oh, um, t-thank you Zorro was it?”

He lets out a chuckle and nods. “Si. Now, what is a beautiful young lady such as yourself doing walking home at this late hour?”

You give a chuckle yourself. Charming, but underestimates me. Not that I can blame him in this situation. I was kind of on the side of a losing battle. “I was just on my way home from work.”

Zorro smiles softly and then offers you his hand. “Well, a gentleman such as myself can’t possibly leave a pretty girl such as yourself. Even though I’m sure you could have handled that fiend off just fine. I still feel it is my duty to guide you home.”

You chuckle again. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? You smirk to yourself, famous last words. “Sure, I just live in the apartments down the street. Third balcony on the right.”

He pulls you in close and shoots a long strip of tape from his arm and attaches it to a nearby building. “Hold on tight Hermosa.” Then next thing you know you’re flying through the air slinging from one building to the next and in no time at all you arrive at your balcony.

“Thank you. I really appreciate the lift. So, to speak.”

Zorro chuckles at your pun. “It’s no problem. I’ll see you later Mi cariño.” He says with a tip of his hat and then takes off with a swish of his tape.

You smile to yourself. That was truly something else. His last words to you still ringing in your head.  “I’ll see you later Mi cariño.”   Would that mean he would look out for you? Or was it just something you say to be polite? You hoped it was the former.

“(Y/n)! Hey, (Y/n)! Are you in here?”

Your wistful expression turned to that of a mirth-filled grin. “Sero, hey! I didn’t think I’d see you for a while! You said you had to go off on a business trip.” You say to your long-time best friend as you run back inside and towards his awaiting arms for a hug.

Sero lets out a chuckle and holds you tighter before letting you go. “I was able to get back early so I wanted to come and say hi and make sure you were doing well.”

You chuckle and put a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Oh Sero, you worry too much. But I’m really happy to see you. I’ve missed you.”

Sero smiles back. “Well, I’m here now. And hey, why don’t we have some dinner and catch up. I’ll even cook!”

“That sounds like a plan to me!”

“Great! I’ll get started then.” Sero then heads towards your kitchen and starts to work his cooking magic.

You can’t help but look fondly at the boy, no, the man you’ve come to know for two decades now. You went to high school together and have been inseparable ever since. Something the way he moves though, nowadays, projects a certain confidence. Something you haven’t really noticed until now.

“Could he possibly be?” You chuckle to yourself and shake your head. “Nah, there’s no way he could be the mystery man. As he said he has been on a business trip. But that would be too much of a coincidence.

Sero stops in his work when he notices your staring. “Something up Mi cariño?”

You jolt sightly at the nickname. He’s never called you that before. The only one who said that to you was…

No way…

Mama, I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Predator or Prey? Sukuna x Reader

“You want to WHAT?! Are you crazy?” Nobara, Megumi, and Yuji yell at you at the same time.

You just chuckle and swing your arms back and forth in a nonchalant manner. “Maybe a bit crazy, but hey, I want to try it. My curse energy has been improving and plus after the last mission, I need to burn off some leftover anger, and sparring with Sukuna seems like the perfect way to do it.”

Yuji gives you a concerned look. “ Look, (Y/n) I know Mahito messed you up, he angered me too—”

You cut him off. “Yuji. I don’t need any of your comforts right now. I appreciate it hun, but I’m just full of anger thanks to that stitched-faced bastard and I need a way to get rid of it. Besides, if things get out of hand you can always pull him back right?”

Yuji just sighs. “Yea, but—”

“Oh just let me take over brat. Our little (Y/n) wants a fight I’m more than happy to oblige. But, on one condition.” Sukuna says from Yuji’s cheek.

You roll your eyes and cross your arms over your chest. “Always with the deals. Fine. Let’s hear it.”

Sukuna lets out a cackle. “I win I get a favor from you little lamb.”

“And if I win?”

“You get the honor of knowing you tied with the King of Curses in battle. Not like that is possible though so I look forward to my favor.”

With a scoff, you take off your jacket leaving you in only a sports bra and your gym sweats. “Bring it, King.”

Sukuna lets out a low growl, clearly appreciating the name. “Brat. Switch with me now.”

Yuji lets out another sigh. “I hope you don’t regret this (Y/n).” He then closes his eyes and soon enough you see those familiar black tattoos appear and when Yuji opens his eyes you are no longer staring at his warm brown eyes. No, what is staring back at you are the red ruby eyes of a predator. And in his eyes, you are the prey.

Your lips curl up into a cocky smirk and you can’t help the amused chuckle that passes your lips as Sukuna yet again, rips poor Yuji’s shirt apart revealing his bare torso. You would never say this out loud, but damn. The King of Curses was hot.

“Hello, my little lamb. We finally get to meet in person again.”

“Uh-huh. So are you gonna fight or are just going to stand here wasting time with words that mean nothing?”

Sukuna lets out a deep chuckle and licks his lips. “Right to the point. That is one of the reasons why you will be mine.”

“Sure, sure. Whatever.” Then without saying another word you run at Sukuna full speed ready to throw a right cross only to have it caught with ease by him.

A cackle can be heard as Sukuna takes a jump back and then swings his left leg and nails you in the side. “Oh little lamb, I do hope this isn’t the best you have. What happened to all that confidence you had just minutes ago hmm?” he sneers looking down on your form as you push yourself back up releasing a swift series of coughs as you do so.

“Screw you Sukuna.” You splutter out.

He surprisingly offers you a hand up and you cautiously take it. “Oh little lamb, in due time.”

You roll your eyes and thanks to your training in several different martial arts, you were able to yank his arm and flip him straight over your shoulder and flat on the curses back.

Megumi lets out a low whistle. “I didn’t know you were that strong (Y/n).”

“Pfft. That had nothing to do with strength Megumi. It was a simple thing of using the weight of Sukuna against him.” As you finish saying that, you jump to the side just quick enough to dodge Sukuna’s move to grab you by the ankle.

You respond by spinning around pinning Sukuna down on the ground by straddling his waist. “Give up yet oh King of Curses?” You mock as you raise your fist, ready to punch him right in his stupid smirk face.

“Oh little lamb, if you really wanted me that bad you should have just said so.”

“Hah. I’m pinning you Sukuna. That means you lose.”

He lets out a dark chuckle. “Oh really?”

You cock your head to the side, then suddenly without warning you’re pulled into a sudden lip-lock with Sukuna. If you could even call it that. He was completely dominating your mouth with his tongue. Claiming every part. You would never admit it out loud but it was every bit as hot as it was unbelievably mind-blowing. You couldn’t so much make a coherent thought. Then the next thing you knew, you were the one on the ground with Sukuna pinning you.

“What was that about me losing?”

You let out an agitated huff and suddenly find yourself completely drained of energy. Huh, guess you put more Curse energy into your moves than you thought. “You cheated.” You huff out.

“All I did was do whatever it took to win. A lesson you should learn my little lamb.”

“So, what? Are you gonna wait till Yuji is asleep to take over and ‘claim your prize’?” “Why wait till night when it looks like my little lamb is all ready for me now. Just you wait, little human, you don’t even know the true limits of exhaustion”

Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Shinomiya Kojiro x Reader ~ Anything I Can Cook

If someone were to tell you that the outcome for the upcoming food wars would decide the very fate of the food world itself, you’d expect the atmosphere of this train ride to be riddled with tension. But, considering the students and chefs on said train, that was not the case.

The atmosphere here was as lively as it would be if it would be a food war. Well, seeing what your—ahem confident husband was doing right now could essentially be called one except it was anything but that. He was literally using his own time to train sweet little Megumi in the way of sweets. And the poor girl had a look on her face that could only be described as terrified determination.

You let out a chuckle. “You know Ko, you could ease up on the poor girl. She’s already working really hard.”

Shinomiya straightens up from his position over the counter and walks towards you at the end of the kitchen just by a row of train seats. “Hun, you know very well if that mousy pipsqueak doesn’t learn to elevate her obvious skill to a new level there’s no way she’ll stand a chance against the ten. Then again, she’ll never have the skill that equals mine. But she will at least learn something.”

A smirk pulls at the corner of your lips. “Always the cocky confident Kojiro I’ve always known.”

He matches your smile with one of his own. You found yourself at a loss of words for a moment. His smiles never ceased to take your breath away. It wasn’t often that you got to see it. Well, it wasn’t until a certain redhead high schooler challenged him to a Food War a few months back. After that, your Kojiro changed. He became sweeter and dare you to say it, more romantic around you. The fire that long went out was back in his eyes and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t stir something within you at times. Another conversation for another day though you suppose. But, that didn’t mean you couldn’t stir him up a bit.

“Of course I have confidence, I have a beautiful partner and talented am a chef that not many can match. I’m not called the Legume Magician for nothing after all.”

A grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat spreads across your lips. “You’re right about one thing love. But, in all honesty, there is a chef that can rival you if not completely beat you.”

He slams his hand against the wall right beside your head which only serves to widen your grin. “Oh really? Care to put your skills where that sweet little mouth of yours is?”

You let out a chuckle and lick your lips seeing Kojiro follow the movement very carefully. “Bring it on love. Let’s do a food war.”

*Time skip brought to you by Souma’s god-awful experimental dishes*

“Man, I can’t believe we get to see an actual food war between Chef Shinomiya and Chef (Y/n)!” Souma says with a grin as he watches the two of you cook furiously.

Before the food war started you both decided the theme ingredient would be—what a surprise, legumes. Except, with your dish, you decided to throw a curveball and make your dish into a dessert. Specifically, Black Bean Brownies. It was relatively a simple dish, but everyone knew that when it came to desserts, you were an amazing patisserie.

You hear Gin sigh somewhere in the back of the kitchen, you were too focused on the batter to pinpoint where exactly. “They’re always like this when the two of them are together. As long as I’ve known them. Some could say a match made in heaven with the competitive streak they both have.”

“Not to mention the obvious pride,” Joichiro pipes in.

“Shouldn’t we stop them or something?” Megumi says watching as Shinomiya pops what looks like a light green block into the oven.

“No. This will be a good learning experience for all of you.” Master Senzaimon says.

Then, just a couple of minutes later both your and Shinomiya’s dishes were done. And to your surprise, your devilishly handsome husband made a dessert as well. You walk over to where he was standing at the serving counter and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Oh, Ko-chan? Exactly why did you make the same style like me?” You purr.

In response, he swings your around and places a chaste kiss on your lips. “Simple. I knew you would do a dessert. So why not fight fire with fire eh?”

“Heh, fair enough.”

As you put the plates in front of the judges—Joichiro, Master Senzaimon, and lastly Gin you wait for the results. After each of them takes a bite of both of your and Shinomiya’s desserts you smirk as you see that your brownies got a more zealous reaction.

“Alright, so I believe we are in agreement as to who is the victor here?” Master Senzaimon said.

Both Joichiro and Gin nod and smile.

“Chef Kojiro Shinomiya is the winner!”

You can’t help but make a small gasp of surprise. But then shake your head shortly after. “I still have a ways to go. Eh, love?”

Shinomiya lets out a chuckle and pulls you close once more. “You may, but with more instruction from yours truly I’m sure you can become almost as good as I am.”

You give a low chuckle “Then please, instruct me.”

“Eww, Chefs!”

“Is that even allowed?”   

Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character ~ Just the Way You Are ~ Zoro x Reader

“YOU’RE A GIRL?!” Both Luffy and Ussop all but yell in your face.

You let out a sigh and look down at the binder that now rests at your feet. “Would you two morons be quiet! I don’t want the entire crew to know! You two, and Nami are the only ones who know now. Zoro, Chopper, and especially not Sanji knows of my true gender.”

“But why would you hide that from us. It makes no sense.” Luffy says bluntly.

You glance around the captain’s quarters quickly just to make sure there aren’t any signs of the other crew members trying to come in any time soon. “You guys have heard of the Warlord Trafalger Law yes? And his crew the Heart Pirates?”

They both nod and before Ussop can go on a tangent of how he once took all of them on at once you interrupt him. “Well, I’m actually a part of that crew. But I had a fight with the captain—Law, about not being good enough to fight on the main deck when we go into battle. He always wanted to protect me and keep me below deck. But I’m a helluva swordsman in my own right. So, I left them in the dead of night and I found you guys. I figured since you want to be King of the Pirates Cap’n, I’d cross paths again with my old crew and I would show him how wrong he was. And hopefully, he’ll finally understand that—that his adopted little sister can be just as fearsome.”

“That’s so cool!” Luffy exclaims. But then tilts his head to the side in confusion. “But why hide that you’re a girl from us?”

You look down at your feet and rub your neck bashfully. “I didn’t want you guys to perceive me the same way as Law did. As someone who can’t fight because she’s a girl and that I need to be constantly protected.”

Ussop just bursts out laughing and so does Luffy. “H-hey! This isn’t funny!”

Both of them finish their snickering and Luffy claps a hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), there’s no way we would think that. You were the one who sent Buggy flying on the island right before we entered the Grand Line.”

“Well, in my defense he was not only going to kill you Cap’n but he annoyed the hell out of me too.” You grumble.

This just makes the two pirates laugh harder. “And your fighting skills have nothing to do with you being a girl. If anything, that’s what makes it so impressive.” Ussop says.

You let out a chuckle. “Never thought I hear that from you Ussop, but thanks.”

“You know, now that we know you’re a girl, why bother hiding it?” Luffy says.

You give him a ‘are you kidding me?’ look. Well, that’s my captain for ya. You think. “Luffy,” You start. “You do realize the kind of catastrophe that would break out if the other three found out, right? I mean, Chopper would probably take it just fine, but Sanji—yea we both know his reaction. And Zoro,” a sad look crosses your features. “I’d lose my sparring partner and quite possibly more if he found out.”

“If I found out what exactly?” A voice said from behind you.

As soon as you hear that deep voice behind you your whole body just freezes. Not even able to move a single muscle. “If you found out that (Y/N) was a girl,” Luffy says plainly.

Both you and Ussop give Luffy a shocked look. “Luffy! What the hell!” You yell at the straw-hatted boy.

You turn around slowly to see Zoro’s reaction hoping it won’t be as bad as your fear…and nothing. No reaction. Zip, zero, nada. Just a blank look on his face. You didn’t know whether to be relieved or frightened even more.

You take a few tentative steps towards him. “Zoro?” You ask softly.

After a few minutes more of the painful silence, Zoro lets out a sigh and turns on his heel. “I’m gonna go take a nap. If any of you need me, I’ll be up in the Crows Nest.” He then walks out of the room without another word.

“Zoro…” You mutter.

“Well, aren’t ya gonna go after him?” Luffy asks.

You give Luffy a befuddled look. “Go after him? Why? You saw his reaction.”

“Yea, and he said he’ll be up at the Crows Nest. He wouldn’t have said where he was going if he didn’t want to talk with you (Y/N).”

You pause for a moment. “I guess your right. It couldn’t hurt, could it?”

Ussop lets out a chuckle. “Nah, besides this is Zoro we’re talking about. Not much phases him anyways.”

You let out a small giggle. “True enough. Well, thanks guys, I’ll go talk to him. If this works, thank you Luffy for telling him. But if this doesn’t, I will personally feed you to the nearest Sea King.”

Luffy just laughs. “You got it!”

You just shake your head in amusement at your captain. Then you turn on your heel and head for the Crows Nest where the fate of your relationship with your favorite swordsman awaits.


You step out of the captain’s quarters and onto the main deck. Letting out a sigh you prepare to head up to the Crows Nest before freezing in place. Your chest didn’t feel constricted as it usually did.

Oh no…

You left your binder back with Ussop and Luffy. That means it was clear as day that you were actually a girl. And everyone happened to be on the main deck. At the same time.

“Oh hey (Y/n), finally you’re done with talking to Luffy. I wanted to show you what I found in this book…” Robin trailed off as she saw how you really looked.

“Well, well, well. It looks like our little swordsman researcher is not what he excuse me, she seems.” Robin says with a smirk.

You chuckle and rub your neck bashfully. “Yea, sorry I kept it from ya. I well, I had my reasons.”

Robin merely shakes her head and pulls you into a hug. “You don’t have to worry about any judgment from me. Besides, I had a feeling something was amiss.”

A smile crosses your features. “Thanks, Robin I appreciate that. Now to deal with the rest of the crew.”

“Oi! (Y/n), are you done with talking to Luffy yet? You need to help out cleaning the deck since moss-head left it to me!” Sanji says gruffly as he makes his way over to you and Robin.

Speak of the devil and he appears.

You watch as Sanji stomps up to you and Robin, ready to give you one of his infamous rants since he still believes you’re a guy. That is until he comes to a stop in front of you both.

Wrapping your arms around yourself you can’t help but feel bare as Sanji gives you a stunned look and his eyes travel up and down. Unfortunately stopping for a moment at your chest.

“Yes, I’m a girl. You done looking, Sanji?”

“O-oh my…You know, never mind about cleaning the deck. I can get Ussop, Luffy, or even Zoro to help out. Beautiful (Y/n)-swan!”

Ugh. This is one of the things I was worried about. “Sanji, just treat me how you used to. Just cause you to know now that I’m a girl shouldn’t change anything. Please.” You plead.

His features soften and he cups your face in his hands. “Of course (Y/n)-chan. But, now that I know this beautiful new side of you, can you give me the honor of spending a candlelight dinner with me tonight? I think it only makes sense since I didn’t get to know this beautiful side of you sooner.”

Before you could answer, a familiar voice came up behind your group. “Leave her alone Sanji.”

Sanji just clicks his tongue and sends a glare Zoro’s way. “Get lost Moss-head. You didn’t even know that (Y/n)-Swan was this beautiful lady in the first place.”

Zoro comes to a stop right beside you so he’s facing both Robin and Sanji. “I may not have, but that doesn’t change how I see her in any way.”

You let out a small gasp and your eyes widen. “Z-Zoro?”

He turns to you with a small smirk on his face. “What? Do you think I would ditch my sparring partner just because she’s a girl? You don’t know me at all then.”

A smirk graces your features. You’re briefly reminded of what he told you about his past. “Thanks, Zoro. I just thought, since you turned and walked away without a word—”

“That I was mad? Nah, just taken aback a bit. I didn’t really see this coming. But no matter what. You’re you (Y/n), and I like you just the way you are.”

He is so cheesy sometimes and he doesn’t even realize it.

“Thank you, Zoro. I appreciate that more than you know.”


Mama I’m In Love With A Fictional Character ~ Two Sides of The Same Coin Pt. 2 Shadow x Reader

Man, I don’t think I’ve actually been this nervous before. Not even before a Beef at S., You think to yourself as you stand outside of the little bistro that you and Hiromi agreed to meet at. You smile as you look around at the scenery before you. The bistro sat in front of a cute little park where there were trees galore and some kids still playing on the playground. And the place was situated in the quiet part of downtown so there wasn’t much traffic going on letting you enjoy the sounds around you. From birds chirping to casual conversations of random passers-by.

You bring your phone out of your pocket and move to call him to see if everything was ok and if he was on his way until you hear Hiromi’s voice suddenly behind you.

“Hey (Y/n)! Sorry, I’m late, I just had a few things I needed to take care of really quick.” He says bashfully.

He looks so sweet and cute!

A soft smile quickly graced your features, and you wave him off. “It’s no worry really. I wasn’t waiting long.”

He smiles back making your heart do a few flips. “Well, um, shall we?” Hiromi offers you his hand.

He is so cute when he is bashful like this. I’m actually quite glad that our manager set us up. If it weren’t for her, we probably would be left pining over each other like a couple of school kids. “We shall.” A giggle passes your lips as you take his hand.

Hiromi’s hand fits so perfectly in yours you notice as you glance down at your conjoined hands. He also feels so warm and comforting. This moment couldn’t be more perfect.

“Oi move it! Coming through!” A voice yells out as a guy rushes past the two of you on a skateboard.

“Hey! Get back here that skateboard isn’t yours!” Another voice yells slightly out of breath. The owner of the voice—a young boy coming to a stop next to you both. “Man, that was my favorite skateboard too.” The kid says.

You clench your teeth. If it were one thing you hated most, it would be other skaters taking advantage of others or dissing their skateboards, or even worse—destroying them. Especially if they thought they were the superior skater. That’s why Shadow infuriated you so much.

You look around and see what looks like two of the kid’s friends roll up to him and give him a sympathetic look. Perfect. “Hey, I wanna help you out so can you lend me a board really quick?”

Both the group of boys and Hiromi give you surprised looks, but one of the boys’ friends—a lanky blonde with dimples, nods, and hands you his dark blue board. You smile at him and take off with the board making your way towards the skateboard thief.

“The way she took off and is moving on that skateboard, could she be (N/n)?“ Hiromi mutters. He shakes his head deciding to put that thought off for now and asking the other boy—a short brunette, for his black board. He then speeds off after you.

As you come upon a turn, you see that the thief is getting further and further away. “Not gonna happen, dude.” You then flip your board to the side so you’re riding on the rim slightly and use the upcoming hill to gain speed. But what you didn’t account for is a sudden crack in the asphalt catching your board effectively throwing you off and making you land face-first into the grass-covered sidewalk.

“Ha! Try to catch me now you skateboard wanna be!” The thief yells back at you.

“Oh, hell no! You do not talk to her like that!” You hear a rather familiar deep voice yell out.

Ugh. The last thing I need is Shadow of all people trying to “come to my rescue”. Pushing yourself off of the dirt and grass you find yourself frozen in shock as you see the owner of the voice come speeding by you.


He glances back at you almost in an apologetic manner then turns his attention back to the thief. “It’s one thing to steal someone’s board, but it’s an entirely different matter when you mock the girl I like!”

Hiromi fishes out some very familiar small objects and chucks them towards the thief. “Haemanthus Bomb!” He yells out as he throws the small little bombs and effectively trips up the skateboard thief so he can get the skateboard back.

** Time skip brought to you by Langa’s love for snowboarding **

You leaned against the wall of the Italian Bistro as you watched Hiromi give the boy’s skateboard back. He smiles and thanks him while Hiromi just smiles back bashfully and tells him to think nothing of it. You scoff. Think nothing of it riiiiight. You have been keeping from me that you’re the Anti-Hero Dark Prince Shadow from the S races and you’re still acting like the bashful Hiromi I thought I came to know.

Then again you were keeping from him that you were an S skater too. Not only that but the same skater that creamed him in a beef the other day. You let out a sigh and run a hand through your hair. This is gonna be an interesting conversation…

“So,” Hiromi starts as he walks over to you.

You kick-off of the wall you were leaning on. “So…You’re Shadow aren’t you Hiromi?”

He lets out a sigh and runs his hand through his orange-red hair. “Yea. And the way you were skating makes you (N/n), doesn’t it?”

You nod.

“So where does this leave us Small-fry?”

You try to hold back the sad smile that wanted to grace your features, but you failed miserably. “In all honesty Hiro-Chan, I don’t really know. Seeing that our skater personas practically hate each other—”

“But I don’t hate you I never did. As Shadow, I admire you and your skill. It just pissed me off that you were getting better and better, and I didn’t think that I could keep up. And as regular me, what I said at the Tulip store stays the same. But how do you feel Small Fry? Does this change anything with how you feel about me?”

You look up at him. His voice now deeper, like how it sounds when he’s Shadow—probably that’s how he always sounds. But yet, even with this new info you just can’t bring yourself to feel that same irritation you always felt when you saw him as Shadow in S. You just saw him as Hiro-Chan. The sweet guy from the Tulip store that you fell for. And now, you would get to share another part of each other’s lives too.

“I could say it does, seeing as you and I are rivals in S. But I’d be completely lying to myself. Just because our skater sides are not exactly known to be close doesn’t mean we can’t be. I like you for you Hiro-Chan. Even the overly competitive, slightly egotistical, frustrating—”


“You didn’t let me finish you, dork. Even though we are complete opposites when it comes to skating doesn’t mean that has to affect how we truly feel about each other. As the great Shakespeare has said: What is a rose, by any other name would smell just as sweet.”

He lets out a chuckle. “Very true. I’m glad you feel that way. In all honesty, I was actually afraid you wouldn’t accept that side of me.”

“Pfft. The great Shadow, afraid? Color me surprised.”

Hiromi just smirks.

“I understand that though. But hey now that all cards are on the table we can actually be together without worrying about our skating coming in the way. Well, aside from me kicking your ass without remorse regardless of our relationship.”

“Hah! Small Fry I’d like to see you try. But I’m glad my girlfriend has some spunk to her.”

“Girlfriend eh? I like the sound of that. Who knows maybe one of these days I’ll have to add princess of darkness to my skater name.”

Hiromi lets out a growl and pulls you in for a heated kiss. You both part after a while slightly out of breath but with big goofy smiles on your faces. “You might just have to. Then people will know that you’re mine.”

You giggle at this. Yesterday, if someone told you you’d fall for the Anti-hero of S, you’d laugh in their face and call them a complete moron. And if someone told you you’d fall for the sweet boy you work with at the Tulip shop, you’d turn as red as a tomato and squeak out an excuse.

But now, look at you. A girl who fell for two sides of the same coin.

Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Two Sides of the Same Coin: Shadow x Reader

“Hah, you really wanna do this girlie? You still have like, three seconds to back out.”

You grit your teeth and glower up at the smirking face of S’s renowned anti-hero Shadow. “Oh, I’m sure all right. And when I win—and I will win, you apologize to Reki-kun for not only humiliating him but destroying his skateboard that he worked so hard on.” You took your sleek oak wood skateboard that was littered with stickers of your favorite animes and bands on it out from underneath your arm and place it on the ground in front of you.

You feel a comforting hand on your shoulder, but you don’t even have to look to know it’s Reki. “Reki, I don’t need you to try and talk me out of this. Yea, it was satisfying to see Langa beat Shadow and cream him in the race,”


“But as your childhood friend and self-proclaimed sister, I need to do this.”

Reki just let out a sigh and you saw Langa cock his head in curiosity. Then a smile crosses Reki’s features as he lets out a tired sigh. “I know, but I had to try. Go get ‘em (Y/n). I believe in you!”

You hear Shadow let out a snort. “How sweet. It makes me wanna puke. Are we going to race or what?”

Rolling your eyes you can’t help but feel pure irritation for the anti-hero. He was cocky, self-centered, and the complete opposite of everything that you were. That’s why it will be even more satisfying to beat him in this race. Even more so seeing that you can say that the great Shadow was taken down twice, once by a total newb and the second time by a girl. Oh, the look on his face will be so worth it! You thought.

You hop on your board and send a glare Shadow’s way. “Ready whenever you are, jerk.” Shadow just simply gives you one of his signature sneers in response.

*** Time Skip brought to you by Cherry choking out Joe ***

“And the winner is (N/n)!” The announcer yells as you and Shadow pass the finish line, all eyes glued to the screen watching the reply of the race.

You jump off your board putting it back under your arm and run over and hug Reki and Langa. “See guys! I told you I could do it.” You giggle as you hold the two boys tighter.

Reki makes what sounds like a pained grunt while Langa starts feeling like a limp noodle, making you let go of them immediately. “Hehe, sorry boys, sometimes I don’t know my own strength.”

“Yea, no kidding,” Reki mutters.

“Hey!” you let out a sigh but then turn to Shadow with a smirk as wide as the Cheshire Cat’s on your face. “So…. Shadow,” you start as you walk up to him pulling Reki along with you. “I think you owe my friend here an apology.”

You had to do everything you could to hold back the laughter that was quickly making its way through you as you look up at Shadow—seeing as he dwarfed your small, or as you liked to call it ‘fun sized’ stature. The look on his face was priceless. He looked like he was going to pop a blood vessel or crack a tooth with how hard he was grinding his teeth. And the scowl on his face was the cherry on top. Nothing is better than bringing a cocky jerkwad who thinks he’s the king of the skatepark down a few notches.

“Well, I’m waiting.” You say in a sing-songy voice.

Shadow let out a growl but then turned to Reki. “I,” he let out a long-suffering sigh. “I’m sorry for breaking your board. You’re not totally a shitty skater. You actually have talent.”

Reki lets out a small chuckle. “Thanks, you aren’t so bad either.”

You couldn’t help the giggle that passes your lips which immediately caught both skaters’ attention. “What? I thought it was actually kinda sweet that you two complimented each other like that. All I was aiming for was an apology, but you went the full nine yards. I’m impressed Shadow.”

A look of shock passes over Shadow’s features along with what you thought looked like a blush. But as soon as it came it was gone. “Just get outta here. You already won. No need to rub it in.”

You just shake your head. “Sometimes I just don’t understand you, man. C’mon boys let’s get going.”

The Next Day…

“Ugh, I knew I should have taken aspirin or some kind of pain meds when I got home last night. My legs are killing me.’ You grumble as you steadily climb the ladder you were on to get some fertilizer for a customer.

“Hah! Gotcha’—whoa!” You yell as the fertilizer bag slips from your grasp, the momentum of the bag sending you toppling towards the ground. You cringe and wait for the painful fall…but nothing happens. Instead, you hear a soft grunt and feel warm arms encasing your small frame.

“Careful there (Y/n), you should have asked me to get that bag for you. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt.”

You blush and chuckle softly as you look up into the sweet face of your red-headed coworker and much to your own embarrassment crush, Hiromi Higa. Not that he would ever know though you’d rather lose a thousand races to Shadow than admit your crush.

“U-uhm thanks, Hiromi. That would have been a pretty bad fall huh?”

Hiromi gently puts you down and swings the fertilizer bag over his shoulder as the both of you walk out of the storage room and into the lobby to hand the bag to the customer. “It would have. So promise me to be more careful yea?”

You give a scoff and thwack his side playfully. “Look whose talking. Sometimes you come into work with a bruise or a cut mister. And you never tell me what happened.”

He just turns away with a bashful look on his face and rubs his neck. “Ah, I guess I’m just clumsy myself.”


You then hear Hiromi’s phone ding and as he takes it out his sweet features turn to that of a scowl. Almost reminding you of the scowl Shadow gave you last night when you creamed him in the beef. You chuckle to yourself at the comparison. There couldn’t be more people so unlike each other. The comparison was absolutely hilarious.

“You ok there Hiro-Chan?” You ask, using the nickname you gave him once the two of you became close after all the years working in the tulip shop.

He immediately pockets his phone and turns to you with a smile. “Heh, yea it’s nothing.”

You quirk an eyebrow. “Oh, yea? By the way, you were strangling that poor phone it sure didn’t look like nothing. C’mon, lemme see!” You jump and try your best to get to Hiromi’s phone, but he keeps holding it just out of your reach chuckling at your futile attempts to get it.

“With that height, you’ll never get it, my small fry.” He says, using the nickname he has for you. You just pout and cross your arms in response.


“You know, I’m surprised you two aren’t dating yet. You’d look too adorable as a couple.” The manager of the Tulip shop says popping out from behind a tower of yellow tulips to the right of you.

Both you and Hiromi stammer and turn as red as the tulips sitting on the counter in front of you. “I—we—How did—but”

She just giggles. “Hiromi. Just ask (Y/n) out already. It’s obvious she likes you back. And clearly, the girl is too stubborn to make the first move.”

Your eyes go wide at her declaration. “M-manager-san!”

She just smirks at you. “It’s true and you know it. So c’mon already everyone knows you two like each other don’t keep us waiting now.”

Turning your head back to the front of the shop you see a bunch of the regular customers nodding and giving encouraging smiles.

Ookay I think this is much, much worse than losing a race to Shadow or any skater for that matter. Please let there be some kind of black hole that swallows me up right now.

Hiromi clears his throat making you turn to him. “Well, um. She isn’t wrong I do really like you Small fry, you’re sweet, funny, no to mention the way you care about everyone, and make sure to go out of your way to make everyone happy. It makes me want to take care of you and look out for you. And make you happy for once. So uh, will you go out with me? Say, Friday night at this new Italian bistro that just opened up?”

You bite your lip in shyness and muster all of your courage to look up at Hiromi’s equally blushing face. “Well, with a confession like that, how can a girl say no?”

Then the next thing you know your being picked up into Hiromi’s strong arms and swung around in a big bear hug. “I’m so glad you said yes. I was actually kind of worried.”

You just smile up at him. “No need to be worried Hiro-Chan, I’d always say yes to you.”

A/N: Oh Kami, this is going to be one interesting date isn’t it guys? Heh. What will happen when little Reader-Chan finds out that Hiromi is actually Shadow? But better yet, what will happen when he finds out that Reader-Chan is the same skater that beat him in the beef? Will they still like each other and get over their differences of their supposed alter egos? Can love truly conquer all? And why is Rebel Fae asking so many questions? XD We will find out in the next part! So see ya’ll there and thanks for reading!

Mama I’m in Love With a Fictional Character ~ Male! Cruella Devil x Reader: Cat and Mouse Pt. 1

“That is it!” You screech, throwing down the piece of fur you were struggling to work with onto the worn-down worktable. You storm out of the workshop surprising a few of your fellow coworkers in the process.

You clench and unclench your fists as you stride through the striking black, white, and red marbled halls of House of De’Vil. Yup you, an aspiring costume designer had a job at the biggest fashion designer company in London. In all of England really. But that came at the price of working for the most agitating, bullheaded, indescribably egotistical, diva-like man in the entire universe. The one and only Cruello De-Vil.

You tap your boots in a rhythmic motion as you wish the glass elevator to reach the top floor faster. Your (F/c) skirt swishing back and forth with each tap. “He is finally going to get a piece of my mind. He has got to stop giving me these practically impossible designs to build! I’m a costume designer for god’s sake! I don’t build these overly extravagant useless fur coats!”

“Useless you say? Oh, darling I know that word didn’t just leave those pretty little lips of yours,” You hear a velvety yet, snake-like voice say as soon as the elevator dings open.

“Mr. De-Vil—You heard me?” You step back slightly taken aback at the fact that the man you were about to give a piece of your mind to is currently in front of you rather than his usual place in his office. And is throwing off your composure with a mere look from those icy blue eyes of his.

He clicks his tongue and takes a puff of that irritating cigarette he always carries with him. “How many times must I tell you to call me Cruello? And of course, I heard you, the whole building could hear your little tirade.” Then with a devious smirk pulling at his lips he motions you to follow him into his office.

You let out a sigh and follow ignoring the pitying glances thrown your way. Once you enter and close the door behind you, you stare up at the monochromatic-styled fashion mogul. From his infamous fur coat to his black and red suit pantsuit combo if he weren’t so infuriating, the man would probably be handsome. You couldn’t deny your attraction as much as you tried to hide it. But you refused to be another one of those silly women reduced to a panting mess at the mere sight of him.

“So, it appears my little bee has a problem with the assignment I’ve given her hm? I must say (Y/n) I thought you could anything.” Cruello says with a sneer.

You redden and you have to bite back a sharp remark that involves him shoving his assignments up where the sun doesn’t shine. But you want to keep your job, so you stay quiet.

Cruello raises a perfectly manicured eyebrow at you and walks towards you until he has you trapped between him and the wall behind you. “My, my nothing from my usually spunky (Y/n)?” He takes a long drag of smoke and lets it out in a perfect O. You want to brush it away from your face and cough so badly, but you hold back because heaven forbid you to do that. Cruello was known for his temper after all.

“I just have nothing to say that’s all sir.”

He leans in further and gets close enough that you’re practically nose to nose. You curse yourself for letting your eyes flit down to his lips and then back to his artic eyes a quick thought of a kiss swiping across your mind. This action, unfortunately for you, does not go unnoticed by Cruello.

He looks down at your own lips and for a minute you tense in anticipation thinking he’s actually going in for it. Wait what? No no no no! You can not have these thoughts about your boss. He’s infuriating and egotistical and all of these obscure designs that he has been making you make for him have been driving you up a wall. Yet, you can’t help the attraction that pulls magnetically every time you meet with him.

Cruello moves closer and just before your lips connect he side steps and moves to the shell of your ear. “Miss (Y/n), you can and will make that coat and bring it to my flat completely finished tonight no later than nine o’clock or mon fleur you will regret it.” He whispers and as he pulls away you could have sworn he placed a small, feather-light kiss on the underside of your jaw. But, it could have just been your imagination.

Cruello struts back to his desk as if he were a proud lion who just caught his dinner. “You are dismissed, darling. And remember nine o’clock. Don’t be late.” He says with a dismissive wave of his hand.

It takes a while for you to gather yourself and snap yourself out of the daze that viper put you in. But when you do, you finally have the strength to turn around and slam the door shut behind you but not before hearing a soft dark chuckle from the devil’s office.


“How the hell does he expect me to do this?!” You yell as you stare at the black and white fur in your sewing machine staring back at you as if it were mocking you.

“The viper gave you another impossible assignment again?” Jasmine, your best friend, and fellow costume designer said as she came into your part of the workshop.

You let out a tired sigh and fix the needle on your sewing machine for what felt like the umpteenth time. “Yea, pretty much. And this would be the third outrageous piece of clothing he’s made me make. From a sleek black and silver suit with blood-red cufflinks to a mermaid style, rather revealing and low-cut black and white dress with a red shawl and this—” you gesture to the half-done black and white fur coat sitting in your sewing machine. “Monochromatic fur coat.”

Jasmine just lets out a chuckle and you send her a cold look. She in return puts her hands up in defense and lets out another laugh. “I mean no offense girl, it’s just funny because you can’t see that he’s making you make both his and your outfits for the upcoming masquerade ball.”

You splutter. “What? There is no way! I mean sure the measurements are oddly close to mine, but that doesn’t mean anything! He has had me model a few of his designs before and act somewhat like a muse. So, this isn’t anything different, just more irritating and infuriating.”

“Uh-huh. You do realize you’re basically the only one in the whole costume department—hell, probably the whole building that he personally requests to do things for him. I mean for Christ’s sake (Y/n) if I had a dollar for every time I heard you being summoned over the comms I’d be rich.”

With a roll of your eyes, you just merely shrug off her comment and turn back to your work. Jasmine just shakes her head and gives you a bemused smile. “I’m just saying girl, the viper has caught his prey.” Then she turns and heads back out to her own workspace.

Once she’s gone you surprisingly manage to sew yet another piece together without breaking yet another needle “What she said is preposterous. He can’t possibly see me more than a simple designer to do his bidding. And I certainly don’t see him as more than my boss. Nope, not me.”

You didn’t know how wrong you were…

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